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Stainless Steel Keyboard Cases

Does your latest PC build need the best custom accessories to go with it? For example, are you looking for a premium, good-looking customized stainless steel keyboard case to complete your workstation? Don’t worry; we’ve got the proper manufacturing services for you.

With years of experience in CNC machining manufacturing for our customers, RapidDone has cemented itself as one of China’s best OEM and on-demand part manufacturers. Therefore, when you trust us to create your case, you can be sure you’re getting the best quality possible.

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Reason to Choose Stainless Steel For Keyboard Case


Compared with other materials, stainless steel has clear disadvantages: it is heavier and more expensive. However, why do people still prefer to choose it as a keyboard premium material? Here are a few reasons and advantages.

√ Incredible Surface Finish and Aesthetics

No other material can match the premium shine that comes from a well-polished stainless-steel case. In addition, it has a modern, attractive surface finish that will complement any workstation well.

This classy aesthetic best explains why stainless steel is one of the hottest materials in the home appliance market.

√ High Strength and Durability

No question, stainless steel is one of the strongest, most rigid materials out there. So, you can forget about experiencing any form of keyboard flex.

Furthermore, its high impact strength means it is immune to dents and nicks from drops and accidents. The impact strength coupled with stainless steel’s corrosion resistance makes for a very durable Keyboard case.

√ Cleanliness

Stainless steel housing is the most hygienic case available on the market. Not only does its structure retard the growth of bacteria and other pathogens, but stainless steel is also easy to clean and maintain.

In fact, you can get rid of grease smudges, finger marks, and other stains from your keyboard case by just wiping it with a cleaning solution

Material Options

Stainless steel material is a big family with many kinds of different series, including 300 series, 400 series, 500 series. Based on our experience, SUS304 and SUS316 are the most popular types for our customer’s selection.

Manufacturing Progress

Most customers often ask about our manufacturing capability to be sure of what they are getting. Here is what happens behind the scenes at our factory when you place an order.

√ Design

When we receive your order at RapidDone, we immediately swing into action to manufacture it.

Our design and production engineers review your designs, optimize them for production,  work out an efficient, cost-effective manufacturing solution for the project.

√ Machining

The machined part is where the bulk of the action takes place. At RapidDone, we make our stainless steel cases with the aid of our powerful, state-of-the-art CNC milling machines.

These machines can handle any keyboard case size, ranging from the full-size (100%) keyboards to the small 60% keyboards.

We also have laser cutters on the shop floor for fabricating our top plates efficiently. So, no matter what your designs are, we can handle them in a proper manufacturing way.

√ Finishing

After we machine the Keyboard case, it’s ready for use, but it’s not up to RapidDone’s quality. To achieve the best quality possible, we put the keyboard cases through a variety of finishing processes, including deburring and polishing.

With these processes, we achieve that beautiful Stainless Steel surface finish.

Customers can also bring in their custom finishing requirements for further customization. Some of the famous mechanical keyboard case finishes we offer to include:

  • Laser etching/engraving
  • Passivation
  • Silkscreen, etc.

√ Quality Assurance

Before any keyboard case leaves our factory, we make sure we test and inspect it to make sure it reaches our high standards: No scratch and smooth surface with high Ra.

We employ various non-destructive tests to make sure all our products are of the highest quality possible. As a result, our customers always keep coming back for that top-notch quality.

Work with RapidDone for your Mechanical Keyboard Project

As the top manufacturing supplier in China, we take our product’s quality very seriously. We are sure that we can handle well for any machined keyboard case projects with stainless steel materials.

Contact us today with your designs and get a top-notch, cost-effective manufacturing solution for your project.

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