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Custom Manufacturing Services for Front Panel

As a traditional customized part manufacturer from China, we can offer vast varieties of processes such as cutting, shaping, and many more to fabricate metallic and plastic materials into different types of custom front panels.

Our parts are great for your personal needs with impressive features including styling, protection, and sales strategy. With our strong customized manufacturing capability, you can select your dimensions and sizes, as well as high cosmetic requirements. Contact us now, we can offer you the most comprehensive information to help you achieve the best in your projects.

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Our Outstanding Panel Products With Different Materials

To achieve protection and shielding of equipment using front panels for operation in light or heavy industrial environments a good and quality materials are needed. At RapidDone, we can handle all kinds of engineering materials in the market, below are the five popular types:

Aluminum Front Panel

Aluminum Panel

Aluminum and its alloy are strong materials yet lightweight with impressive machinability. This material is the most common and popular for CNC machining front panels due to its versatility and machinability.

Are less expensive in comparison with other products
Can be anodized into different types of colors
Its durability for outdoor use and heat resistance is moderate for all application
Can be found in 1 or 2 piece panel construction
Allows for a graphic that can be printed or chemically etched and protective coating to increase abrasion
Offers application in automobiles, marine, aircraft, military, and many more

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Stainless Steel Front Panel

Stainless Steel Panel

Stainless features exceptional resistance to varieties of factors such as corrosion, extreme temperatures, chemicals, abrasion, and many more.

Exceptionally resistant to dent and scratch
Can be found in 1- or 2-piece panel construction allows for graphics to be printed or chemically etched in its surface
In terms of long-term benefits, stainless steel is relatively inexpensive
Applications are found in the acidic and caustic environment where aluminum can’t thrive

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Brass Front Panel

Brass Panel

Brass as a custom front panel alloy is a gold-colored alloy of copper and zinc.

Has a controllable strength when its application is considered
Moderate machinability for fabrication custom front panel
Resistant to corrosion and heat

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Polycarbonate Front Panel

Polycarbonate Panel

This plastic material for the front panel offers superior optical clarity, mechanical strength, and many more.

Resistance to heat, stain, corrosive chemicals, and abrasion
Perfect choice for low or no flex requirement application
Cheaper than polyester
Polycarbonate front panels are used in medical equipment, industrial controls, commercial and household appliance, and lots more.

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Polyester Panel

Polyester materials for custom front panels offer high tensile strength which makes It a perfect choice for rigorous manufacturing processes. Other properties include.

High resistance to abrasion, chemicals, tears, and more
High durability with higher life expectancy (up to 7 years)
Cheaper for higher volumes of front panel productions
Polyester front panels are applicable in medical equipment, industrial controls, commercial and household appliances, and lots more.

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Why Choose RapidDone As Your Manufacturing Partner

Why RapidDone

With many years of experience, we are a world-class custom machined parts supplier. We offer high-end production technologies that feature strict control to ensure high quality. The following are why you should work with us for your customized front panel.

Strong Custom Machining  Capability

We offer strong machining capability for every project no matter how large. Unlike conventional or manual manufacturing, our services are top-notch which is more of a hand-off method. All we have to do is operate automatically without any direct input or control from an engineer. Our machining equipment is ready to go once we give our instructions. This makes our fabrication processes faster with 24/7 operations.

In addition, we can achieve the same degree of consistency and accuracy with our CNC machining process with our end products. This is important because a slight change in shape, size, or texture could cause a malfunction in the final project. With us, you rest assured that your front panel products are in safe hands.

Offer Different Material

Another advantage you can derive from working with us on your customized front panel is that we offer a vast variety of materials. This is because the availability of different options of materials will enable the fabrication of parts for any application type. It is important to note that the materials to be used are crucial for a part’s functionality. As a result, different materials have unique mechanical properties that suit different applications. Such properties include strength to weight ratio, tensile strength, toughness, and lots more.

With many years of experience in the machining space, we will offer you the best advice on the right materials that best suit your CNC machined front panel. Due to this, we have varieties of methods for different materials which will greatly impact the overall efficiency of the end products.

Good Quality Control

In regards to CNC machining manufacturing, quality control is important for any CNC machined parts. We promote quality control and varieties of contract manufacturing and other services. We ensure quality control in the aspect of equipment for production in terms of maintaining frequent high-quality in calibration, maintenance protocols, and more. Also, we conduct strict and thorough inspections via our QC staff to ensure that the front panel produced are of high quality.

