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When it comes to watchmaking, two things set the best brands apart from the rest; Quality and Precision. To achieve this, watchmakers shape the highest-grade materials with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to create the best watch cases.

At RapidDone, we can help you achieve the manufacturing of watch case parts by using the CNC machining process. Thanks to our outstanding CNC machining capability, we can create watch cases that can rival any brand’s quality in the world.

If you need a high-precision watch case manufacturing service, contact us with your plans today! We’ll get to work on bringing your watch creations to life.

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Why Choose RapidDone as your Watch Case Maker

√ High-Quality Materials

A great watch case starts first and foremost with quality raw materials. So, to get the best materials possible, RapidDone maintains relationships with some of the best suppliers in China.

Subsequently, we can offer good deals to our customers on the highest-grade materials available. Even if we do not have the materials on hand, we can always source them quickly.

√ Cost-Effective Manufacturing Capability

One of our most significant advantages over our competitors is our cost-effective manufacturing methodology. We use several waste-reducing and lean manufacturing philosophies to ensure we get the most out of our material at a minimum cost.

We also have several experts with extensive industry experience who help us create optimal product manufacturing plans. As a result, we can offer lower costs that no other machine shop can for watch cases.

√ Flexible Manufacturing Rate

We are a machine shop that can scale production up and down depending on your requirements. No matter how big or small your watch case order is, you can contact us with it, and we’ll handle it for you.

√ Short Turn-Around Times

RapidDone places a great emphasis on short turnaround times. We pride ourselves on our ability to help customers get their products to market rapidly without sacrificing quality.

√ ISO 9001 Certification

We are ISO 9001 certified and compliant thanks to our sterling track record of products that pass regulatory requirements in all countries. So, when taking your watch cases to market, you can be sure that our stamp of quality is golden.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities on Watch Case

Watch Case Manufacturing Capability
Watchmaking is a field that requires high precision for the shape. The watch case must be made to the highest standards to create a durable, shockproof, and waterproof timepiece.

The final watch case must fit tight tolerances in order to meet ISO 2281 watch standards. This requires exceptional craftsmanship paired with superb machinery.

At RapidDone shopfloor, we have the full outstanding manufacturing processes to cover all these.

1. Different Materials Options

At RapidDone, we have a catalog of top-notch materials that we can source for making high-quality watch cases.

√ Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a popular choice for watch cases. It is affordable, non-allergic, and it is corrosion and rust-resistant.

The PVD coating we put on the stainless-steel watch case only further increases its wear resistance. This makes the watch more durable.

We stock a variety of stainless steel for watch case creation, including the 304 and the premium 316L and 303.

√ Magnesium

Magnesium is a lightweight material we can easily fashion into a stunning watch case for you. We have several alloys you can choose from to manufacture your case.

√ Aluminum

Aluminum is another excellent option for creating low-cost watch cases. It is lightweight, easy to machine, and, most of all, cheap.

We can still give the Aluminum watch case an anodized coating to protect them and make them last longer.

√ Titanium

Titanium watches occupy the premium end of the spectrum. It boasts superior strength, corrosion resistance, and strength-to-weight ratio over all other watch case materials.

As a plus, it also has a sleek modern look, making it the ideal choice for casual and pilot watch cases.

√ Bronze 

Bronze watch cases have this distinctive, elegant look that immediately makes them stand out from the crowd. In addition, they’re also corrosion-resistant, and they gain a beautiful, vintage patina as they age.

2. Machining Processes Options

As one of the best CNC machining service suppliers in China, we can use our high-speed CNC lathes to create circular watch cases with diameters up to 100mm at a high cutting efficiency.

We also have different top-of-the-line CNC milling machines from three to five-axis. These machines give our machinists extreme control over the production process.

Thanks to the multiple axes on these machines, we can do everything in one piece. We can handle unconventional and asymmetrical watch cases, like the square, cushion, and tank, easily with our milling machines.

The milling machines can create stunning, highly detailed bezels for the watch. We can also inscribe and engrave custom designs on the watch case and back.

3. Finishing Options

At RapidDone, we provide a wide variety of finishing processes you can choose from.

√ Polishing

After machining the CNC watch cases, we polish them to give them an ultra-smooth, highly reflective surface. This brings out the beauty of the metal and removes any production imperfections.

√ Wet Lapping

Wet Lapping is a specialized form of polishing we use to achieve an even smoother surface. It produces an extremely high-quality, shiny surface.

√ Passive Vapor Discharge (PVD) Coating

We offer a PVD finishing process to enhance the durability of the watch cases we produce. The PVD coating protects the surface of the metal against scratches, chips, dents, and rust.

Other services we provide include staining, sandblasting, anodizing, etc.

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