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Large CNC Machining Services

Large CNC Machining Services

At RapidDone, we provide large and heavy machining services for a vast range of industries. These industries may include niche sectors that require high accuracy, specialist, quality parts, and large part without sacrificing quality. Based on our experience and decades of professionalism, we can carry out large CNC machining projects in-house. This is done by taking them through the initial consultation to the machining as well as inspection of the final products.

If you are looking for a supplier of big size CNC machined parts, no match it is prototyping or volume order, we can make for you. Talk to us by today.

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Why Make us Your First Choice for Large Part Machine

Why us

1. Large Machining Capacity

We offer different types of state-of-the-art machining machines that can cut through solid materials such as aluminum, copper alloys, stainless steel, titanium, steel alloys, plastics, and many more. While we are automated to carry out large CNC machining, we will effectively create solid models created by our clients in all kinds of quantity requirements.

2. Completed Production Procedure to Secure Quality

For effective and efficient manufactured products, we make sure that we execute all the phases of part production. As a result, our product qualification rate is above 95%. Our pride is in the quality production and satisfaction of clients. This is very important for big size parts as they are much more expensive than small size ones.

3. Affordability in Terms of Price

We have done a lot of big CNC machined part projects, we build up an experienced team accordingly. Based on our experience and professionalism in this space, we know how to control cost consumption of raw materials, machining, shipment, and many more. Therefore, we can offer a more competitive price than other competitors.

4. Fast Turn-around Time

Based on our experience, we can formulate a complete production process effectively and efficiently in a short time. Therefore, we can ensure maximizing manufacturing capabilities according to the production cycle provided by our clients.

What is Large CNC Machining

Large CNC machining is done with a goal directed towards the production of large parts. Same as the regular CNC machining process, this process is an automated manufacturing process. It involves the use of varieties of machining tools controlled by a computer for workpiece manufacturing.

However, it needs to remove a lot of material from a big-size workpiece. Therefore, this process is not straightforward, it requires quite a lot of expertise, professionalism, and many more compared with regular scale machining.

Our Strong Capability and Services

Our Capability

CNC machines are impressive tools for manufacturing a vast variety of products. As such, we invest in the latest machining equipment as well as a highly-skilled workforce.

At RapidDone, we have a complete range of CNC machining capabilities that offer impressive function with enough capabilities to produce vast varieties of big parts.

This has always helped us to ensure that machining services are provided and production is done at the highest quality for our clients.

  • Large Turning Machining Process
  • Large Milling Machining Process
  • Large Boring Machining Process
  • Polishing Process by both polish machine and hand

Industrial Application

The use of large CNC machining is important in varieties of applications especially in the production of parts with large diameters. This process offers vast varieties of advantages including accuracy and precision. As a result of the size of parts, there has been a low uptake of this process in manufacturing industries out there.

Interestingly, we offer services in the following industries;

  • Automotive industries
  • Power & Energy Generation
  • Aviation
  • Mining industries
  • Oil & Gas industries
  • Communication
  • General Construction
  • Hydro-Electric
  • Food Processing industries
  • Custom Machinery
  • Semi-Conductor parts
  • Utilities
  • Architectural Industries
  • Printing Industries

Tips and Consideration for Large Part Machining

Machining Tips

Since large CNC machining is not a straightforward process, a lot of considerations must be observed. They include four sections below based on our manufacturing experience.

√ Design

Production of large-high-quality parts requires a great understanding of the parts design as well as the condition that may affect the production. Such conditions may include:

1. Temperature

Since friction is generated through prediction, heat may affect to lead to a change in workpiece dimension. Therefore, the temperature must be considered during production

2. Distortion & Stress

Since the product requires large machining there is a high probability of stress in the process. This may affect and also lead to workpiece distortion

3. Work Area:

For proper production, the work zone for large manufacturing must provide room for higher reach. This will enable the swift production of large parts.

√ Preparation

Production of large parts requires enough preparation. This will help to avoid issues that may affect the production. Such preparations include:

  • Elimination of chances of collision during production
  • Use of weight support
  • Use of CNC Router
  • Loading equipment preparation

√ Machining Process

To use the large part machining process effectively, a proper setup and knowledge must be provided.

The following are the set process that may be required.

  • Opening up of the machine
  • Splitting operations into segments
  • Sliding and spinning of large parts

√ Tools Consideration

Tools to be used must also be considered for proper, effective, and efficient production. There is a need to fashion these tools for large CNC machining production. Below are tools that may be required

  • Shapers
  • Moving & Layout tools
  • Grinding machines
  • Planers
  • Power saws and many more

Work with us for your Next Project

The use of large Machining as a subdivision of CNC machining is a technical process. However, no matter the technicality, our team of professionals will use their expertise to handle complex jobs to help you achieve consistently high-quality products.

You can trust RapidDone with your project, contact us today to get your free quote.

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