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RapidDone is a professional China injection molding supplier that provides mold making services and injection molding services at highly competitive prices. We have different levels of plastic injection molding capabilities for both OEM and ODM requirements.

Also, we have precision injection molding machines from 60T to 2000T, covering the injection for all kinds of sizes of plastic parts. We are flexible and be able to support both low-volume run and high-volume production.

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Our Outstanding Injection Molding Capability

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As one of the best plastic molding companies in China, we have a strong experienced engineer team to support the most high-quality tool for our customers. We cover a wild business range that we can custom your mold making on conventional steel tooling, rapid aluminum tooling, over-molding tooling, insert mold making, and more.

With our wild range of plastic injection machines, we can offer high-quality injection molded Parts, covering from small size part to big size part with different colors. Our injection machines run 24 hours, this supports us to deliver parts at a rapid turnaround as little as several days.

The Best Plastic Injection Molding Services

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1. Scalability
We provide injection Molding starting with molded parts from 100 units+ to fulfill your low volume runs.

2. Competitive cost
By having a big mold making department including a lot of CNC machines and lathe machining from China, we can ffers a low-cost rapid tooling option by using Aluminum as tool material from $1000+.

3. Fast delivery time
Most of the tools can be ready as fast as three weeks and injection parts can be created in a short space of time counting with days.

4. Strong engineering ability
Be able to make a high precision tool and produce thousands of identical parts with very small intricate features. The molding range covers ABS plastic molding, polycarbonate injection molding, polyethylene injection molding, PVC injection molding, and more.

    Our Custom Injection Molding Product Gallery

    Steel Injection tooling
    Aluminum rapid tooling
    Black Plastic molded part
    Custom injection molded part

    Steel Injection tooling

    Aluminum Rapid tooling

    Plastic molded part

    Custom injection molded part

    Why Choose Us As Your Reliable Partner For Injection Molding In China?

    As a leading plastic injection company in China, we offer one-stop professional services to our customers and help them to get the perfect product for their needs.

    First, we have a strong engineer team including several experienced mold making designers and injection engineers. We can work with our customers from the design stage and help on the design selection including material selection, manufacturability improvement, and part feature changes.

    There is a lot of such a case for this. For example, one of our customers choose to use POM for their part, but our engineer finds that it is an overdesign when we look into the functionality, normal ABS is enough. Finally, they made this material change and this leads to a big cos down for their project.

    Secondly, we have a strong custom injection molding manufacturing capability. We have all kinds of different injection machines ranging from 60 tons to 3000 tons. This allows us to be flexible to produce all kinds of parts, so we can make thin-walled parts down to 0.5mm, and large components up to 1.2 meters. We can choose the best manufacturing way for your product including insert injection molding, over-molding injection molding, optical injection molding, rapid injection molding, precision injection molding, etc.

    Finally, as an ISO9001 company, we have a good quality control system to monitor our custom plastic injection molding services. From the beginning, we have IQC to have good control of our raw material. Then we have a PQC team to check on our on-going injection part during the injection production. Before the plastic part is shipped, we have our QA team to check the goods by following the customer’s drawing requirement.

    In a word, we are your injection molding expert. Just send an inquiry if you want more information.

    What Is Plastic Injection Molding?

    Plastic injection molding refers to a manufacturing process that plastic resin is melted, then is injected into a mold and cured to create required shapes inside an injection machine.

    There are a lot of fabrication ways of making plastic parts, including plastic extrusion, plastic laser cutting, plastic vacuum forming, plastic CNC machining, 3D printing and more. But injection molding is the most common one because it can create complicated and identical plastic parts at very high efficiency. Essentially, you will find that injection molded parts are used in a wide range of industries in China such as automotive, industrial, consumer goods, medical, and agriculture.

    How Does Plastic Injection Molding Work?

    Before the injection action, we need to set ready for all injection machines, tooling, and raw material. First, we need to choose a proper injection machine based on tooling size and the tooling needs to be clamped into the injection machine. At the same time, load the plastic raw material into the hopper where they will eventually be melted, and compressed into the mold’s runner system.

    Once all these are set up, we go to the injection molding progress. Typically, this is short progress and most of them are less than sixty seconds, we can cut them into four stages:

    The first step being mold clamping. Initially, the tooling includes a mold core and mold cavity that are mounted to the mold base. Mold clamping means that we clamp these two halves of the mold firmly to have a closed cavity.

    Then we move to the Injection step. In this step, we shot the melted plastic into the closed mold cavity, and make sure the material to be filled up the whole cavity.

    After that, we need to keep the injection pressure and hold the material for about 30 seconds. By doing this, the hot material starts to cool down and solidify it into the shape of the desired part. Lastly, when the mold is opened, the plastic shall be pushed out from the cavity by the ejector pins automatically.

    What Are The Types Of Plastic Injection Molding?

    Under injection molding, there are several major types as below.

    By defining it with manufacturing ways, it includes thermoplastic injection molding, insert molding, over-molding, cold runner molding and hot runner molding, and more.

    By defining it with materials, it includes ABS plastic molding, polycarbonate injection molding, polyethylene injection molding, PVC injection molding, optical Injection molding, and more.

    What Are The Common Plastic Resins For Injection Molding?

    There are many material and the most common plastics you can use in injection molding include:

    Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
    High Impact Polystyrene

    Among them, ABS is the easiest one being molded and offers good mechanical capacity, so it the most popular one during injection molding and is used in a wide range of industries and applications.

    What Are The Finishes For The Plastic Molded Part?

    In our factory from China, the most common finished you can use for the plastic part including high-glossy finish, semi-gloss finish, matte, textured finish, and painting.

    What Are The Injection Molding Defects?

    Plastic injection molding is complicated manufacturing progress, there are a lot of injection defects during injection production, here are the most defects.

    √ Short shot
    √ Flow marks
    √ Sink marks
    √ Vacuum voids
    √ Warping
    √ Burn marks
    √ Weld lines
    √ Discoloration
    √ Jetting

    However, most of them are a common problem. Once we have an experienced engineering team, those can be fixed easily. Talk to our injection engineer team from China if you have a query.

    How Much Does A Plastic Injection Mold Cost?

    It is hard to give out the exact estimation for a tooling cost, as the general cost is dependent on several elements including part size, the complexity of the design, mold material, mold structure, and more.

    In another word, if you want to keep the cost down, we suggest three principles.

    #1- Make the mold design as simple as possible. For example, try to eliminate the undercut feature if possible.

    #2- Keep the mold size to be small. 

    #3- Try to use aluminum tooling instead of steel tooling. Aluminum is also called rapid tooling, it is good for rapid prototype and low-volume production.

    However, most of our tooling cost $3000 to $8000 in our mold making factory from China, which is very competitive in the market. Whatever your project requires, talk to us and we can work out the real cost quickly. 

    What Are The Important Tips In Plastic Injection Molding?

    Based on our experience, we suggest the three below principles to have a smooth run during injection production.

    #1-Make a good design and make sure there is good manufacturability for the part design.

    #2-Don’t be skimp on the budget. Make sure your tool has enough design room and build the tool correctly.

    #3-Make a correct selection for the plastic material and avoid resin-related issues.

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