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Custom Mechanical Keyboard Cases

Here at RapidDone, we provide top-notch customization services for both prototyping and volume production from China. With our extensive experience in manufacturing and customization, we help customers bring their custom mechanical keyboard case designs to life in a rapid, cost-effective manner.

We can produce any mechanical keyboard case according to the customer’s specifications. So all you need to do is to send us your specifications, assembly plans, or pictures, and we’ll take it from there.

Please send us your drawings by today, and we can come back to you with the best solution.

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Customized Mechanical Keyboard Cases Parts to Skyrocket Your Brand

As the expert on-demand part supplier, we are suitable for customized requirements. We have a wide variety of materials available for creating high-quality cases. Each material has its advantages, and it all boils down to the budget and taste of the user.

Based on material, there are a lot of standard mechanical keyboard variants that clients can choose from. Here are some of the specifications our users can select from us. Some common material choices are as below.

Aluminum Keyboard Case

Aluminum Keyboard Case

Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard cases are one of our essential products at RapidDone; they are very popular among customers. This is because they have a high strength-to-weight ratio, are very durable, and are resistant to chemical and moisture attacks.
To make the cases even better, Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat. This means the case will be able to dissipate the heat produced by the keyboard very efficiently.
Aluminum cases can also be anodized to improve the surface finish and take on different colors. This gives the customer a wide range of color palettes to choose from.

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Stainless Steel Keyboard Case

Stainless Steel Keyboard Case

Stainless steel is the undisputed choice for premium mechanical keyboard cases. These cases provide an excellent typing experience.
They provide excellent tactile feedback when typing, and they are also solid, leaving room for no flex whatsoever.
In addition, Stainless steel keyboard housings are known for their longevity. Thanks to RapidDone’s precise machining, these cases are completely dust and waterproof, protecting the electronics housed within very well.
Stainless steel cases have a high-quality surface finish that can come in either gray or silver. However, we can customize them to the customer’s requirements.

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Acrylic Keyboard Cases

Acrylic Keyboard Cases

Acrylic is another material that we use in making keyboard cases. Due to the material’s unique properties, we can make some pretty exciting keyboard cases with it.
The case can either be fully transparent or “frosted” (partly transparent). Either way, this makes for a stunning design, especially when paired with RGB backlighting.
Acrylic Keyboard cases are also strong despite their see-through nature. They have a high impact strength and stiffness making them very resilient.

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Polycarbonate Keyboard Cases

Polycarbonate Keyboard Cases

Usually, customers consider our plastic cases to be at the end of the quality spectrum. However, this could not be farther from the truth. We use a high-quality Polycarbonate material in making our Keyboard Cases.
Polycarbonate is tougher, stronger, and more impact-resistant than most plastics out there, resulting in a pretty solid keyboard case.
Polycarbonate is also resistant to chemical attacks and UV rays. So, you can be sure that the case will maintain its surface finish for a long time.
Polycarbonate cases are available in many colors and can be machined or finished to the customer’s requirements at RapidDone.

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Why Choose RapidDone?

Why Choose RapidDone

Even though there are many customization services around for a customized mechanical keyboard creation, RapidDone still stands out as the top customized CNC machining service in China.

Want to know why? Well, here are some reasons;

√ Strong Machining and Customization Capabilities

At RapidDone, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all our customer’s needs.

We have a wide variety of CNC machines including, CNC milling machines, CNC turning machines, etc., to deal with any machining requirement our customers may have for their mechanical keyboard cases.

By working with solid partners, our services also include a wide variety of post-processing and finishing options like etching, anodizing, deburring. So any finishing touches your product requires to bring it up to snuff or get it to market RapidDone can perform them in-house.

√ Extensive Material Catalog

We recognize that the road to a great final product starts with top-quality raw materials. Keeping this in mind, we maintain an inventory of some of the best quality materials around.

This way, our customers can get the best possible materials in the shortest time frame. In addition, even if we do not have the requested material on hand, we can source it through our extensive supply chain network.

√ Competitive Costs

The final cost always weighs heavily in the customer’s decision-making, and at RapidDone, we always try to offer better manufacturing solutions to reduce this burden.

From our waste-reducing technology to our lean philosophy, we employ several cost-reducing manufacturing methods. All these measures ensure that the customer gets the best possible product at the lowest possible price.

We also have a qualified in-house engineering team that goes over the designs and helps decide the best way to manufacture the products. So contact us today and get a super competitive price quote.

√ Flexible Production Rate

Most CNC machining shops completely ignore small orders, preferring to work only with large orders, but not RapidDone.

Here, we can take on any order, whether large or small, and consistently deliver quality products. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re doing a limited Mechanical Keyboard prototyping run or taking a full product line to market; you can trust us to fulfill your order.

The Manufacturing Process for Keyboard CasesManufacturing Process

Depending on the order size and specifics, there are several ways we can manufacture Mechanical Keyboard cases. However, like other CNC machined parts in our factory, the manufacturing process is divided into four stages.

