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Hands-free flashlights are convenient and helpful tools that are needed in many tactical and emergency applications. Being able to clamp flashlights safely and securely to your devices helps you focus in order to do your job better.

RapidDone can help you create customized flashlight mounts for flashlights. These mounts will be manufactured with ultimate precision, giving customers a steady, stable light source while working.

With several years of manufacturing experience working with flashlight parts such as flashlight bodies, RapidDone has what it takes to provide this service.
So, contact us with your product plans, and let’s help you build them.

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Our Outstanding Flashlight Mount Products

As an OEM, we’ve created a lot of customized mount parts for customers over the years. So far, we have created a lot of different types of projects, some of these parts include below.

Tactical Flashlight Mount

We can offer specialized, tactical flashlight mounts for any unique need. These mounts are ideal for applications with a high requirement for tactical applications.

For example, hikers, surgeons, climbers, etc. might need specialized types.

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Bike Flashlight Mount

Bike Flashlight Mount

Bike flashlight mounts allow bikers to mount their flashlights on their bike’s handlebars. These mounts are adjustable to fit any size of handlebar or flashlight.

We also offer flashlights with a 360 or 180-degree range of rotation. So, the biker can aim the light beam in any direction.

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Shotgun Flashlight Mount

Shotgun flashlights help the shooter illuminate the target so they can hit it more accurately in low-light conditions. We offer several mounts that you can attach to several flashlight barrels.

These mounts can be for single-barrel Benelli shotguns or Winchesters. They can also work for their double-barreled variants.

If you want to mount more accessories on these guns, we also offer rail attachments for them.

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Ar-15 Flashlight Mount

The Ar-15 is a popular rifle with the standard Picaninny rails for fitting attachments. We can create mounts that fit seamlessly into these rails.

If you desire more stability, we can create M-Lok mounts that provide a locking mechanism. Finally, we can offer magnetic types for easy mounting and release.

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Car Flashlight Mount

Car Flashlight Mount

A car flashlight mount provides a handy spot to store your emergency flashlights. We offer mounts and brackets that you can place in easy-to-reach areas like the side of the car seat.

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Manufacturing Capability at RapidDone

The RapidDonemachine shopfloor is a highly versatile manufacturing hub. Anything that’s required to turn your plans into a high-quality flashlight mount product, you can be sure that we offer it.

√  Customized Manufacturing

All our manufacturing processes are tailored to suit the needs of each unique client. In other words, we can create a production setup to manufacture your flashlight mount, no matter the design.

So, we are your best bet whether you’re testing a mount prototype manufacturing for the market.

√ CNC Machining & Laser Cutting

We use several CNC machining processes to create accurate geometries for flashlight mounts. For example, we use the lathe to create circular flashlight holders.

On the other hand, for the swivels, rail attachment. etc., we have four and five-axis machines that handle those just well.

For other thin, unconventional geometries, we also have CNC high-powered laser and wire cutters for neat, accurate cuts.

√ Finishing

Most flashlight mounts often spend their service life in harsh environments. For this reason, we offer many finishing options and protective coating to protect the part and extend its service life.

Examples of finishes we offer include; Anodizing, Passive Vapor Deposition, etc.

Why us

RapidDone is one of China’s top CNC machine manufacturers, and it’s not by accident. We painstakingly ensure we deliver the best quality services to our customers at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Starting from the raw materials and ending with the finishing, we always make sure our customers get nothing but the best.

Also, with our ISO 9001 certification, you can be sure your parts have the golden stamp of quality.

So, get in touch with our team today, and let’s get to work on your flashlight mount project!

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