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As a world-class CNC manufacturing supplier from China, RapidDone provides you with quality CNC turning services. We can manufacture all kinds of lathe parts such as car parts, furniture lathe parts, Medical turn parts, Aluminum lathe parts, metal bolts, spool valves, hydraulic fitting, camera lens housing, and more.

Our factory is equipped with advanced lathe machines including several advanced automatic lathes from Taiwan and Japan. We are confident to provide low-cost, high-quality precision turned parts for customers worldwide in many industries. Send us your RFQ information, you will get an offer back quickly.

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Our Outstanding CNC Turning Machining Capability

RapidDone is a leading manufacturer of all types of CNC turned parts for more than 10 years. With our strong capabilities on CNC turning industry, we can tell you how to combine suitable features into your products, and we can custom your required lathe products based on your design drawing.

Turning Aluminum
Plastic Turing Services
CNC Part Polishing

RaidDone holds high-end turning machining capability for different metal materials. We can accurately turn the metal block material into different shapes of aluminum turned parts at a very competitive rate. RapidDone is the best provider you can truly rely upon on metal turned components.

We are good at plastic CNC turn machining. Over the years, we have built a lot of a plastic turning projects with our lathes successfully, including ABS turned parts, Polycarbonate lathe parts, PMMA turning parts, Peek round parts with high quality surfaces.

 As a one-stop solution factory, we have an in-house polishing team with experienced workers. A lot of turning part projects ask for the polish process to get a better surface quality, RapidDone can work on it quickly, meet the rapid requirement for our customers.

Our Advantage Of CNC Turning Services

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1.Good Quality

With our ISO-certified quality systems, we ensure that your lathe parts are of the highest quality possible for your brand.

2.Competitive Price

We integrate our manufacturing resource with a lower cost structure, this leads us to the upper level for cost-saving, offering lower pricing than other CNC machining competitors.

3.Quick Production timing

We combine all the resources of all different shipping methods to accommodate your timing. Turn parts can be shipped in as fast as 3 days.

    Our Custom Turning Parts Gallery

    RapidDone is one of your trusted CNC turned components shops in China. Our components cover all kinds of industries in manufacturing, some of our common parts include shafts, AN-fitting components, custom washers, fasteners, and more. We can offer you high-quality lathe products that you will not regret choosing them.

    AN-fitting Lathe Component
    CNC Turning Aluminum Part
    Copper Lathe Machining Part
    Stainless Steel Turned Part

    AN-fitting Lathe Component

    CNC Turning Aluminum Part

    Copper Lathe Machining Part

    Stainless Steel Turned Part

    Why Take RapidDone To Your Trusted CNC Lathe Machining Services Supplier?

    First, as a big CNC machining supplier in China, we have our in-house machines including several automotive lathes. Among them, some are high precision lath machines imported from Japan, so we can make high-precision milled parts for our customers according to your drawing and specification.

    At the same time, we have an experienced team of CNC turning operators. They can run precise lathe machining well to build your part with a beautiful surface. Thus, you don’t need another polishing process to remove the visible tool mark, this can you for a cost-saving.

    Thirdly, our design engineers had handled thousands of turned part projects. They have so much manufacturing experience that can help you by recommending some good design tips, this might lead to another big cost-saving for your project.

    Also, we can handle a full range of engineer materials, covering both plastic material and metal material. Among them, aluminum turning is one of our key services, we can create aluminum turned parts with high quality at a reasonable price.

    In advance, we offer a one-stop solution. Besides the CNC turnings process, we also support other process services such as prototyping, low-volume manufacturing, finishing, assembly. Therefore, we are sure that you can get quality parts for up to 30% less than other competitors.

    At RapidDone, there are no limits to quantity. Whether you need a single prototype part, low-volume production, or production order, we can make it.

    In a word, RapidDone is the right lathe machining company you should choose. We are glad to support you, helping you make the right solution for a turning project. We will give you the most professional CNC turning service once you have a project for us.

    Why Take Us To Your Trusted CNC lathe Machining Services Supplier

    What Is CNC Turning?

    CNC turning is manufacturing progress that involves using turning machines to remove unnecessary material to form the desired shape.
    This process is ideal for cutting any parts with a rotationally symmetrical shape.

    What Are The Typical CNC Lathes?

    CNC lathe machine is part of CNC machines, it is ideal for producing any symmetrical cylindrical or round parts.

    There are many types of lathes, but 2-axis CNC lathes and Multi-axis CNC turning center are the two most common types.

    The 2-axis CNC lathe is a simpler and cheaper machine, it is designed for turning operation only and be ideal to cut round features with precise depths and diameters.

