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Every motorhead knows that customizing and tweaking your motorcycle is one of the best parts of owning one. With custom aftermarket parts, you can upgrade your motorcycle’s performance and customize it to suit your aesthetic!

As a professional custom machined parts maker in China, Rapiddone know just what it takes to produce precise, reliable high-quality parts. We can machine and fabricate a wide variety of motorcycle parts out of raw billets.

So, if you’re in the need for either prototyping or low volumn-quantity, RapidDone is your best bet. Send us your drawings today, and let’s help you create the best quality motorcycle parts.

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Strong Manufacturing Capability for Different Motorcycle Parts

Motorcycle Tank Cap

Customized Motorcycle Tank Cap

The motorcycle tank cap covers the fuel tank of the bike and prevents the fuel tank from leaking during operation. Using our CNC lathe and milling machines, we can create fuel tanks for any motorcycle brand.
We typically make these from aluminum billets by using a CNC machine to achieve brushed grooves. After machining, we finish the tank caps with sandblasting and anodizing to create a smooth, high-quality surface.
We also offer special finishing services for the tank cap like chrome finishes, laser logo engraving, etc.

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Motorcycle Brake Lever

Customized Motorcycle Brake Lever

The motorcycle brake lever is one of the prominent components on the bike’s handlebar. As such, it’s one of the most customized parts on a motorcycle.

You can replace your stock brake lever with a premium aluminum one from RapidDone. We can anodize, etch, and even paint any sort of design or color you want on the brake lever.

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Motorcycle Handlebar Risers Mounts (2)

Customized Motorcycle Handlebar Risers/ Mounts

Handlebar risers are great attachments that can increase the comfort of the riser and make for a better riding experience. RapidDone makes risers to suit various brands like Harleys, BMWs, Yamahas, etc.

They are available in aluminum or steel and they come with a beautiful matte anodized finish. We can also do them in chrome if that’s what the customer prefers.

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Motorcycle Engine Housing

Customized Motorcycle Engine Housing

The motorcycle’s engine housing is an important part of both performance and aesthetics since it is exposed. RapidDone offers high-quality engine housings made from aluminum that can stand up to the rigors of everyday riding without cracking.

These housings are precisely machined to ensure a tight seal all around to prevent leaks and foreign material ingress. We offer both sandblasted and heat-resistant powder-coated finishes for these cases.

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Motorcycle Star Nut Wrench

Customized Motorcycle Star Nut Wrench

A star nut wrench is a must-have tool in any motorcycle owner’s toolbox. RapidDone offers a pro-quality star nut wrench made out of 8mm thick high-grade tool steel.

It’s perfectly sized to fit any toolbox and it offers a perfect slip-free performance thanks to its hardness.

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Motorcycle License Plate

Customized Motorcycle License Plate

RapidDone offers a wide variety of custom motorcycle license plate holders. We offer brackets for mounting license plates on both the front and side-depending on the bike’s model.

These brackets come with a powder-coated anti-rust finish. We also offer specialty plates that display the plate number via a programmable LED.

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Motorcycle Bobber Seat Mount

Customized Motorcycle Bobber Seat Mount

The Bobber seat mount is a crucial part of the motorcycle’s frame that directly affects the rider’s comfort. RapidDone offers a solid, vibration-free bobber seat mount for motorcycle frames.

The mount is produced accurately using CNC turning and milling, leaving no room for errors. You can also specify the dimensions of your motorcycle’s frame and seat for a more accurate product.

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Motorcycle Coolant Expansion Tank

Customized Motorcycle Coolant Expansion Tank

The coolant expansion tank is one motorcycle part that cannot be left in the hands of just any OEM. Luckily, RapidDone provides a quality coolant expansion tank complete with all the necessary connections and fittings.

The tank is made via CNC milling to ensure a perfect fit, and it’s also finished with anodizing to protect it from rust.

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Motorcycle Footpegs 

Customized Motorcycle Footpegs

Footpeg and footpeg mounts are very important in off-road, sports, and other types of motorcycles. To meet this demand, we have a wide variety of footpeg styles that can be customized to meet every customer’s needs.

We can offer passenger, platform, hybrid, and all other footpeg styles.

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Motorcycle Brake Pedal 

Customized Motorcycle Brake Pedal

A custom brake pedal is a great way to add a bit of style and color to a motorcycle. RapidDone offer both forged aluminum and stainless-steel motorcycle brake pedals for all brands

As a plus, we can also anodize or powder coat the brake pedals to suit any motorcycle’s color pattern.

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Motorcycle Wheel Spacers 

Customized Motorcycle Wheel Spacers

Custom wheel spacers improve the traction, stability, and road performance of your motorcycle. Also, they are necessary if you want to install larger wheels on your bike.

RapidDone provides excellent, fatigue-resistant wheel spacers for different motorcycle brands. These wheel spacers can be made out of materials like high-grade aluminum or stainless steel, depending on your requirements.

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Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe Parts

Customized Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe Parts

The exhaust pipe is a prominent part of any motorcycle and a prime target for customization. At RapidDone, we create full exhaust systems complete with rear silencers that can help achieve noise emission targets.

These exhausts are made to international standards with top-class materials, and they also come with the appropriate certification to prove this.

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Why Choose RapidDone

As a top-notch CNC manufacturing shop located in China, RapidDone can offer good manufacturing service for customized machined parts, motorcycle parts are one of the hot types.

First, to ensure the best product quality, we always source the highest-grade materials for our customer’s projects. Aluminum and steel are some of the most popular materials for making lightweight custom motorcycle parts. Even if you require materials like zinc, titanium, brass, etc., we assure you we can get them for you through our extensive supply network.

Besides, our shopfloor is full of several high-powered CNC machines for creating precision motorcycle components. We have both four and five-axis machines for milling intricate surfaces. We also have CNC lathes for machining circular shapes. For fabricating machines from sheet metal, we have high-precision laser cutters and welding machines. To top it off, these machines are manned by excellent professionals with years of industry experience. So, we can create any shapes of  parts based on requirement.

Thirdly, we know motorcycles spend a lot of time in adverse outdoor conditions that can damage them. So, to protect the bike’s fittings and keep them looking fresh, we offer a variety of finishes. These finishes include anodizing in different colors, chrome finishes for a mirror-like surface, etc. We can also inscribe and etch any logo or brand name on the motorcycle parts for our customers.

At last, we know motorcycle parts are devices that require utmost precision and accuracy to be able to perform their functions well. To ensure all our parts meet this standard, we have a good QA system for this, we rigorously test them before they leave our shopfloor. We can use a highly precise CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) to ensure all our parts are within acceptable tolerances if need. We also visually inspect and grade all parts to ensure that no defective parts make their way to the customer.

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