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The most important component when building a durable, long-lasting flashlight is its body. An ideal flashlight body will protect the internal electronics from water and dust ingress, impact shocks, and even help dissipate heat.

To help you build this ideal flashlight body, RapidDone runs a special manufacturing service. Thanks to our years of experience as an OEM, we can manufacture, customize and assemble your flashlight bodies for you.

Most importantly, we can manufacture it cost-effectively while retaining quality. So, contact RapidDone with your plans today, and let’s help you out.

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Our Manufacturing Capabilities

RapidDone is a one-stop shop for all your flashlight body manufacturing needs. We have everything you need to take your product from a 2D or 3D design to a fully-fledged part.

√ Material Choices

We can work with several high-quality materials to create flashlight bodies. The standard choice among customers is Aluminum, thanks to its heat dissipation properties, lightweight, and low cost.

Copper is also a reliable material for flashlight bodies due to its excellent heat dissipation properties. We also offer materials like stainless steel and Grade 5 titanium for rugged flashlights.

For a cheaper option, plastics like ABS and polyurethane are also available.

√ CNC Machining

Creating metal flashlight cases through CNC machining involves many steps. First, if the body is tube-shaped, we turn it using a CNC lathe to achieve the desired geometry rapidly.

We also ensure we machine some heat sinks into the internal geometry to help heat dissipation. The next stage is the CNC milling machine, which we use to create unconventional features that cannot be made with a lathe.

Lastly, we add texture to the flashlight’s body using a knurling process. This gives the user’s hands more grip on the flashlight’s body.

√ Finishing

RapidDone offers several finishing processes to increase the beauty and durability of the flashlight body. For metal flashlight bodies, the most common finishing process used is Anodizing.

Anodizing gives the body a corrosion-resistant coating. The body can also be anodized in many colors and patterns.

Some other finishes we offer include:

  • Laser engraving for logos
  • Polishing

√ Assembly

After manufacturing the flashlight body, we also offer a service that helps you assemble it with the electronics. This way, the finished product is shipped to you, ready for the market.

FAQs about RapidDone’s Flashlight Body Manufacturing Service

Here is some additional information about our manufacturing operation.

1. What Flashlight Sizes Can We Make?

We can create flashlight bodies with diameters as small as 5mm.  We can also create bodies with diameters up to 130mm.

2. What Flashlight Body Shapes Can We Make?

Traditional flashlight bodies are cylindrical, so those are the shapes we make most of the time. Since cylindrical objects tend to roll around, we machine some unconventional features on the flashlight body to make it stable on flat surfaces.

These include; asymmetrical features, anti-roll rings, and flat bevel surfaces.

3. Does RapidDone have a MOQ Requirement?

No, we do not. RapidDone can scale the production volume up or down, depending on the customer’s requirements.

We can make low-volume orders for prototyping or market testing. We can also handle full-volume production runs cost-effectively.

4. What are the Parts of a Flashlight’s Body?

Although the designs can vary depending on the customer’s taste, all flashlights have some parts in common. They include;

  • Head cap
  • Focusing scale
  • Battery tube
  • Tail cap

5. Which Material is Best for Making Flashlight Bodies?

There is no single best material for manufacturing flashlight bodies. Each material has several pros and cons that you have to weigh before choosing a final one.

√ Plastic

Plastic bodies are cheap, easy to form with molds, and have corrosion resistance even without surface finishes.

However, they aren’t strong, and their heat dissipation is poor, making them unsuitable for high-powered flashlights.

√ Metal

Metal flashlights have higher structural strength. They can dissipate heat better and can withstand higher temps without deformations.

However, their material and processing costs are higher than those of plastics.

Whichever material you choose, you can be sure that RapidDone will go the extra mile to get you the best quality possible. So, contact RapidDone today, and let’s build your parts!

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