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As an on-demand part expert manufacturer, RapidDone is your number one supporter in manufacturing custom washer parts. We can use different manufacturing methods to build all kinds of washer projects. Our parts can cover both different plastic materials and metal materials for your different applications. Send us your custom design for your washer fastener parts, we give you a fabulous product. Contact us now!

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As a trusted custom washer worldwide for over then years, we offer wide customization of these parts at expensive rates. RapidDone can offer high-end custom fasten parts to delight your customers, we are one of the professional suppliers for your custom parts.

Washer raw material
Custom washers manufacturing
Custom washers finishes

You can choose a suitable raw material for your custom washers. At RapiDdone, the raw material covers both plastic and metal materials, including carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, rubber, nylon, Teflon with different thicknesses.

RapidDone holds strong manufacturing capabilities, we can carry with a lot of processes such as CNC machining, laser cutting, stamp punching, water jet cutting for your projects. We are the right custom washer manufacturer for you.

You can select a variety of finishes to create your custom washers. We can offer finishes including zinc galvanizing, nickel and tin plating, aluminum anodizing with different colors, and more.

Why Choose RapidDone?

Why Choose RapidDone custom washersAs one of the professional fastener suppliers, RapidDone could offer the best custom washer parts to you based on your application. Our full capacity for fabrication services can give you a one-stop solution for your fastener projects.

We have our own complete and advanced technology to make the operation easier and do lots of processes. We provide full production capabilities and can manufacture quantities from prototype and short-run through large production runs.

RapidDone has an expert engineering team with specialized knowledge. We could support you in custom the design from choosing the right raw material to the final machining step.

As an ISO 9001 certified washers supplier, RapiDone controls the quality of washers strictly. We work closely with each client so that each job meets your high-quality standards and exceed your requirement.

We have wealth experiences in manufacturing custom parts, we are sure that your fastener parts can be provided in magnificent quality. You can ensure the safety of us all the time if you choose to work with us.

Basic Washers information

Washers are the disk-shaped thin plate with a hole in the center position. Usually, washers are used for load distribution or gap filling.

There are categorized into five types by function: plain washers, spring, locking washers, gaskets, specialized types. At RapiDone, we focus on the non-standard plain washers.

The typical manufacturing processes for custom washers

die cutting custom washer

RapidDone can use die-cutting tooling to create custom washer parts for you. Die-cutting tooling is a low-cost tool that is less than 100usd usually, it is ideal to be used to cut soft and thin plastic sheet material into the custom parts.

stamping Die Punch custom washer

If the custom washer is metal material or thick plastic material, you can choose to use a stamping die punch tool. The tool cost will be higher than the die-cutting tool, but it can produce parts in a high production efficiency, which leads to a lower cost at the end.

laser cut washer parts

If you do not want to open a tool for your parts, you can choose the laser cut method. RapidDone can use a laser-cut way to build any shape of custom washers with different thicknesses. It is more proper to meet prototyping and low-volume washer production requirements.

Wire EDM custom washers

RapidDone can use the Wire EDM method to cut metal custom washer that is difficult to cut or require very tight tolerances. RapidDone is the right manufacturer for you when you want to build your special parts.

Water Jet Cutting Custom Washers

When you want to build a non-standard washer for a high volume order, water jet cutting is the correct method for it. At RapidDone, we can offer high-speed water jet cutting service for your fastener parts at a quick turn-around delivery.

The types of custom washers RapidDone can offer

Extra thick custom washers

RapidDone has the CNC lathe machines to create machined parts from the metal bar with additional chamfered edge features. The materials include all grades of carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, nickel alloys & non-ferrous & exotic metals.

This type of washer can reduce the risk of deformation and add extra strength to fastening, they are typically used as spacers and structural bolting applications.

custom thin and shim washers

Shim washers can be used as compensators to absorb tolerances between mating components.

As it can fill the small gap and provide small adjustment compensate tolerance, so lower tolerance mating components are accepted during assembly, this can lead to a reduction of assembly time and cost accordingly.

RapidDone is an expert in customizing thin and shim washer parts at high quality.

custom plastic washers

RapidDone is a custom plastic washers manufacturer as well. We can make different kinds of plastic washers with different sizes and thickness according to your design and drawing.

custom nylon washers

RapidDone is your proper manufacturing partner when comes to custom nylon washers.

Nylon is one of the most commonly used plastic material, you can choose from a wide variety of sizes to build your parts.

Our Nylon washers have good mechanical properties with lightweight and resistant to friction. It is ideal to be used in fastener assemblies for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Teflon washers suppliers

RapidDone offers a great quality of Teflon or PTFE washers as a direct source of this kind of production.

Thanks to its many unique characteristics, Teflon washer is one of the best options for low-temperature environments applications. The typical applications including aerospace, computer, cooling, plumbing, furniture, and more.

custom Rubber Washers

Rubber washers are a soft material, it can absorb shock, this makes it to be great as rubber spacers in machinery with frequently moving parts. It is the ideal part to be used as spacers, locking devices, and wear pads, threaded fasteners, and more.

Usually, the die-cutting tool is the most comment way for creating non-standard rubber washers.

RapidDone is an experienced on-demand parts supplier, we can create customized rubber washers with different hardness and thickness.

custom carbon steel washers

RapidDone offers custom both low and high carbon steel washers for industrial fastener applications. We also support heat treatment for the washer, this can make the parts to be harder, increase its strength, and wear resistance.

custom stainless steel washers

If you look for some custom stainless steel washer parts, you go to the right place now. We can offer you stainless steel custom washer to meet your exact specifications with fast production times.

Usually, there are three typical types: 302 stainless steel washers,304 stainless steel washers, and 430 stainless steel washers.

Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, stainless steel washers are the best option for outdoor applications among metal washers.

custom aluminum washers

When you want to source for custom aluminum washers, you can trust us as one of your best options. Our parts meet with ISO-9001 requirements, we guarantee to build the highest quality aluminum washers to our customers.

custom brass washers

Brass has a low melting point, which makes it to be malleable easily. When you need a washer for your special project, the brass washer can be an excellent choice for you.

As a professional machined parts supplier, RapidDone can work on custom brass washes. We can work closely with our clients to make sure that your brass washer parts are safe here.

manufacturing processes for custom washers

The Washers Tolerance

At RapidDone, we follow the fastener tolerance standards of ISO 4759-3.

Usually, the washer tolerance depends on the material selections and manufacturing process selections.

Get start your project

RapidDone custom manufacturing services can offer a cost-effective and on-demand solution for your washer manufacturing needs. From one-off prototypes to production, we can take a variety of manufacturing methods to get it done.

Our team is ready all the time. Talk to us if you have a special washer project on hand, we can get your project move forward smoothly and quickly.

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