  • Machining
  • Polishing
  • Finishing
  • Quality Check

√ Machining Stage

The machining stage involves fabricating the main components of the keyboard housing out of the raw materials.

After we receive the design specifications from the customer, we get to work machining the case out of the specified material. For a complete mechanical keyboard case, three different components have to be machined. These parts are the: base, mounting plate, and trim (frame).

To finish these parts, we usually use 3-axis CNC machines and laser cutting machines.

√ Deburring and Polishing Stage

After cutting and machining, we have the primary case ready. However, this product is in no way ready for the market.

Burrs (little bits of material and sharp edges) leftover from machining remain on the part and can cause injury if left there. In addition, there are still marks from cutting and machining that need to be taken care of.

Thus, the technicians deburr these parts to get rid of the impurities of the surface. At RapidDone, we use a variety of deburring to ensure a smooth, burr-free keyboard.

After deburring comes polishing. We use polishing to take care of the remaining surface imperfections and generate a smooth, reflective surface.

√ Finishing

Anodizing Finishing

The final step is finishing and customization. Here, we apply the finishing touches that make the customer’s mechanical Keyboard case truly custom and distinct.

There are several custom designs and modifications the customer can choose to apply to the mechanical keyboard case. At RapidDone, we provide several finishing and customization processes to satisfy our clients in-house. They include but are not limited to:

  • Sandblasting– For removing tool marks on metal
  • Anodizing– For applying different colors to Aluminum cases.
  • CNC engraving / Laser etching – For imprinting the customer’s logos or designs on the case.
  • Silkscreen– For imprinting beautiful, long-lasting designs on the Keyboard cases.
  • Physical Vapor Deposition– This finish is good for getting a high-quality surface on stainless steel cases.

If you also have any custom design needs, you can contact us, and we’ll help you actualize it.

√ Quality Check and Packing

After the finishing is done, all that’s left is to send the keyboard cases through our Quality Assurance department. Here they are put through rigorous tests to ensure they measure up to our standards.

If they pass, they are packaged and shipped out to the customer.

The Typical Manufacturing Defects and Solutions

Several manufacturing defects can occur during a keyboard case production run. Even though we adhere to world-class manufacturing practices, they still pop up occasionally.

Here are some common defects we see in the factory:

Mismatched Base and Plate Colors

After painting or anodizing, the keyboard case assembly can have color variations. For example, the base or the plate can be several shades lighter or darker than others in the assembly.

To avoid this, we paint or anodize the base, plate, and trim in the same batch to achieve a uniform color throughout.

Dents and Poor Surface Finish

Poor surface finishes and dents on keyboard cases occur due to poor machining techniques and vibrating cutting tools—these defects ruin the surface quality of the final product.

At RapidDone, we tackle this issue by pairing top-notch machinists with top-of-the-line machines. The synergy between both of them enables us to create flawless products.

Furthermore, during finishing and post-processing, we tackle any remaining surface imperfections. All our products are sandblasted and polished to a high degree to remove any surface defects.

Poor Assembly Fit 

During assembly, there can be problems encountered when fitting together all the keyboard parts with the internal electronics. These problems result from poor design and manufacturing procedures.

To counter these problems, we always ensure all the product’s plans are properly looked over by our production and design engineers. This way, we can decide the proper tolerances and allowances for a seamless fit.

There are plenty of things that can go wrong when manufacturing keyboard cases.

However, thanks to our rigorous Quality Assurance processes, we catch all of them before the product ships out to the client.


 Q: What is the keyboard size and layout we can create

Thanks to our impressive CNC milling machines, we can produce even the largest standard Mechanical keyboard cases in one piece. In addition, customers can choose from a catalog of standard mechanical keyboard sizes we offer.

Popular sizes include:

  • The full size (100%) keyboard
  • The 75% keyboard
  • The Tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard
  • The compact (60 & 65%) keyboards

Also, if you have any custom keyboard size orders, you can bring in your plans, and our team will create them for you.

Q: Why do you need a custom mechanical keyboard case?

A custom mechanical keyboard improves and adds a personal touch to the workspace. It can also be an excellent opportunity to display and put your logo/brand on your equipment.

Q: Can I make the base and the plate out of different materials?

Yes, you can combine different materials to make the Keyboard case. It all depends on your design preference. An example of a good combination is a stainless-steel base and a brass mounting plate.

Q: Are custom mechanical keyboards better than regular keyboards?

Yes, they are. You can custom-build mechanical keyboards to your exact taste and specifications. Also, they are easier to clean, last longer, and provide a better typing experience.

Contact us Today for Your Next Custom Mechanical Keyboard Case Projects

As you can see, we are the best when it comes to CNC machining keyboard cases.

All our processes outlined above show our dedication to achieving the best quality possible and satisfying our customers.

So, give us a call today and put your project in the best hands. Contact RapidDone and get a quote for your mechanical keyboard project. Trust us; you won’t be disappointed with the quality you’ll get.

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