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RapidDone is one of the executive manufacturers of CNC machining PETE worldwide. We are professional for your on-demand requirement, we can build parts based on your need, covering prototypes order, low-volume orders, and high-volume production orders.

Finding a trusted supplier of PTFE parts is not easy. In RapidDone, we can design and create different kinds of Teflon products according to your specification by our trusted design team. Please send us your inquiries today!

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Milling Teflon
Turning Teflon
5-axis CNC machining PTFE

RapidDone can support the milling process to create complex and high-precision machined parts, matching with your design drawings. No match how crazy unique for the shapes and sizes, we can work out the best solution by using our milling machines.

RapidDone holds some precision CNC lathe machines for CNC turning service. By using our turning process, we can make custom PTFE components per your request. Our PTFE turned parts are of high quality, we are sure that they are the best addition to your business collection.

We hold several 5-axis CNC machines in-house. The 5-axis machining capability can help us to create complex PTFE machined parts in a single set-up way. We believe this service can exceed your manufacturing expectation, boost up your part quality to the top level.

Why Choose Our CNC Machining Teflon Service?

RapidDone is one of the best manufacturers of Teflon machined parts from China. We use advanced CNC machines to proceed with different machining processes such as turning, milling, drilling. This enables us to create all kinds of PTFE parts including customized washers, spacers, rollers, and other different shapes of components.

Besides the OEM project, we can also work on the ODM project. We can modify and customize the machining PTFE parts depending on your requested designs, including material selection, sizes, finish, and color.

RapidDone has the full experience to handle all kinds of raw materials for our machining projects. We use Teflon sheets of all kinds of thickness for milling projects. Besides, we can use Teflon tubes, pipes, and rob to produce the turned parts.

Our product covers different colors, there are white Teflon, black Teflon, and transparent Teflon, satisfying different needs from our customers.

At last, we take good care of product quality. We ensure a quality and satisfying experience for every user of our plastic parts.

As a traditional factory in the plastic machining industry, RapidDone continues to improve our capabilities and services to make you fully satisfied. Need Teflon manufacturing services for your business? We have confidence that we can boost up your business to a new high level if you go to us.

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Teflon CNC machining parts

PTFE&Teflon Overview

PTFE is the abbreviation of polytetrafluoroethylene, this is a synthetic polymer that is obtained from Tetrafluoroethylene.

Teflon, on the other hand, is the most well-known brand name given to PTFE. Thus, people likely call Teflon when they talk about PTFE, they treat them to be the same thing.

Due to the good material characteristics, people call this material “the king of plastics”. Overall, it has good resistance to water, chemical, moisture, low friction, high melting point, as well as a high strength-to-weight ratio.

As an experienced CNC machining manufacturer, we have done a lot of machined parts with PTFE material. Therefore, our engineer team knows well for this type of material, talk to our team if you want to know more about this matrial.

PTFE Machined Parts

PTFE is one of the popular plastic material and is used in the CNC machining industry wildly, some of the industrial parts machined are as below.

• Gears
• Bearings and Bushings
• Seals
• Washer
• Spacer
• Cookware
• Teflon rollers
• Electrical insulators
• Valve components

The Method Of PTFE Machining

Teflon is a popular engineer material for the manufacturing industry, it is easily machined with the traditional machining way.

In RapidDone, we provide precision turning, milling, drilling, tapping, and punch progresses to produce custom PTFE parts for you.

Besides the machining process, we also offer a second operation process like deburring, laminating, and polishing, this can help our customers to get high-quality surface for the parts.

The Recommended Tips For Teflon CNC Machining

Teflon is a soft material. It has a big expansion coefficient and is compressed easily, this can lead to a bigger size tolerance or distortion if the machining is not stable. In other words, stable machining is the key to get successful CNC machining for PTFE parts.

To keep stable machining, the ideal way is to release less compress force for the machined Teflon part.

Based on our manufacturing experience, we suggest three tips to achieve this:

The first tip is to put less compress force during the workpiece set up step.
Clamping and tape are the two normal workpiece set up ways. Compared with clamping, 3M double side adhesive tape is a better way to fix the part. By using this method, we need to make sure the side on the tap is flat. If the surface is not flat, we can use sandpaper or other polishing methods to polish it to be flat first.

Secondly, make sure to use sharp tools and keeping them cool.

Thirdly, keep the feed at a low level.

Start Your PTFE Project Now

It’s a great pleasure for us to provide you the Teflon parts that best suit your needs and demands.

Our team is ready to work on your project at any time. Once you send us your quoted file, our contacted team will evaluate your requirements and advise the best solution to meet your expectations.

If you have a PTFE project or other plastic projects, please contact us for a quote today.

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