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Along with over 10 years of experience in manufacturing carbon steel, stainless steel, and copper, we also have the strong capability of titanium machining service. At RapidDone, we have a team who have rich experience in cutting titanium material, we can help you to choose the best solution for your titanium machined part project.

At RapidDone, we take good care of every project, both in quality and lead times. We are one of the most professional service providers of titanium CNC machining. Contact us today to get your manufacturing solution and details.

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Our Outstanding Titanium Manufacturing Capability

RapidDone has broad expertise in the industry, we can make titanium machined parts in very impressive quality with high precision. Our manufacturing capability surely lets you get a reliable partner for your orders.

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Customized Machining Titanium

We have a strong design and machining ability that we can customize your titanium part orders. Once you can send us your custom part drawing, our team can create unique solution manufacturing suited to your requirements at affordable rates.

Precision Machining Titanium

If you look for a precision titanium part machining partner, RapidDone will be your great choice when finding the best one. We have high precision CNC machines including some 5-axis CNC machines, the tolerance can reach as tight as 0.02mm.

Prototyping Titanium

In RapidDone, we can offer flexible manufacturing services. With a range of technologies, we are the perfect one-stop-shop for all your titanium prototyping needs. The titanium prototype can be done within several days, supporting global delivery.

Why Work With RapidDone For Titanium Machining

Why work with RapidDone’s titanium machining service

Please be vigilant when searching for the titanium machining provider you need! RapidDone is an expert in the titanium machined part industry for more than 10 years, we have created more than one thousand related projects successfully. Therefore, we can come out with a proper solution for you when there is a titanium project from you.

First, the RapidDone team purchases quality raw material as the machining workpiece. We can work on different types of material, including titanium rob, titanium plate, titanium tube with different grapes. Our manufacturing team can suggest and choose the most proper material for your specific project.

Secondly, at RapidDone, we are a professional Chinese CNC shop that is armed with our 3, 4, and 5-axis machinery, EDM machine, laser cut machine. When we work on the titanium order, we can use our sturdy machine and well-designed tools to run a steady cutting operation. Thus, we can create quality parts to meet your demands at a competitive price.

In RapidDone, all the machined parts are promisingly delivered on time, ensuring you never have to worry about delays. At the same time, we can work from rapid prototyping to mass production runs, the minimum quantity can be one piece.

In a word, we have passionate team members that we are always there to help with your titanium cutting project. All you need to do is drop an inquiry to us, then we provide you with a fast and free quote. Deal with us, so we can help you boost your brand!

Basic Information For Titanium

Titanium refers to a chemical element with the symbol Ti and atomic number 22.

Titanium has several advantages over other materials for the CNC machining process. The positive properties are excellent strength-to-weight ratio, high resistance, extreme temperatures, and low thermal expansion.

This material, on the other hand, also has weaknesses. The main disadvantages are poor heat dissipation, the difficulty of casting, and expensive material cost.

Titanium has a vast variety of alloys. Among them, Grade 5 Titanium, also known as Ti6Al4V, is the most common grade for the CNC machining process, taking for more than 50% of total usage.

In RapidDone, we have a strong CNC machining capability in both grade 2 and grade 5 material.

The Typical Titanium Machining Methods

1. CNC Turning Titanium

CNC Turning is one of the most popular machining processes for titanium part creation. At RapidDone, we can work with high-precision lathe machines. Most of our precise turning parts can reach a tolerance as tight as 0.02mm, as well as the quality surface.

2. Wire EDM Titanium

Titanium has lower specific gravity, it can be cut at a higher efficiency than other metals.

At RapidDone, we can create titanium parts by using a wire EDM process, covering aircraft, aerospace, and the medical industry. With our wire EDM service, we can offer machined parts with a quick turnaround time as fast as three days.

3. CNC Milling Titanium

RapidDone can offer both 3-axis milling services and 5-axis milling services for titanium part creation.

