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Small Batch CNC Machining Service

Small Batch CNC Machining Service

In China, they are different types of CNC machining manufacturers, some are good for prototyping, some are good for production. Getting the right manufacturing service for your low-volume production runs is key to getting projects done fast and under budget.

As  a prototyping and low volume manufacturing expert, RapidDone can offer a top-notch small batch CNC machining service for just this purpose. If you have such requirements, we will be your best choice. Contact us by today!

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Our Outstanding Manufacturing Capabilities

In China, our state-of-the-art shopfloor is stocked with cutting-edge CNC machines that offer unrivaled precision and quality. Even better, these machines are operated by highly qualified professionals with experience in manufacturing parts for various industries. As a result, we can offer a wide variety of services to match your low volume order requirement.

Low-volumn Milling Manufacturing

Small Batch CNC Milling

Our shop floor has about 50 three, four and five-axis CNC milling machines. These machines can produce different milling features rapidly and accurately. Those can secure us to deliver high-quality results for your low volume milling requirement.

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Low-volumn Turning Manufacturing

Small Batch CNC Turning

Turning is a quite important manufacturing process, and at RapidDone, we provide a quality service for just that. Our different types of turning machines can produce cylindrical features, holes, and threads to incredible tolerances of about ±0.05mm, this meets well small quantity order requirement.

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Metal Material CNC Manufacturing

Small Batch Metal CNC Machining

Creating parts from metal requires experience and expertise. At RapidDone, we have both the men and machines for the job.
As a result, we can create high-quality complex shapes and highly detailed surfaces from metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, iron.

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Plastic Material CNC Manufacturing

Small Batch Plastic CNC Machining

Metals are not the only materials we work with at RapidDone. We also stock many high-grade plastics and resin materials for manufacturing parts. We have full confidence to handle any plastic machining order with different quantity order.

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The Reasons to Choose RapidDone

Over the years, RapidDone has become a CNC machining vendor for several big and small industry brands. Up to now, we have handled more than 10000 CNC  machined projects with small-batch quantities.  Therefore, we have a lot of manufacturing experience to make things easier for you!

Here are some reasons why we’ve remained the preferred choice.

First, we are Flexible for quantity.

Small batch normally asked for the quantity from 1 to 500pcs. At RapidDone, no matter the lot size you want to order, we can get it done for you. Even better, our production engineers will help you create a custom, cost-effective manufacturing solution.

Secondly, we can handle complicated machined parts.

small batch normally asked for higher requirement manufacturing capability, covering material selection, machining process, finishing options.

At RapidDone, we hold High-quality Machines. CNC lathes, CNC drilling machines, four and five-axis milling machines are just some of the machines we have on our shop floor. We also have trusted material suppliers and finishing suppliers. Therefore, no matter how complex your project is, we assure you we have the right way to handle it.

Thirdly, we are good for fast delivery.

As order quantity is small, such orde normally asked faster delivery. At RapidDone, we run fast for the whole manufacturing, including fewer setups and more 5 axis machinings. Most of the job can be done within 2 weeks.

At last, we have strong Quality Control Practice

Small quantities will ask for faster delivery than volume orders, so it asks for a higher quality control capability. At RapidDone,  quality is a big part of our company culture, and this shows in our shopfloor’s ISO 9001 certification. Before any product leaves our factory, it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure only the best product makes its way to the customer.

Basic Information for Small Batch CNC Machining

Small batch CNC Machining involves using CNC machining to create a small number of products instead of mass production. In other words, it involves utilizing CNC machines like lathes, milling machines, etc., to make a small volume of products. From the quantity, it normally covers from 1 to 500pcs.

The Applications

Small batch CNC machining has many applications in the industry thanks to its unique advantages. Normally, it is well-known in the field of prototyping and limited production runs.

At RapidDone, we created a lot of similar outstanding projects, including Military electronic enclosures

aerospace parts, custom machined enclosure, customized an-fittings, CNC machined mechanical keyboard cases and many more. By utilizing small-batch CNC machining, we can produce these parts cost-efficiently to the required quality,  beat the market with its results.

The Advantages

Compared with volume production, it is more flexible for small-batch CNC machining, it perfectly matches with low volume order. There are many advantages and the main ones are as below:

As a small batch order, it does not have an extreme requirement for cost. Therefore, we do not close the gap between prototype and mass production.

By efficiently delivering products without spending a long delivery time, you can get your products to market quickly.

Reduce tool costs without compromising quality.

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