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RapidDone is a leading plastic machining manufacturer, specializing in custom nylon machining parts per your customized requirement. With over 10 years of manufacturing experience, we have strong plastic capabilities to handle your OEM and ODM products.

At RapidDone, we can offer you a one-stop solution for your nylon machined project. We have the technical expertise to create parts with different geometry, as well as different finishes processes. Meanwhile, we are able to offer assembly services for an assembly product.

We believe we can be your reliable Nylon plastic machining partner, feel free to talk to us.

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Related Machining  Capabilities For Nylon Parts

Custom nylon fastener machining
Customized nylon roller part
Precision Nylon sprocket part

Nylon fasteners offer excellent insulation in electrical applications. In RapidDone, we have a strong plastic machining and fabrication capability, are able to make all kinds of nylon fastener parts per your requirement.

 Nylon roller parts are used for higher loads in low RPM applications. RapidDone is the correct machining manufacturer for nylon roller creation. Over the years, we have created thousands of Nylon roller projects for our customers.

RapidDone has precise in-house lathe machines and milling machines, be able to make precision nylon sprocket machining at a reasonable price. Nylon sprocket parts are available in various sizes and different colors.

Nylon Material Introduction

Nylon is a synthetic thermoplastic linear polyamide. It has excellent properties including good mechanical properties, great abrasion resistance, and a low friction coefficient.
There is also an FDA-compliant and USDA-approved grade of nylon, it is resistant to chemicals and hydrocarbons.

Nylon can be mixed with various substances to achieve different variations of nylon, the most popular grades are nylon 6 and nylon 6/6.

When it comes to the CNC machining industry, nylon sheets, rods, and tubes are the most commonly used raw materials.

machining nylon 66

Applications Of Nylon Machined Parts

Nylon machined parts have several advantages, they are high strength-to-weight ratio, producing less operating noise, good machinability.
Due to these advantages, the parts are wildly used in a lot of applications. Let us take a look at the typical applications.

√ Bearings and Bushings
√ Toothbrushes
√ Engine components
√ Rollers and wheels
√ Seals and gaskets
√ Wear plates, pads components
√ Gear components
√ Fastener including screws, nuts, and bolts
√ Commercial and industrial food and beverage industry
√ Plastic injection molding parts

The Machining Processes For Nylon Parts

Nylon is an ideal engineering plastic material when it comes to CNC machining manufacturing.

At RapidDone, we can take more than 10 machining processes to create different nylon parts.
Among them, CNC turning and CNC milling are the two most common methods.

√ Sawing
√ Drilling
√ Threading
√ Reaming
√ Polishing
√ Cutting
√ Welding
√ Stamping

Finishes For Nylon Parts

Same as other plastic machined parts,  we can have different finishes for the nylon parts.

The typical types are as-machined, painting, silkscreen, and polish.

The Recommended Machining Tips For Nylon Material

To have a better cutting, there are quite several machining tips.

√ Handle Well For The Nylon Workpiece

Nylon is a plastic material, it is not as rigid as a metal material. Therefore, we need to be careful with the clamping force.
If the clamping force is too high, it might cause mark issues or defamation issues for worse cases.
However, if the clamping force is not enough, it might bring in a vibration issue resulting in a low-quality surface.

√ Use Annealing To A More Precise Cutting

The annealing process is good for eliminating the long strings and wrap-up, it helps get a better cutting with higher precision.

√ Decrease The Cutting Heat

A higher cutting heat can cause a deformation issue.

Try to choose a low spindle speed and a high possible speed for nylon cutting.
This can help to get thick swarf and decrease the cutting heat, avoiding the deformation issue.

Work With Us For Your Next Customized Nylon Project

RapidDone is one of the best complete plastic CNC machining services providers in China. Nylon is one of our commonly used materials for us, our machined materials cover nylon sheets, rods, pipes, plates, and more.

We use the latest technologies for all kinds of custom requirements from customers. We are the expert in the industry, we can help with the nylon design from scratch to finished product to suit your needs.

We can follow the highest quality standards for your products. Our goal is to ensure you get the most durable nylon product possible at high quality without exceeding your cost budget.

In a word, we know about nylon manufacturing well. If you have a related project on hand, send us an inquiry, we will respond with a perfect product for you.

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