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RapidDone is the leading Delrin machining supplier in China that supplies all kinds of Delrin parts around the world. We can produce all kinds of sizes with different features, including CNC turning parts, CNC Milled parts, and fastener parts with Delrin material.

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Get our Outstanding Delrin Manufacturing Capability to Boom your Business

RapidDone has the special capacity to offer the best on-demand services for you, we can work with you to combine suitable features into your special products according to your final applications. We can help you to create the exact Delrin products with long-lasting quality.

Delrin prototyping parts
Delrin CNC machining services
Delrin part finishing services

As a professional rapid manufacturing shop in China, RapidDone can make prototyping Delrin parts in a fast turn-around time. No matter what kind of shapes, we can customize them to match your requirement.

RapidDone holds both CNC turning and CNC milling machining abilities, we can produce complicated Derin turned parts and milled parts at high precision. They are obtainable for fantastic prices within a short lead time.

Besides the machining services, RapidDone also supports surface treatment service for your need. We can do deburr, polishing, painting finishes for your Delrin machined parts. RapidDone is the best provider that you can find your ideal finish.

Brief Informational on Delrin&acetal Material

Delrin is also commonly known as acetal or pom(polyoxymethylene). It has excellent mechanical properties such as high impact and wear resistance, good creep and fatigue resistance, great stiffness, good colorability, and wide operating temperature range (-40 °C to 120 °C).

Due to the good mechanical performance and economic cost, it turns into one of the popular engineering plastic during the manufacturing industry, and it is also a good option to replace metal material in a lot of applications.

Types & Grades for Machined Delrin Material

Based on DuPont’s classifies, there are rare general-purpose grades, toughened grades, low friction and wear grades, high stiffness Grades, UV stabilized grades.

Based on the filling material, there are PTFE-filled acetals, glass-reinforced acetals, and medical-grade Delrin with FDA Certified.

The Typical Manufacturing Methods

Delrin manufacturing methods

Usually, Delrin materials are used in two types of manufacturing ways.

The first way is Delrin machining, including CNC turning, CNC milling, cut-to-size, punching, drilling. The typical material includes Delrin rob, sheet, tube, flat bar, and film.

Delrin material is an easy and stable material for machining, it is easy to be created into high precision parts with tight tolerance.

This processing method is ideal for prototyping build and low-volume builds.

Another way is plastic injection molding.

This process needs plastic tooling for it, this is good for mass production with a low unit cost.

As Delrin mates well with metals and other polymers, it is one of the perfect plastic materials to have a metal insert part inside during a high-precision molding.

At RapidDone, we support both types of manufacturing ways. We can do OEM by following your design, we can also help you to modify your design by working with you, getting your custom requirement into the ground smoothly.


Delrin has a combination of excellent mechanical properties, the optimal performance can match with the following applications.

• Pump and valve components
• Piston parts
• Gears, bearings, fittings, and bushings
• Rollers
• Door system components
• Delrin automotive parts
• Food application parts
• Medical delivery devices
• Wear strips
• Guiding and Sliding components
• Electrical insulator parts

Machining Tips

Delrin Machining Tips

√ Tip1: Keep in mind that the Delrin material is not a high-temp plastic, it starts to melt at about 250 °F. Thus, it is important to limit the cutting and feeding speed, make sure it does not create too much heat at a short time during the machining in case of the melting issue.

√ Tip2: Make good for chip removal. Delrin is not difficult to be machined, it is enough to clear the chip with air blast, this way is good for getting chips out of slots and producing neater cuts. At the same time, the vacuum is another good way of sucking up the chips. Remember that it is not suggested to use oil coolant as it brings residual oil issues.

√ Tip3: It is a bad thing that you turn the tools too slow. In this case, there is more chance to let the chips sit in the cutter, this can cause a melting problem if you do not clear the chips on time.

√ Tip4: It is suggested to use a sharp solid carbide tool, especially when you deal with the reinforcing fiber Delrin material.

√ Tip5: It is an effective de-burring way by using a sharp razor blade.

√ Tip6: It is strongly suggested to sneak up on your final cut. The reason is that the part may expand a lot when it gets hot during machining and have an undersized problem.

Start your Next Delrin Manufacturing Project

RapidDone is the leading producer of Delrin machined parts in China. With more than 10 years in the industry, we have enough experience to perfectly deal with any Delrin projects or other similar engineering plastic material projects such as peek plastic CNC machining project, PTFE plastic CNC machining project, and nylon plastic CNC machining projects.

If you have a Delrin machining project, you can count on us. Our team is ready all the time, message us now to have a quick response. We are sure that we can support you with professional services and high-quality products as a return.

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