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With over ten years of CNC machining manufacturing experience, RapidDone knows well for copper machining process, we have created thousands of brass machined parts for our valued customers up to today.

At Rapiddone, we use the high-quality raw material to build your project. Our deep expertise in custom part designing and developing enables our customers to meet the most rigorous application requirements. Talk to us about your customized part request!

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Our Related Brass Components Manufacturing Capability

As a professional on-demand parts manufacturer, RapidDone is dedicated to manufacturing top-quality brass parts. We have the full capability to offer custom solutions and provide the most professional service for your business.

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RapidDone holds some advanced CNC lathe machines in-house. We can build high quality turning parts at a reasonable price for customers all over the world. The turned components include brass plumbing parts, bushes, pins, boxes, fasteners, and more.

Of leading machining brass part manufacturers in China, RapidDone has a professional designing and development team to turn your drawing into quality brass components. We can provide prototyping, small-batch production, and low-volume manufacturing services.

RapidDone runs some high precision CNC machines for brass machining. With these machines, we can build complex parts at tight tolerance up to 0.01mm. Yet, we control the product cost well and make sure the price is competitive in the market for you.

Why Choose RapidDone Brass Components Machining?

Over the ten years, RapidDone has been striving for product design and manufacturing all the way, offering professional machining services. We accumulate huge experience that we believe we are one of the leading brass part suppliers in China.

Our engineering support team consisting of more than ten specialists who have rich design and manufacturing experience. We are happy to work with our customers closely and come up with the optimal solution for any issue and query. We always have the target to get the best quality parts at a competitive price to our customers.

As a rapid prototyping manufacturing supplier, we understand the importance of short production lead time requirements. With the support of our flexible quotation team, we will deliver your part at a quick turn-around.

RapidDone is good at mass production orders. However, we can also accept prototyping with a quantity as small as one piece.

In a word, the brass machining service is one of our core businesses. We are confident that our machined parts can commit to our end customers’ satisfaction, we are the proper manufacturer that you need. Please contact us for your needs today!

What Is Brass?

Brass is an alloy containing copper with zinc added. 

By adding a different proportion of zinc, it is varied to yield many different kinds of grades that have different properties.

The common grades are brass 230, 240, 260, 270, 330, 340, 360. Among them, brass 360 is the most popular grade.

The Benefits Of Brass Parts

Brass has some outstanding properties, this makes it to be an ideal engineering material for the manufacturing industry.

First, the colors are very special and attractive, it can range from red to yellow. It is ideal to be used in decorative parts and products.

Secondly, it has very high malleability, workability, and low friction coefficient. This makes it to be a perfect material for the CNC machining process. 

Thirdly, this material is very soft.  Brass is ideal to be used to make a tool such as a hammer for the need of assembling a tight-fitting metal part.

Lastly, the material has relatively good resistance to corrosion, it usually doesn’t require surface finishing. This advantage expands the application range tremendously, especially for outdoor industrial applications.

The Common Finishes For Brass Parts

Polishing is the most popular one, it can be used to make parts shiny and prevent tarnishing over time.

Besides, the other common finishes are brush brass, antique brass, matte brass, and oil rubbed bronze over brass.

The Common Applications For Brass Parts

Due to its unique properties, brass is wildly used in applications that need corrosion resistance and low friction, such as decorative, ammunition, and mechanical industries.

Some uses for free cutting include below:

√ Nuts, bolts, threaded parts
√ Pipe, tubing, plumbing fittings
√ Bearings
√ Sleeves
√ Bushings
√ Knobs
√ Terminals
√ Chains
√ Wires
√ Brass hose fittings
√ Handle Parts
√ Tooling fittings
√ Brass fuel line connectors
……and more

The CNC Machining Processes For Brass Parts

There are a variety of machining operations and processes that are used to remove excess material. The primary machining processes are turning, milling, drilling, turning, threading, tapping, knurling, and cutting.

At RapidDone, we offer both 3-axis CNC machining services and 5-axis precision CNC machining services. We utilize our advanced machining technology to ensure perfect precision and repeatability. No matter how complex your design may be, we can work out a solution.

We have the confidence to give you flawless brass parts to meet your project requirements.

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The Recommended Tip On CNC Brass Part Production

Brass is one of the easiest materials to be machined in the world, it gives very nice flakey chips during CNC machining.

Based on this, it is profitable to run a high-speed production for it. With high-speed machining, it can significantly reduce the part cycle times. This can lead to lower costs, faster turn-around, and expanded production capacity.

Get Started For Your Next Machined Brass Part Project

At RapidDone, our expert team is ready and be happy to work into the details with you closely. We know how to manufacture required brass parts, we can deliver high-quality parts with a tight tolerance that exceed your unique requirements. 

Have a machining project on hand? Reach out to us today to discuss your project.

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