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RapidDone is the leading custom herb grinder manufacturer. Our mission is to power a transparent and inclusive global comfort to achieve effective machined products. Here at our factory, we machine every griding part using excellent and durable materials, so you get the perfect safe grind products. We offer you a guarantee on razor-sharp teeth of the herb grinders. You’ll get the best of all quality products for the production of your weed grinders, irrespective of the size.

We are just a step away and available to attend to all your questions and orders as your partnership with us becomes memorable. If you’re looking for a superb custom grinder manufacturer that can provide you with top-level parts, RapidDone is the best one-stop solution to your desires.

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Our Herb Grinder Manufacturing Capability

Raw Material For Aluminum Grinder

All Kinds of Engineering Materials

We offer you perfect and suitable raw materials for your grinder. We machine every herb grinder component using varieties of top-notch materials such as aluminum which is the most popular, titanium, stainless steel, or plastic.

Machining Manufacturing

Multiple Machining Operations

For all operations, we use typical machining processes such as CNC turning and CNC milling to manufacture every part. At RapidDone, we offer a great, excellent, and impeccable manufacturing experience for both approaches to produce the best quality herb grinder on the market. We can be good for OEM projects, we are better at custom projects by taking our stronger custom engineering capability.

Anodizing Finishing

Quality Finishing

RapidDone can apply all kinds of finishing for your grinders according to your requirement, including anodizing, ceramic coating, painting, and silkscreen. With our experience and expertise, we’ll suggest the most proper finishing that deepens perfectly on any material.


Professional Assembly Service

At RapidDone, we have a professional engineering&production and support team, we can create all machined parts as well as purchasing related parts, including magnet, mesh screen, and packing material. Then we can make the full assembly for these items and run out of a completed unit.

Our Outstanding Herb Grinder Products

Our Weed Grinders with Different Structures

Based on structure, we can offer our client strong ODM and OEM manufacturing capabilities to manufacture varieties of herb grinders. There are 2-piece, 3-piece, 4-piece, 5-piece, and other types with custom features.

2-piece Grider

2-piece Grinder

The 2-piece grinder, also known as a one-chamber grinder, is proficient in converting any size of nugs into the smallest grain. This type of product is a perfect choice for users on a budget. It features a basic design with both parts containing sharp teeth, which can be of different materials depending on your choice.

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3-piece Grider

3-piece Grinder

This type of product is versatile, and it features two chambers. It features an incredible piece of razor-sharp shredding teeth and modular designs that set it apart from others. We offer you our dynamic duo with excellent and impeccable features.

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4-piece Grider

4-piece Grinder

This type of herb grinder is the best suited and most common grinder to regular users. It comes with three chambers with specific functions. One chamber for your unground bud, the middle chamber for the one you’ve already ground, and the last chamber for catching kief. Our products are made with excellent materials with impressive features.

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5-piece Grider

5-piece Grinder

This type of grinder offers you all you wish. Our product will provide you with an immense level of convenience with the four chambers it offers. They include the cutting chamber, storage chamber, and about two kief catchers. Based on our expertise, it can offer you whatever you’d wish for in a grinder.

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Herb Grinder With Crank

Herb Grinder With Crank

This is a quality grinder with a crank that is cylindrical and can feature multiple chambers. Based on our experience, we can manufacture a quality product with cranks of different designs to suit your needs using the perfect choice of materials.

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Our Herb Grinder with Different Materials

At RapidDone, we can offer you excellently manufactured herb grinders made of metal and plastic. They include aluminum, stainless, titanium, and polycarbonate materials.

√ Aluminum Material Grinder

One of the most common types is the aluminum grinder, they are cost-effective and affordable. Since aluminum as an alloy feature a wide variety of grades, we offer the capabilities to manufacture an aluminum product using different food grades of aluminum. Our high-grade aluminum product provides you with a perfectly ground outcome, and you need the expertise of a professional to choose the best materials for your custom-made grinder.

√ Stainless Steel Material Grinder

They are a rare option. Stainless steel material features impeccable mechanical properties such as hardness, durability, and many more. When used in manufacturing herb grinders, the product feature more resilient blades, no flaking of metal shaving into your herb, and durability. We offer a one-stop solution to your needs using stainless steel for manufacturing the best stainless steel material grinder.

√ Titanium Material Grinder

Titanium material grinders are known for their sharpest teeth. They reduce the most tenacious nug to grains like fine sand in their razor laces chamber.
Titanium products feature teeth that are difficult to dull when subjected to repeated use and heavy use. You rest assured of durability, a long life span, and many more. We offer a leading service in the manufacture of titanium grinders that are cost-effective and good for the money.

√ Plastic Material Grinder

While plastic material grinders are the least effective types, they are the most affordable. The plastic material types are not as durable as metal grinders due to the nature of their material. However, they are excellent products in their domain. They have specific use as they are specific for novices who do not want to spend fortunes on grinders.

Our Herb Grinder with Different Sizes

At RapidDone, we can create customized types with different sizes, covering from small size to big size. This shows that the size of your grinders matters a lot in getting grip comfort and plans of operation.

√ Small / Mini Sized Grinders

As the name entails, our small or mini-sized grinders are portable and smaller for specific use. Small grinders are perfect for self-herb grinding for yourself. They offer more comfortability, easy grip, and cost-saving.

√ Medium Sized Grinders

This type is the perfect choice when you are interested in grinding for yourself and medium-sized gatherings. They are rather bigger compared to the small-sized grinders. Our medium-sized grinders will allow you to grind effectively when a higher volume of herbs is involved. They are durable for all your need.

√ Large Sized Grinders

Our large-sized grinder is your plug if you require a grinding solution for a party or more of social smoking. They offer you the best features like durability, time-conscious grinding, and many more. Large-sized grinders are a perfect choice for medical marijuana patients suffering from issues like arthritis and many more.

The Advantages of our Herb Grinder Products

Based on our professionalism and year of expertise, we manufacture various kinds of products that feature a variety of benefits, including;

  • Impressive materials made from metals and plastic depending on your choice
  • Easy to use and clean herb grinders
  • Proper and portable capacity
  • Best grinding effects
  • Versatile grinders
  • Ultra-durable materials that medical-grade
  • Sharp diamond-shaped teeth to tackle the stickiest herbs with ease
  • Pollen chamber featuring shifting screen
  • Perfect for all herbs, pollens, spices, and many more
  • Quality assurance

Tip For Weed Grinder Manufacturing

Manufacturing Tips
When considering weed grinder manufacturing, there are wide varieties of things to note. While herb grinders are not all that complex, they come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, each with differences in both their mode of grinding and how they finely grind it. Out of all options, you’ll want to consider aspects such as:

1. Size – Portable that can fit in a pocket/purse
2. Material/Build Quality – different types of material provide excellent durability and a long life span
3. Multiple piece devices – two, three, four, five-piece devices
4. How well or how finely the herb grinder can grind
5. Reputation and Quality of production of the manufacturer

FAQs For Ginder Purchasing

√ What to Look for in a Weed Grinder and Manufacturer?
There are lots of things to look for in a grinder; they include the trusted manufacturer, tooth count, durability, number of chambers, material grade, size, the effectiveness of grind, and many more

√ Are Herb Grinders Made of Aluminum Safe?

YES, especially those made from anodized aluminum. All our products are in line with FDA guidelines.

√ What Size of Herb Grinder Should I buy?
It all depends on your need. There are different sizes, small (1.5” to 2” in diameter), medium (2.5” to 3.5” in diameter), and large herb grinders (3.5” and more).

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