Furthermore, we have good record-keeping for strict monitoring and evaluation, implement predictive maintenance programs and as well maintain the ISO certification to help our clients implement better business processes.

Competitive Cost

One of our expertise is to offer you reducing manufacturing costs over time. This is because our expertise lies in using fewer resources and labor to help you ensure cost savings. We make sure to conserve your resources which you can either use to re-invest into manufacturing parts or reduce the retail price of your end products to gain a considerable competitive advantage and attract customers over your competitors.

What is a Front Panel

Based on our manufacturing experience, front panels are basically blinds that are milled cutouts for buttons switches, and displays. They help to display and as well allow alteration of the machines’ internal registers and memory on early electronics and computers. Mostly, it consists of arrays of digits toggle switches, indicator lamps, symbol displays, pushbuttons, dials, and many more mounted on a sheet metal faceplate.

Manufacturing Process for Front Panels

We offer a vast variety of methods for the manufacturing of custom front panels, the typical types  include the following:

CNC Machining

This involves mechanical machining methods that involve the use of cutting tools to remove parts of a workpiece. This process may involve machining processes of milling and turning to cut out the desired front panel from metal or plastic materials.

  • Traditional CNC vertical & horizontal machining
  • 3-axis CNC machining
  • 5-axis CNC machining
  • CNC turning

CNC Punching Process

The punching process is done by using a cutting tool attached to a punch which is finally installed in a press. This process can help to create a vast variety of customized shapes out of varying thicknesses of front panels. CNC punching offers vast varieties of advantages such as below:

  • Increase in productivity
  • Production efficiency
  • Safe & cost efficiency
  • Speed & accuracy

Other Manufacturing Processes

The other common manufacturing processes include metal tooling punching, laser cutting, wire Cutting.

Manufacturing Progress

Manufacturing Progress

1. Confirm Drawing with Customer

The first stage in the manufacturing of the CNC custom front panel is for the customer to provide relevant information (CMF) or a sample of the new part design for our reference. After the OEM has been provided and the front panel drawing confirmed by the customer, then we move on to the next stage.

Besides OEM, our engineer team can also work on the design requirement with our customers.

2. Manufacturing Production

After the customer has confirmed a variety of improvements, the manufacturing of the prototype is next in line. Here we make a prototype and send it to the customer for checking and approval. This is done to enable customers to check, test, and confirm it has met the desired requirements before mass production. Once all prototype is confirmed, then we proceed using the required processes for mass production.

3. Deburring and Polishing

In this stage, deburring helps to remove all slightest of imperfections known as burrs as well as a defect of the CNC custom front panels. Once this is done the part is then polished using abrasive tools and polishing media on the surface of the custom front panels. Then, the surface of the custom front panels becomes smooth and bright – ready for logo engraving or silkscreen logo.

4. Finishing

After deburring and polishing, the part is ready for logo, instructions, and information application on its surface. There are three common ways for this, including silkscreen printing, laser engraving, and CNC engraving.

√ Silkscreen Printing

This method of logo and information printing on a custom front panel is the cheapest and the easiest way to customize your front panel. Interestingly, you can silkscreen any flat size of your front panel with nearly everything you want such as logo, labeling, and many more. This can be done using nearly all colors and can be as simple as desired.

√ CNC Engraving  or Laser Engraving  

This option of customizing the front panel takes much time in comparison with silkscreen printing. It is also more expensive and more permanent than a silkscreen. This is because it involves the removal small amount of metal or plastic from the surface of the front panel to match the logo or letter desired. In most cases, about 0.005” – 0.010” of metal or plastic is removed either through mechanical operation by a milling process or via chemical operation by the etching process. Once done, it is filled with the desired paint to meet up your requirements.



Front panels made from plastic and metals have varieties of applications in different industries. Their usage creates durability, protection, and user-friendly interfaces for users in different industries. We offer vast varieties of front panel applications in the following fields and more.

  • Precision machinery
  • Electronic interfaces
  • Military equipment
  • Aerospace equipment
  • Automobiles and many more

Start Your Panels Project

As the on-demand part expert, we are not just a CNC manufacturing industry; we offer expertise in all forms of production of the custom front panel for different industries, covering prototyping, low-volume production, and mass production. Our engineers are always on the seat with different production service solutions to the needs of your products. This will help you guarantee maximum efficiency in your product. Contact us today, a trial will convince you.

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