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Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures

Are you looking for a reliable custom sheet metal enclosure supplier, well, you go to the right  shop. As the leader sheet metal manufacturer in China, we have strong customize capabilities, we can create an enclosure that perfectly fits your specific requirements.

When work with us, we are sure that we can create high quality enclosures,  these parts offer superior strength and durability to withstand even the toughest industrial environments.

We love to build prototyping and low-volume quantity at a fast turnaround to fullfill your different quantity requirement.

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Different Enclosures Type at RapidDone

Sheet Metal Enclosure types
As a world-class OEM, we can create enclosures of all customized styles, including rackmounts, U shapes, L shapes, as well as other customized shapes.

√ Rackmount Sheet Metal Enclosures

Rackmount enclosures are cases specially designed to hold or store equipment in a rack configuration.

We can help our clients to fully customize Rack Mount enclosures for optimal ventilation, ergonomics, accessibility, cable management, etc. Depending on the enclosure’s design and application, we can also add components like fasteners, handles, brackets, etc.

√ U-Shape Sheet Metal Enclosure

The U-shape enclosures are very versatile and can be used for several applications, like storing electronics.

At RapidDone, we can customize them with different ports, vents, and mounting options to suit your needs. We can also drill in the holes needed for fasteners and other components to easily install and mount.

√ L-sheet Metal Enclosures

RapidDone can create L-shaped enclosures with an accessible design that works better in tight spaces. We can also add various components like handles for opening the enclosure and rubber feet to help dampen any resulting vibrations.

√ 5-Sided Sheet Metal Enclosure

RapidDone customized 5-sided enclosures are the perfect, accessible protective housing for storing electronic components.  We can create them out of any material and to any given size.

Additionally, we can customize the open size by adding fasteners or hinges to form a door. It all depends on the customer’s specifications.

√ IP Rated Sheet Metal Enclosures

RapidDone can create IP-rated enclosures for electrical panels, junction boxes, and sensitive electronics housings, covering all IP65, IP66, and IP67.

Material Selections

Thanks to our robust supply chain, we can source and deliver almost any material our clients need for creating their enclosures.

√ Aluminum:

Aluminum is an excellent, corrosion-resistant material for creating sheet metal enclosures. It is also lightweight, so it is well-suited for making enclosures.

However, it has a low structural stiffness, so you may need to use thick gauges for parts that require high strength.

√ Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is a premium high-strength material for making enclosures. It has greater corrosion resistance than most other metals, meaning its surface finish will last longer.

Additionally, it also has a high impact and tensile strength. This lets the enclosure protect the internal components better from spills and drops.

√ Galvanneal:

Galvanneal is a great industrial material for creating long-lasting enclosures for operating in adverse conditions. The anodized coating protects the steel and extends its working life, especially in wet conditions.

Other Matherials:

Other popular materials include Copper, Cold Rolled Steel, Perforated Sheet Metal, etc.

Finishing Options

Finishing options will give the sheet metal enclosures a better final look and provide the surface with an additional layer of protection.
We can provide different finishing options.

  • Powder Coating
  • Anodizing
  • Passivation
  • Bead blasting
  • Electroplating (Gold and Silver)

Our Manufacturing Processes on Sheet Metal Enclosure

Sheet Metal Manufacturing Process on EnclosureSimilar to our sheet metal bracket manufacturing, there is a streamlined process for manufacturing our enclosures, this will ensure to deliver the best products to our clients.

1. Note the OEM Design Requirement

The first thing we do is to go over the plans and provide feedback to the client. Using the plans provided by the customer, we provide quotes, lead times, and other important information.

We can also help the clients to optimize their designs so that we can manufacture the enclosures cost-effectively.

2. Create The Manufacturing Plan

Next, our production engineers create and plan out the manufacturing process for the enclosure. They decide how best the product can be manufactured to save the customer time and money.

3. Manufacture it With Proper Processes

At this point, the plans go into the workshop, where they are brought to life by the machinist. Our workshops use cutting-edge CNC machines to deliver the highest product quality consistently.

4. Quality Check

The last step in the manufacturing process is the quality check. Before the enclosures go out to the customers, our quality experts carefully review each to spot any manufacturing defects.

Our stringent quality checks ensure that no defective products make it out of our factory to the customer!

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As a experienced sheet metal fabrication supplier  in China, we have everything it takes to deliver high-quality customized metal enclosures for you at a competitive price. So, send in your plans today, and let’s get to work on your project!

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