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HDPE Machining

RapidDone is one of the leading manufacturers of HDPE machining in China. We hold good-performance production equipment in house and manufacture different varieties of outstanding HDPE plastic parts for the need of our customers.
The RapidDone manufacturing team is always willing to serve you based on your requirements. Contact us by sending your ideal machined part drawings, we will come back to you with the best products.

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Take our HDPE Machining Capabilities to Delight Your Customers

As a trusted on-demand parts manufacturer, RapidDone has a full capacity that takes all normal machining processes including milling, cutting, and turning. We also can work on different types of raw HDPE material from the robe to sheets. We are sure that we can work with any type of project or business. We can service customers with our experience in the industry and provide outstanding custom plastic parts.

HDPE CNC milling Services
CNC turning HDPE Services
HDPE CNC Routing Services

HDPE CNC Milling Services

RapidDone is an old traditional manufacturing factory with excellent CNC milling capability. We hold both high precision 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machines in house and can create complex HDPE plastic parts for your needs.

CNC Turning HDPE Services

RapidDone factories can make high-quality CNC turned parts with the CNC turning method. We can offer different customized HDPE designs to fulfill your high standards. No matter it is a rapid prototyping requirement or volume order, we can make it without any difficulty.

HDPE CNC Routing Services

CNC Routing is also one of our core manufacturing capabilities, we have a team with full experience of CNC routing services. If you have any CNC Routing Services requirement for your HDPE plastic parts, RapidDone can help you to achieve your requirements.

Use Our HDPE Machined Parts to Skyrocket Your Brand

HDPE Cut-to-size

HDPE Cut-to-Size

If you require HDPE cut-to-size, RapidDone is the correct one for you. We offer a cut-to-size HDPE sheet based on your chosen size with all kinds of thickness. Here, you can have a lot of options including the lowest MOQ as one piece and affordable rates.

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HDPE Rods Machining

HDPE Rods Machining

RapidDone can take different HDPE rob materials, and produce turned parts by using our CNC lathe machines. The parts are created to fit with your special requirements, they are high-quality, elegant, and durable at a reasonable price.

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HDPE Sheet Machining

HDPE Sheet Machining

RapidDone purchasing team can purchase good quality HDPE sheet material. We can use it to create different shapes of parts. With our strong CNC machining capability, we offer different customized HDPE manufacturing solutions to fulfill your high standards.

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HDPE Fitting machined parts

HDPE Fitting Parts

As an experienced CNC machined parts supplier, we are also the fitting parts expert, including HDPE AN fittings and other types of HDPE fittings. RapidDone can offer high-quality fitting parts at an affordable price.

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HDPE Cutting Board machined parts

HDPE Cutting Board Machined Parts

When you have requirements for prototyping and small-volume for HDPE cutting board parts, RapidDone can make it and can be your best choice since we are over 10 years in the machining industry. We can offer custom-made services for your cutting board, in which you can select your shapes, thickness, and colors.

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Why Choose RapidDone HDPE Machining Services

RapidDone is one of the best manufacturing providers for plastic machined parts. We have a full range of machines including CNC lathe, 3-axis machines, 5-axis machines, CNC router machines, we can do processes like cutting, turning, milling, drilling, grinding, and more. This ensures that we can offer a lot of machining options for the machined projects from our customers.

We not only can create a challenging product with difficult shapes that other shops can not make but also give a big room for us to give a reasonable price to our customers.

At RapidDone, our experienced purchasing purchase the high-quality raw material for our machining process. This includes HDPE rob, sheet, a tube with different thicknesses, and different colors.

Over the years, we have built up vast experience with the engineering team. They have specialized knowledge for the HDPE material and manufacturing progress, they can be trusted to work with you and provide a professional solution for your projects.

So when you plan to look for machining services for your business, check here at RapidDone! We can offer a lot of options for competitive prices and professional services.

With over 30 years of experience, we already have the technical and manufacturing expertise to produce custom HDPE parts. Especially when you need a long-term business partner to boom up your business, we are sure we are the ones to provide the correct answer for your expectations.

If you are interested, feel free to send us your inquiries now and we will be glad to assist you.

Why Choose RapidDone HDPE Machining Services

A Brief Informational on HDPE Machining

HDPE, a polyolefin thermoplastic, is an abbreviation for High-density polyethylene. It has perfect mechanical properties including good rigidity, high-density ratio, high tensile strength, high chemical resistance, good impact resistance, and low moisture absorption.

You can use HDPE material to create bearings and rollers for their low friction properties.

People can also use it to create cutting boards and other food packing parts due to its FDA-compliant properties.

It is easy to machine. People can apply different machining progress such as milling, drilling, cutting, polishing, and more.


It is popular plastic material and can be used in a wide range of elements, including particular applications. Some of the areas include the following.

• AN Fittings and normal fittings
• Cutting boards
• Automotive parts
• Power & Energy Industry
• Construction products
• Gas mains
• Furniture for outdoor uses
• Food packing
• Toys
• Covers
• Boats

The Typical Machining Methods

At RapidDone, we have decades of experience in the field of HDPE plastic engineering Machining. Our machining is the fastest and most economical way to produce precise plastic components, especially in rapid prototyping and small volumes.

The typical machining methods include cutting, turning, milling, drilling, sawing, threading, and grinding.

The Surface Finishes

In RapidDone, there are many options for HDPE plastic part surface finishes, the available finishes are summarized below:

• As machined
• Painting
• Silkscreen
• Deburr
• Sanding
• Polishing

Get Ready for Your Project

RapidDone applies the latest machining technologies and highest quality standards, we promise our customers to meet or exceed their expectations.

Now, it is your turn: If you want to have any HDPE machined parts for business use or personal use, please contact one of our manufacturing experts.

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