    THE Multi-axis CNC turning center, on the other hand, refers to a new CNC turning machine by adding a live-tool. Simply speaking, the live-tool helps to add milling operation. As a result, it can produce more complex parts in an extremely cost-effective way.

    At RapidDone, we have both 2-axis and multi-axis turning machines. So we can provide you with different process options for our customers, we are more flexible to work out a better solution, offering better lathe manufacturing services.

    How Do You Run A CNC Turning Process?

    To explore this material-removing progress clearly, we cut it into four steps below.

    First, we have a 3D design prepared. Run the 3D into the G-code design software to create the G-code which can be recognized by the CNC lathe machine.

    Secondly, select the proper block material and use the chuck to hold it in place firmly.

    Thirdly, turn the spindle and driver the cutter to start the material removing progress. After this step, the workpiece can be cut to the required geometry by following your 3D design shape.

    Finally, the lathe automatically gets ready and start to repeat the material removal progress.

    What Materials Can Be Cut With CNC Turning process?

    Same as CNC milling, CNC turning can work on a variety of materials, including most and plastic materials and metal materials.
    Those stock materials are available in different shapes such as cylindrical bars and tubes at our factory.

    The plastic materials mainly refer to ABS, polycarbonate, acrylic, nylon, peek, and more.
    The common Metal materials, on the other hand, are aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, and more.

    However, two types of materials are not suitable for the turning process.

    The first one is hardened steel materials. This one asks for a much smaller feeding during machining, this leads to a longer machining time and a higher cost.
    The second one is the soft materials such as elastomer material. This type of material is so soft that is not easy to be fixed during machining, this can lead to a shaking problem easily during the turning process.

    What Materials Can Be cut with CNC Turning process

    What Are The Finishes For CNC Turned Parts?

    Similar to the milled parts, there are a lot of finishing options for a turned component. The mainly several types include as as-milled, painting, anodized, powder coat.

    Among them, the as-milled finishing comes out right after the cutting progress, so this finishing is the easiest and cheapest one. However, this brings the visible tool marks on the part surface, you might need to have another finishing step if you have a higher requirement.

    RapidDone can offer various surface finishing options, you can talk to us to get the answer for any of the finishing queries.

    What Are The Typical Applications?

    The CNC turning part can be applied to a lot of applications. Usually, they can be made into different industrial products such as shafts, pins, spacers, fasteners, spindles, car wheels, and more.

    What are the finishes for CNC turned parts

    What Are The Common CNC Turning Operations?

    During one completed turning process cycle, it takes a variety of operations that are used to cut the workpiece to the desired part shape.

    As for each operation, it is defined by the type of cutter used as well as the moving path of that cutter when cutting the workpiece.
    Here are the most common types.

    • Facing
    • Grooving
    • Thread cutting
    • Cut-off
    • Knurling
    • Drilling
    • Boring
    • Reaming
    • Spherical turning
    • Taper Turning

    What are the common CNC Turning Operations

    What Are The Recommended Tips During A CNC Turning Process?

    Like any other manufacturing process,  we need to follow some machining guidelines with the CNC turning process.

    By following these recommendations, we can not avoid some defects, benefit the production efficiency, and reduce cost.

    1. Secure The Workpiece Firmly

    If the workpiece is not fixed firmly in the chucks during the turning process, it can lead to a big deviation from the required dimension. Worse case, it can lead to an accident, damage to the machine, or injury to the operator. Therefore, it is important to have parts clamped well.

    2. Run The Coolant

    It can generate a lot of heat during lathe cutting operation for both tool and workpiece, coolant can bring the heat away dramatically.

    There are two benefits to this recommendation. First, it can greatly extend tool life. Secondly, the cutting speeds with sufficient coolant can run faster than the insufficient one, this leads to higher productivity.

    3. Keep The Lathe Cutting Tool As Sharp As Possible

    A sharp tool is good for cutting operations and quality surfaces. The dull tool, on the other hand, is the reason for big roughness and burn mark problem. Therefore, it is important to choose a sharp lather cutting tool. Meanwhile, it is suggested to monitor the whole turning cut progress to avoid the dull edge issue.

    4. Set Cutting Parameters Correctly

    The lathe cutting parameters include spindle speed, feed rate, and cutting depth. If we run it correctly, it can produce a quality part with more smooth surfaces.

    Get Your CNC Turning Projects Started Today

    We are proud that we have an experienced CNC lathe machining team that can handle different CNC machined projects. When you submit your design files, our team can check into all the manufacturing details including function, structure, machinability, then comes out with a solution that meets your expectations. Talk to us today, we will come back a quality turning part to you!

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