By considering titanium’s unique nature, our engineer can use special techniques, speeds feed to ensure a clean milling cut. Our manufacturing team can choose the best milling solution based on your requirement.

4. Waterjet Titanium

The waterjet process is one of the most practical options for cutting titanium in a variety of thicknesses.

The benefits are tight tolerances, reduction of material consumption, minimized material consumption.

RapidDone can work with a certified waterjet shop if you want to build your product with this process.

5. Hack Saw And Band Saw Cutting Titanium

Compared with other machining methods, hack saw and band saw cutting is a cost-effective option when cutting titanium sheets. This process is good for a thin titanium part that has a lower accuracy requirement.

6. Laser Cutting Titanium

Laser cutting has a higher power capacity, it is ideal for cutting thick titanium material, it allows to cut the material up to 2mm thick.

At RapidDone, we offer laser cutting sheet titanium service for your customized requirement.

The Typical Applications For Titanium CNC Machined Parts

The Typical applications for Titanium CNC Machined Parts

Due to excellent mechanical properties, titanium machined parts are used wildly used in the aerospace, automotive, medical, and defense industries.

The typical applications are listed below.

Jet engines/Aircraft/spacecraft frames and engines
Hydraulic parts
High precision gears
Compressor blades
Surgical instrument
Fuel tanks
Sporting equipment
Special titanium fasteners
Custom Titanium Machining spinning top
titanium bolts

The Finishes For Titanium Machined Parts

Titanium Part Finishing

Similar to other metals, we offer strong finishing services for titanium machined parts. The typical types are as below:

Deoxidize – Acid Etch
Anodized titanium finish

Tips On Machining Titanium Alloys

As we know, machining titanium is more difficult work than aluminum machining. However, there are some optimized manufacturing tips, these tips can help you to get a more smooth cutting.

Follow these 8 tips by reading on.

Tips on cutting titanium alloy

1. Make The Right Selection For Cutting Tools

The cutting tool has a significant impact on the machining process, selecting a tool that can stand up to the high heat is the key to success.

Based on our manufacturing experience, the suggested cutting tools should have low cobalt content, high hot hardness, and no reaction with the titanium.

The coated high-speed steel (HSS) cutter is the right one, it can produce a chemical reaction between the chip and tool, the additional lubricity can allow you to have a more stable cutting.

2. Run A Wiser Toolpath

The right toolpath takes another big role for stable milling.

The climb milling technique, called “thick-to-thin chip formation”, is one of the most effective methods. This is a special cutting way, it creates a thick chip on entry and a thin chip. This way brings a good result that the tool can absorb maximum heat at the beginning and suffer less heat on exit to prevent chip adhesion.

3. Increase Tool Flute Quantity

The typical mills have four or six flutes, we suggest increasing to be more than 6 flutes for titanium milling. This type of miller can create smaller chips, and counteract the lower feed per tooth, resulting in higher increase productivity.

4. Keep Temperatures Down

Titanium has a lower thermal conductivity than the cutting tool, so most of the machining heat leads to the cutting tools. Therefore, it is important to control the tool temperature to be under the tool load capability.

There are several tips below.

  • Reduce heat generation dramatically by using a high-pressure coolant, pointing right on the cutting area during the machining operation.
  • Make sure your tool is sharp enough all the time. As titanium has a high hardness, it can dull your tools quickly during operation. It is necessary to watch your tool frequently, and replace them once you find them not sharp.
  • Use a smaller diameter tool. This type of tool allows more coolant touching time with the cut edge, resulting in getting more heat away.

5. Choose Comfort Cutting Speeds

Wrong cutting speed may cause melted or broken tool issues easily.

Titanium has a narrow band of machinability, it is important to adjust the cutting speed to be a comfort zone.

Based on our manufacturing experience, we suggest a cutting speed of 60 m/min for roughing operation and a cutting speed of 200m/min for finishing operation.

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RapidDone is a team of skilled professionals, providing quality titanium CNC machining. We are the perfect titanium parts manufacturer you need.

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