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As one of the reliable custom CNC machining companies in China, RapidDone provides professional stainless steel CNC machining services for both rapid prototyping and volume order. Our full capacity for stainless steel manufacturing can give you a one-stop solution.

Over the past years, we have built a lot of quality stainless steel parts for our customers. We can offer customized parts at high-efficient and cost-effective level while maintaining the highest quality.

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Outstanding Stainless Steel CNC Machining Capability

RapidDone is a professional manufacturer that can offer stainless steel cutting services.  With our strong capability, we can handle any custom stainless steel components based on your drawing and specifications at a competitive price. We will make it outstanding to offer the best quality to your costomers.

CNC milling stainless steel
CNC engraving stainless steel
stainless steel CNC cutting

CNC milling is one of the most popular machining ways in the manufacturing industry. In this way, we can create complex parts with high precision dimension. This is suitable for prototyping build and mass production build.

RapidDone offers high-end engraving technology. We can engrave your product accurately and efficiently. Over the years, we use the engraving process to create thousands of metal parts at a reasonable price.

RapidDone holds high-end metal laser cutting capability. We can accurately and efficiently laser cut stainless material up to 10mm thickness. The machined materials cover different types of stainless steel materials.

Why Choose Our Stainless Steel CNC Machining And Fabrication Services?

As an experienced machining supplier in China, RapidDone provides precision stainless steel CNC machining services. We supply the top-rated stainless steel machined parts for your business at a reasonable price.

RapidDone has a strong machining capability. We have all kinds of in-house machines, including stainless steel tube bender, CNC router machine, laser cutter machine, etching machine, milling machine, turning machine, and more. Those are the confidence that we create precision parts per your custom requirement.

RapidDone continues to improve our quality of products to obtain our customer’s trust. We make sure to use top-grade raw metal material to supply durable and world-class stainless steel parts for your every project.  You can assure the quality performance, your product is safe at our shop.

When you are looking for high-quality and durable metal parts, find here at RapidDone, our products can really help your business to grow faster. Trust us and we are sure to offer reliable machining service for your satisfaction.

What Is Stainless Steel And Stainless Steel CNC Machining?

Stainless steel is also called “inox steel”. It refers to a family of steel alloy with a minimum of approximately 11% chromium. The special chromium composition is the key to corrosion resistance. It provides a thin layer on the steel surface to prevent corrosion problems.

Stainless steel machining refers to a manufacturing process of using the CNC machine to cut stock stainless material into the required shape. The typical stock material here can be stainless sheet, rod, plate, bar, or pipe…., and more.

What Are The Comment Types Of Stainless Steel Family?

Stainless steel has a big family with countless variations.

Typically, it can be divided into five broad categories: Austenitic, Precipitation Hardened Grade, Ferritic, Martensitic, and Duplex.

Under each category, there are various alloy grapes.

Austenitic is the most frequently used category, it’s alloy grades is type 201, 202, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 308, 309, 310, 314, 316, 317, 321, 347, 348, and 384.

Among them, types 304 and 316 are the two most common grades. Both are wildly used in the manufacturing industry, especially for CNC machining parts.

The Finishes For Stainless Steel Machined Parts

The major finishes are polishing, as-milled, powder coating, steel plating, and nickel plating.

Among them, the polish finishing is the most common one, it includes matte finish, brushed finish, and mirror finish.

Since SS material has strong corrosion and oxidation resistance, we do not need to apply another coating on the surfaces after the polish finish.

What Are The Common Stainless Steel Machined Parts?

Due to perfect corrosion and oxidation resistance property, stainless steel is used wildly in the whole manufacturing industry, and be created into different types of machined parts.

At RapidDone, the common types include below:

√ Balustrade components
√ Stair parts
√ Spacer components
√ Cable stair railing parts
√ Stainless prototypes
…… and more.

How Many Machining Methods Are There For Stainless Steel Machining?

There are several machining methods including below:

√ CNC milling
√ CNC turning
√ Laser cutting
√ Bending
√ Polishing

The Limitation Of Stainless Steel Machining

First, compared to carton steel material, stainless steels have a higher hardness. This is is a more difficult material to machine . There is more chance to break the tool or reduce the tool life.

Secondly, stainless is hard to be bent. Especially when we work on a thick stainless sheet, it is hardly bent into a big angle.

Lastly, this type of material is not good for welding.

Recommended Tips For Stainless Steel CNC Machining

1. Choose The Correct Milling Tooling

First, a five flute sand mill is good for roughing work. This can support you to cut the material with a higher feed rate.

Secondly, it is ideal to use a four flutes end mill for slotting machining. This tool can work a better job for chip evacuation, and help for the cutting efficiency accordingly.

Lastly, it is important to use a higher flute count mill for the finishing milling, the suggested flute figure is from seven to thirteen.

2. Set Running Parameters Correctly

First, it is important to set proper SFM. The ideal figure can be between 100-360 with a chip load ranging between 0004” for a 1/8” end mill up to .005” for a 1” end mill.

Besides, make sure you handle well for lubrication and cooling. This can help you to lower the risk of tool breaking. Generally speaking, both emulsifiable oils and mineral oils can do a good job as a coolant.

Ready For Your Next Project

RapidDone has a great team that has a lot of experience in handling stainless steel machined projects. If you have a project on hand, RapidDone definitely is one of the most well-experienced and experts for you. If you need more information regards on our services, contact us now!

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