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CNC Machining Bronze

RapidDone is a Professional CNC machining manufacturer to create customized bronze parts for years. As the leading manufacturing expert in the industry, we can offer you a one-stop solution at a very competitive price, and meet all your customized manufacturing needs.

If you look for a CNC machining supplier for your bronze projects, just send us your drawings and specifications. We are sure that we can get an excellent bronze product for you.

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Our Manufacturing Capability on Different Service

RapidDone company is a top manuafcturing expert: We can use different machining processes to handle different shapes of bronze materials, covering rapid prototyping orders, low volume, and volume orders.

CNC Turning bronze
CNC Machining bronze plate
CNC Machining bronze pipe

We, RapidDone are able to offer CNC turning bronze services. We have complete facilities to ensure full support in every customer’s needs. You can trust RapidDone as your reliable partner in projects when you have a bronze turning project.

CNC milling is an ideal process to cut the bronze plate into different shapes. At RapidDone, we can create different complicated bronze parts by using bronze plate material by using our milling machines. The related parts can reach a high tolerance as tight as 0.02mm.

At RapidDone, the bronze pipe can be cut into different lengths easily. It is ideal to be created into different round shape parts. As an experienced on-demand part manufacturer, we can choose the right size tube material and process to build your project.

Why RapidDone

As a professional CNC manufacturing service provider in China, we know well how to make a quality machined part with bronze material. We can create high-quality customed parts that meet quality assurance, assuring our quality bronze parts are right for your needs.

At RapidDone, our experienced machining team is familiar with all kinds of Bronze materials. We know well material properties such as thermal conductivity, hardness as well as machinability. Therefore, our engineers can help you in choosing the best materials depending on the application.

Over the years, we have worked out more than 1000 projects with bronze materials including bronze plates, bronze pipes, and bronze sheet metal materials.

Whether you are searching for an OEM or ODM service, you can find it from RapidDone. Our experienced technicians are not only able to manufacture the bronze product based on your drawing, but also can give you some good design tips to customize with special requirements.

As a flexible on-demand part supplier, we can work with the prototyping order, you can order the bronze part in 1 piece. At the same time, we also are good for low-volume and high-volume orders.

In a word, if your project requires exceptional standards, quality materials, and responsive delivery time, RapidDone is the right choice for your next production run.

Typical CNC Machined Bronze Parts At RapidDone

As a reliable manufacturer, we can supply high-graded bronze components based on the customer’s specifications.

1. Bronze Plaques Component

RapIdDone is a professional at manufacturing bronze plaques for you. By using our high-precision CNC routing machine, we can create a nice bronze plaques product at a quick turnaround.

2. Bronze Bell Product

Casting is the best way to make bronze bells. However, if you want to build prototyping, our CNC machining service can help with small quantity orders. Besides, we also offer a polishing process, this can make your bronze bell product get a beautiful appearance.

3. Bronze Eagle Component

The bronze eagle is a complicated part. RapidDone holds some precision 5-axis CNC machines, we can offer custom-made cutting services based on our customers’ specifications. Therefore, it is better to talk to us if you have a bronze eagle machining project.

4. Bronze Bust Part

With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing bronze products, we have a lot of experience in bronze bust part manufacturing by using the CNC machining process. Besides, we also offer polishing and painting processes for your bronze bust part.

Materials Options

Bronze is an alloy comprised of copper and primarily tin material.  At RapidDone, we can use all kinds of them for CNC machining.

• Phosphor bronze
• Aluminum bronze
• Bismuth bronze
• Silicon bronze
• Manganese bronze
• Bearing bronze

Finish Options

The finish process is important for most CNC machining bronze parts. At Rapidone, we can handle a lot of surface finishing processes for your bronze parts, making sure that your project can meet the highest standards.

• Bright nickel plated
• Satin nickel plated
• Satin nickel plated
• Mirro-like Polishing
• Polished chrome plated
• Clear Passivation
• Satin chrome plated
• Flat black coated

CNC Machining Tips For Bronze Parts

Based on our manufacturing experience,  below are the tips that can increase production efficiency and lower costs.
If you have a solid bronze part project, our engineer team can come out with a detailed solution.

Tip1– Suggest using a higher grade of HSS, ceramic coated carbide, or a coated carbide titanium tool. Those tools can be sharper during cutting.
Tip2– Recommend using lubrication when machining bronze, particularly where close tolerances are required.
Tip3-Re-impregnation is usually necessary after machining, it is recommended to use the same grade oil originally used during CNC machining.

The Application

Bronze offers a wide range of properties such as high ductility, thermal conductivity, hardness, workability, and water corrosion. Due to this, it can be machined into different parts and used in many industries.

• Bearings
• Bushings
• Sculptures
• Medals
• Decorative pieces
• Musical instruments
• Bolts
• Threaded parts
• Electrical terminals
• Screws
• Washers
• Rings
• Sleeves
• Shafts

Get Started Your Bronze Project

RapidDone has a great team that has over 10 years of CNC machining experience.  If you have a bronze project, we can build it exactly following your design. We can also talk through it from a sketch, a sample, or just an idea, then give you a completed solution.

We promise to offer you precision quality, competitive pricing & delivery. Send your instant quotes today to get started on your bronze projects.

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