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Have a customized machining project on hand and want to select a supplier? Well, you go to the right shop and we are your best destination.

As an on-demand part manufactuer with years of experience working with customers, we are different from your standard machine shop, we can offer different types of machining processes to approach all kinds of custom machined parts.  We can we also pride ourselves on good quality and reasonal cost for different quantity.

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Why Choose RapidDone

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How your customized machining project turns out depends on a lot on the type of vendor or machine shop you use. A skilled vendor can even turn around or rework a defective design and create success out of it. So, when selecting a machining shop, it’s crucial to go for one with a track record in excellence.

At RapidDone, we pride ourselves on quality and customer satisfaction. Let’s share some of the checkboxes we tick for customers looking to get the best services.

√ Fast Lead and Turnaround Times

Lead and turnaround times refer to the time between the placing of the order, and when the customer gets the final delivery. Our lead and turnaround times are excellent. Within 3-4 days of receiving your order, we can turn out the finished product. Note, this does not include delivery times, and it varies depending on the size and complexity of the part.

√ Strong Engineering support

Every great machine shop has a team of engineers on hand to optimize your design and provide engineering advice. RapidDone is no different. With our excellent team of engineers and machinists, we are sure we can handle it for you. RapidDone hether it’s reverse engineering or creating a 3D mock-up, our in house team is up to the task. In a word, we have stronge machining capability for all kind of customized machining project with good engineering support.

Competitive Costs

Comparing our rates and charges against others in the industry, you can see we stack up favorably. Part of our mission is to provide the best possible quality at the friendliest price possible. This reflects in our prices, as we balance cost with quality admirably. For more information about our pricing options, you can contact us and get a free quote.

√ Certifications

Certifications say so much about a machine shop and how much it values professionalism. At, we possess multiple certifications, including the highly acclaimed ISO 9001 certification. Our employees are not exempt from this culture as they regularly undergo training and recertification to keep up with industry trends.

√ Various Types Of Advanced Equipment Available

The type of equipment available dictates how well the machine shop will handle the projects that come in. On our shop floor, we have several top-notch machines.  They range from powerful CNC five-axis milling machines to CNC lathes machines. So, you can be rest assured, no matter what your project requires, we can handle it.

√ High Quality and precision

These two things are arguably the most important factors to consider when selecting a machine shop. They also carry significant weight with us. Businesses that value quality and precision above all are not disappointed when they patronize us.

Our exceptional supply chain enables us to get the best materials possible in time.  Our top-notch machines combined with our skilled machinist produce the best possible final products consistently.

√ Full Industry Experience

Industry experience matters a lot during projects. Machine shops that specialize in products for the industry are familiar with the codes and standards required to produce good work. Our engineers and machinists are specialists drawn from various disciplines. So, no matter what your machining project is, we have the personnel and experience to handle it.

In short, when you want us to create custom machined parts that do not exist elsewhere, we can take our advantages, beat our competitors, we can build the proper parts for you.

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