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Custom Machined Parts

RapidDone is a professional manufacturing company that has strong capability on custom machined parts. We can handle a wind range of machining requirements including different sizes and different materials, this gives you high flexibility to optimize your design.

RapidDone has built more than 10K custom projects in the last serveral years. The machining parts are created with high quality at a reasonable cost for different applications. Are you still looking for a reliable custom manufacturer? RapidDone will be the proper supplier for you, talk to us about your requirement now.

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Outstanding CNC Machined Parts Gallery

At RapidDone, we can use all kinds of machining processes, we are good at custom manufacturing for different machined parts. We are sure that we are one of your best choices when you look for a quality part supplier.

An-fitting Parts

AN-fitting Parts

An-fitting is one of our popular products, covering both standard types and customized types. There are aircraft fittings, automotive fitting, radiator fittings, fuel line fittings, brake line fittings, hydraulic fittings. Besides, the materials cover aluminum, stainless steel, and plastics.

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Mechanical keyboard case Parts

Mechanical keyboard case Parts

With our extensive manufacturing experience, we can create custom mechanical keyboard case designs to life in a rapid, cost-effective manner. The keyboards cover aluminum, stainless steel acrylic and polycarbonate.

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Machined Enclosures

CNC Machined Enclosures

With our our multiple manufacturing capability, we can offers varieties of enclosures that can be customized to fit customer’s requirement. Our advantage is for big size enclosures, complicated enclosure, as well as precise enclosures.

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Herb Grinder Parts

Herb Grinder Parts

As one of the best custom herb grinder manufacturers in China, we have confident to build ODM heb grinder with high quality and competive price. The products cover 2-piece grinder, 3-piece grinder, 3-piece grinder, 4-piece grinder, 5-piece grinder, as well as crank herb grinder.

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Why Choose RapidDone Custom Machining Service?

RapidDone is a leading machining manufacturer from China, carrying more than ten years of experience in the machining industry. You can have full confidence in our ability than we always are able to find the best way to meet your requirements. At the same time, we are open to co-develop new technologies with you together.

We have a very strong engineering team for your OEM or ODM projects. When an OEM project comes, our engineering can perfectly understand your design requirement and lead the production team to get high-quality parts. When an ODM project comes, we can listen to your design requirement and finish your design with detailed production drawings. Therefore, we can rapidly run your design into custom-made components production build to meet your request.

Besides engineer ability, we also are flexible for the services. Whether it’s a prototype or volume production, we can do custom machining that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Whether you need a small size one to a big size one, RapidDone can make it for you.

Lastly, you do not need to worry about the part quality when you work with RapidDone. We understand that quality is the key to success for us and our customs, thus, we have a highly strict quality control from raw material to the final manufacturing step.

We want to give the best out of all services for you. That’s why we came to produce satisfying products and services for the sake of your business. If you have a custom machining services request and like us to build your design components. Then, I will say that you go to the right plan as we are the ones who can help.

The Typical Machined Materials

At RapidDone, our machining capability covers almost all the engineering materials in the industry market, here you’ll find a shortlist of materials.

Metal Material Types: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, bronze, Copper, Titanium

Plastic Material Types: ABS, Polycarbonate, carbon fiber, Delrin, peek, rubber

The Main Machining Options

Today, customized parts are created with a lot of machining processes, such as CNC machining, stamping, wire cutting, die casting, plastic injection, extrusion, and more. The operation selections are depended on the part’s design. In many cases, a machined part might pass through many of the operations before the machining job is done.

Among them, CNC machining is one of the most wildly used machining ways. This is a traditional machining operation that removes material from raw material with CNC machines, the operations mainly include milling and turning process.
At RapidDone, we hold some precision CNC machines in-house including 5 axis CNC machines. With our one-stop service, we can provide you with precision CNC parts for both prototyping and mass production build.

The Applications

Our machined parts cover the whole manufacturing industry from plastic parts to metal parts.
The typical applications are shown below:

CNC Machines
Led lighting
Aluminum Camera
Electronic enclosures
Car Engines
Medical devices
Metal Nameplates
Robot Prototypes
Metal Tooling
Plastic Tooling
Custom Washers

Our Manufacturing Procedure

At RapidDone, we follow a complete production order procedure, make sure that parts can be finished at a reasonable lead time with high quality.

Firstly, the engineering team checked into the drawings from the customer, and convert them into formal production drawing with detailed technical notes.

Secondly, the production team starts the component build based on engineering’s drawings; During the production, we strictly follow with the dimension check during the production.

After the machining is done, the QA team has a complete quality check before packing and shipment.


As an expert in creating customized parts, we offer a wide range of selections of materials, specifications, and prices. We also take full responsibility for the production of all your ideal components. In a word, we help our customers to gain profits without compromising its quality and design.

To have profitable business operations, choose our cnc machining services as your main option. Please call or email us for product availability.

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