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Custom Spacer

As a reliable custom parts supplier in China, RapidDone holds a strong manufacturing capability that provides all sorts of custom spacer parts to our valued customers with a fast turn-around.

In RapidDone, we can create spacer components according to your detailed specifications to meet your customized requirements. Choose RapidDone as your trusted manufacturer, email your requirement to us today!

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Outstanding Custom-Made Spacers Capability

Customized aluminum spacer
Brass Precision spacer
custom-made Nylon spacer

The aluminum spacer is one of the most widely used in the industry. Aluminum spacer from RapidDone is a unique product from our part list. The parts can be created at a short lead time at a low cost. Be ideal for the volume order.

RapidDone has the capacity of customizing brass spacers into different shapes for our customers. The brass spacer is often used for low friction requirement applications, it is one of the most unique products at our factory.

Nylon is one of the most commonly used plastic materials for spacer creation. RapidDone fabricates custom nylon spacers in a variety of shapes with competitive rates, fulfilling all your fastener’s needs.

Why RapidDone Customization Spacer Services

Are you looking for a trusted provider of spacer components? Well, you got the right one now! RapidDone is a professional company located in China, having general professionalism in creating high-quality spacer parts to meet your standards.

RapidDone has a professional team with well-experienced engineers that produce great quality components. You can get a constructive suggestion for your design, your products here can be customized in different sizes, thicknesses, and colors to suit your business requirements.

The spacer is low-value parts, most of the other suppliers might have big MOQ requirements on it. However, in RapidDone, we can provide rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing services with global delivery.

Besides, RapidDone meets with ISO9001 and SGS international standards. Our quality control system works well, you can be assured of all the parts coming out from our factory.

You can believe that RapidDone can quality fastener parts, consider RapidDone as one of your excellent providers. In turn, we can come back with safe products to delight your business. Contact us now!

small spacer

What Is Spacer

The spacer is one type of fastener. It is a thin piece of solid material without interior threading. The part is used in an assembly application, creating space and separate two other parts.

Specification For Customized Spacer

In RapidDone, we hold a strong customized manufacturing capability, we can make the parts with any shape you want at any size, including different colors.
You can follow the below three parameters for specifications.

1. Thickness

Spacers can vary in size from a millimeter to centimeters.
There are small-size ones with thicknesses as small as 1 mm. Meanwhile, it also has big-size ones with thicknesses as big as 5 centimeters.

2. Shape

It depends on the drawing.|
It can come out with regular shapes such as flat sheets, cylindrical, hexangular, and spherical spacer.
However, other customized shapes are available.

3. Material

The spacer can come with a wild field of materials, including both metal materials and plastic materials.
The typical types are stainless steel spacers, copper spacers, aluminum spacers, nylon spacers, polycarbonate spacers, and more.

The Application

The spacer parts can be used in a variety of assembly applications.

  • Circuit board standoffs
  • Led standoffs
  • Wheel supports
  • Wheel spacers
  • Panel supports
  • Electric insulation

Machining Processes

Compared with our other CNC machining parts, the spacer is a relatively simple component. Therefore, the manufacturing process is not complicated, it mainly has below five methods.

1. Cutting

This process cuts raw material into the required length, the raw material is normally a bar, a pipe, or a rob.

Cutting is a simple operation, we can create spacer parts at a lower cost with this process.

2. Punching

Punching is a good way for volume production, it asks for a punching tool.
The material is normally sheet material. Depending on the material thickness, it asks for different types of tools.

The tooling production is a highly efficient way, it leads to a low cost.

3. Turning

Turning is the most proper machining process to create a cylindrical shape part.

As most of the spacers are cylindrical shapes, the turning process is the ideal way for spacer part creation.

4. Milling

When it comes to complex spacer parts, we can count on the CNC milling process.

The Cost is relatively high comparing other manufacturing processes. It is good for small volume production, as well as applications with a bigger cost budget.

5. Injection Molding

Injection molding is a mass production method for plastic material.

For the spacer project that has a complicated shape with a high volume requirement, the injection molding process is the best method.

Get Started Your Next Spacer Project

At RapidDone, we have over 10 years of experience in the customized manufacturing fields, making you satisfied with quality custom products is one of our goals. We are confident we have overflowing knowledge in creating any spacer products.

We are always here to support and help you find the right model for your business. Contact us now if you have a spacer project, we can get back to you with satisfying feedback.

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