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Custom Shaft Manufacturing

As a professional shaft manufacturer in China, RapidDone can produce various types of shafts based on specific requirements. To date, we have successfully completed over 100 machined shaft OEM projects, encompassing different engineering plastics and metal materials, as well as various sizes and shapes.

When you have a customized shaft project with a drawing, it is beneficial to consult with precision shaft manufacturers like RapidDone. We ensure that you receive a product that meets your expectations in terms of both quality and cost.

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Our Outstanding Machined Shaft Parts to Skyrocket Your Brand

At RapidDone factory, with our robust CNC manufacturing capability, we produce custom shaft parts suitable for various industries and applications. We pride ourselves on delivering products that consistently meet or exceed industry standards. Some typical types include:

Linear Shafts

Linear Shafts

Primarily machined using CNC turning processes, we can build precise and smooth linear parts required by our clients, our capabilities span sizes from 5mm to 150mm diameters.

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Square Shafts

Square Shafts

Precision machined using our 4-axis CNC machine or CNC turn-mill machine, creating square cross-sectional shapes.

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Splined Shafts

Splined Shafts

At RapidDone, our manufacturing engineer understands well the spline feature of a shaft, we can create splined features correctly, ensuring the highest quality of work.

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Helical Shafts

Helical Shafts

We can make quality production of helical gears with standard pressure angles and helix angles, accommodating various parameters such as helical hand, pitch, gear bore and number of teeth.

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Our Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing Processes

The manufacturing process varies based on the shaft type. In our factory, a typical customized shaft undergoes the following steps:

Rough Machining: Creating the initial shape through turning or milling.

Heat Treatment: Partnering with professional finish partners for processes like quenching and tempering to meet hardness requirements.

Fine Machining: Precision machining of key shapes, splines, and threads to match final drawing dimensions.

Surface Finishing: Including grinding, coating, plating, depending on material and application.

Our Shaft Materials

We manufacture parts using a variety of materials, including steel alloys, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, titanium, and other specialized alloys.

Our Shaft Finishes

Various finishes enhance performance and durability. Common finishes include passivation, anodizing, plating, black oxide coatings, powder coating, and galvanizing. Our quotation engineering team can advise on the best finish choice for your project.

Manufacturing Specifications

Manufacturing Specifications

√ Max. Size

Precision CNC lathe handles metals up to 60″ long and 10″ in diameter in a single operation.

√ Tolerance

Depending on the shape, we can achieve tight tolerances, up to 0.002mm, balancing precision and cost-effectiveness.

√ Average Roughness

Varies based on material and process; we can achieve 6µin/N5 for turning with CNC services and 2µin/N2 for grinding.

FAQs about our Manufacturing

Q1: What is Custom Shaft Manufacturing?

A1: It involves the shaft production tailored to specific requirements, considering different parameters such as dimensions, materials, finishes, and application needs.

Q2: What types of shafts can be custom-manufactured in RapidDone?

A2: Our shaft manufacturing can cover a broad range of shaft types, including linear shafts, spline shafts, helical shafts, and more, each created to meet OEM specifications from our customers.

Q3: How can I request a quote for Custom Shaft Manufacturing services from RapidDone?

A3: To request a quote, you can typically reach out to the manufacturing provider through our website with email, providing detailed specifications, and quantities.

Q4: Can we work with prototype quantities?

A4: Yes, as an on-demand Manufacturer, we can accommodate both prototype quantities and low-volume production, providing flexibility for different shaft project needs. Choose RapidDone for your next shaft project. Request a quote, and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

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