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A phone case is an essential accessory for every smartphone user. It helps protect the smartphone against drops and still enhances the phone’s beauty.

RapidDone can create all kinds of CNC machined parts by using our CNC machining service, CNC machined phone is one of the outstanding types. With our extensive OEM experience, we can offer a service that helps manufacture your custom phone case designs cost-effectively, covering from prototyping, and low volume to mass production.

We can also produce machined cases for iPads, kindles, and other smart devices.

So, contact us with your phone case plans today, and let’s make them for you!

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Our Outstanding Manufacturing Capabilities for CNC Phone Case

Phone Case CNC Manufacturing
Based on a lot of solid CNC machining phone case projects, we can offer several manufacturing services that you can use to create your quality machined phone cases.

√ Phone Case Material

We can work with almost any material of your choice to create a CNC phone case. In fact, we offer some of the highest-grade materials in China.

You can choose between various Aluminum grades like 1001 and 6061 for creating the phone case. More premium materials like stainless steel are also available in all grades.

We even offer high-quality grade 5 Titanium for those looking for highly rugged phone cases.

√ Strong CNC Machining Process

As the traditional CNC machining supplier, we have a lot of three, four, and five axes CNC milling machines that we can use to engrave and cut out intricate details on the cases.

Besides, we have a good engineering team that knows about phone case part manufacturing. No matter what your requirements are, we can handle them.

√ Phone Case Finishes

The primary finish we apply to all our phone cases is polishing. We use this to create an ultra-smooth reflective surface that enhances the phone’s beauty.

We also offer several other finishes for phone cases. Some of these include; silkscreen, laser engraving, anodizing, and PVD.

CNC machining gives us the ability to render your designs in incredible detail. So, you have a phone case well suited to the lines and curves of your phone.

Also, thanks to our sophisticated finishing processes, the CNC phone cases have a surface quality that accentuates the phone’s beauty.


We are your one-stop solution for customized CNC machined parts suppliers in china for your business needs.

Aside from CNC phone cases, we also manufacture CNC machined enclosures, CNC machined phone cases, CNC machined Pins, and more.

Want to experience the best CNC services for your phone case project? Have a look at us and we will guarantee you the quality.

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