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CNC Machined Pins

Machined pins are an essential component of machines and other industrial fittings. They are commonly used to couple and keep mating parts of these workpieces in perfect alignment. Due to the critical nature of their function, these pins need to be made to the highest standards possible. They must be made to fit exacting tolerances with the highest quality materials.

To meet this demand, RapidDone offers a vast selection of high-quality CNC machined pins to suit any industrial application. With several years of manufacturing experience working in the industry, we’re experts in making tight tolerance, long-lasting machined components.

So, get in touch with us today, and let’s help you make the highest-quality parts.

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Different Types Of Machined Pins from us

At RapidDone, we can work on different types of machined pins, no matter the size, shape, or material. Here are some of the Machined Pins we can offer below.

√ Dowel Pins

In its most basic configuration, the dowel pin is a straight, short, solid cylindrical pin. Depending on the application you need it for, we can offer many variants of the dowel pin

For example, we can create hollow, grooved, knurled, oversized, and tapped (pull-out) dowel pins. Also, using our CNC Swiss Machine, we can manufacture Dowel pins as small as 0.5mm accurately.

We can also manufacture larger pins up to a diameter of 1”.

√ Spring Pins

Spring pins are cylindrical pins with a hollow structure. They can be either rolled and slotted or coiled.

We offer both rolled and coiled pins of different sizes to fit various holes and keyways.

√ Cotter and Wire Pins

Cotter pins are used in tandem with nuts and pins like hitch pins to lock them down and keep them attached. On nuts, they penetrate both the nut and the bolt, keeping the bolt from turning in the nut.

On pins, they fit into a hole specially drilled at the end of the pin, and they keep the pin in its passageway.

Some of the cotter pins we offer include;

  • Clinch pin
  • Hairpin cotter pins
  • Circle cotter pins
  • Twist pins
  • Ring cotter pins

√ Taper Pins

Taper pins are a bit like dowel pins, except one end of the pin has a slightly larger diameter than the other. They use friction to secure the parts together.

We offer pins with 1:48 and 1:50 tapers (imperial and metric respectively). We can also create internal or external threading on their ends for easy pin extraction.

√ Hitch and Linchpins

Hitch and Linchpins are pins with a clearly defined head and a locking mechanism at the tail. These pins are very popular and are used in coupling temporary joints.

A great example is the clevis pin. It has a rounded end with a hole on its bottom for inserting a locking mechanism like a cotter pin.

We offer both high-quality regular and adjustable clevis pins. We can also provide linch, spring-loaded détente, and hinge pins.

Apart from these regular ones, we can also create a variety of other specialty pins, including; weld pins, shear pins, hinge pins, ejector pins, etc.


At RapidDone, we can offer a wide selection of materials, like Inconel and Titanium, for special applications. You can always contact our engineers to put in a custom order.

√ Delrin Pin

Delrin is a high-quality plastic used to make pins like locating or hinge pins. It is inexpensive, non-corrosive, and easy to manufacture.

However, Delrin pins are limited to only light loads.

√ Nylon Pin

Nylon is another great plastic that can be used in making cheap dowel pins that aren’t used in high-load applications. They have moderately high heat resistance, so they are well-suited for use in fixtures like molds.

√ Aluminum Pin

Aluminum is a popular choice for making low-cost metal pins. They are lightweight and can operate in a moderate-load environment.

As a plus, they are also non-magnetic, making them suitable as fasteners in magnetic environments.

√ Copper Pin

Copper pins are best known for their heat-conduction properties. In addition, they are also moderately strong, and they have low magnetic permeability.

√ Stainless steel pin

Stainless steel pins are among the strongest machined pins. They can be used in high-load applications in adverse environments due to their non-corrosive properties.

However, they are a bit more expensive than other types of pins

The CNC Machining Process

At RapidDone, when it comes to a CNC machined pin, it normally involves three typical CNC machining processes.

√ CNC Turning

CNC Turning is the primary machining process we use in creating cylindrical pins like dowels and taper pins. We can use this machine to create a high volume of these pins in a competitive price.

√ CNC Swiss Machining

Swiss machining is a specialized procedure that looks just like CNC turning. However, in Swiss machining, the machinist has more control over the process. This process is best for creating long pins. We also use it when creating features like grooves, keys, knurling, etc.

√ CNC Grinding

At RapidDone, we value precision, even in our finishing processes. That’s why we use a highly accurate CNC grinding process to finish our industrial key.

In addition to providing a high, quality mirror finish, CNC grinding allows us to maintain tolerance in the order of microns. This is crucial, especially when creating components for critical, performance-intensive machinery.


1. What are Machined Pins?

Pins are a class of non-threaded fasteners used in the coupling, aligning, mounting, or assembling of two workpieces. These pins are usually cylindrical and fit tightly into holes drilled across the length of the workpieces. These fasteners can either be semi-permanent or quick-release in nature.

2. What are the Applications?

Typically, it can be used in a lot of industries, including automotive, electronic, military,  aerospace,  and medical applications.

3. What is the Tightest Tolerance we can Make for a Machined Pin?

That depends on material and structure, normally, we can easily get as tight as 0.001mm by using the CNC grinding process for a typical round pin.

Contact us for your Customized Pin Project

As a good CNC machining manufacturer, we can offer all kinds of customer machined parts based on your requirement.  So, contact RapidDone with your custom Machined Pin order today. We promise to deliver the highest quality possible.

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