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Custom CNC Milling Services

Rapiddone is a reliable custom milling supplier in China. We have a lot of advanced milling machines including 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC machining centers, this wide capacity enables us to serve all your manufacturing needs at a quick turn-around.

Thanks to our strong customized manufacturing capability, we have done thousands of milling manufacturing projects successfully for our customers up to today, covering a full range of applications. Send a drawing to us today and we will get back a high-quality CNC part to you!

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Our Outstanding Custom Milling Capability

We are a fully dedicated CNC milling company that produces high-quality customized milling parts for your different applications. Over the years, RapidDone has experienced skills and offers professional services with so many types of materials and features.

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Plastic Milling Services
CNC Part Polishing

The milling process is more accurate than 3D printing and more cost-competitive than injection molding, it is ideal for rapid prototyping and low-volume production. Up to now, we have built thousands of plastic milling projects.

With our precision milling machines, we can manufacture a lot of metal materials, including aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium, and more. Among them, aluminum is the most popular milling material, custom aluminum machining is one of our key services.

We have a polishing department with more than ten experienced workers. With our polishing service, we can work on the mill part polish process inside our factory, this enables us to support our customers with a fast turn-around.

Advantages Of Our CNC Milling Services

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1. High Precision

With our high-precision in-house CNC milling machines, we can build precision milled parts depending on customer specifications.

2. Fast Turn-around

Using our new CNC machines, we can produce precision parts for our customers in as fast as three days.

3. Cost-Efficient

We are a one-stop milling shop with good cost control. So far, we are one of the most cost-competitive suppliers in China.

4. More Advantages

To discover the more general advantages, see our CNC machining services page and CNC turning services page.

    Get Our Customized Milling Parts to Delight Your Customers

    Aluminum milling part
    CNC Milling House part
    CNC Milling Plastic Part
    Polycabonate Milling Part

    Aluminum milling part

    CNC Milled House part

    CNC Milling Plastic Part

    Polycabonate Milled Part

    Why Trust Our CNC Milling Services?

    RapidDone has been in the CNC machining industry for more than 10 years. With over 30 sets of high-precision CNC mill machines including some 5 axis CNC machines, we have a very powerful customized manufacturing capability in the industry. Our 5 axis CNC machining services can help you with complex parts. We believe we are now one of the best trusted and leading CNC machining manufacturers and suppliers in China.

    With our experienced production team and service team, we can offer a wild range of precision mill parts in different sizes and different colors. We can also deliver custom milled parts made from a wide range of materials, including aluminum, polycarbonate, ABS, stainless steel, and more.

    Aluminum is an important material for the CNC machining industry. We have a very strong understanding of CNC milling aluminum. With this material, we worked on a lot of precision parts including aluminum auto parts, medical parts, aluminum wheels, and more.

    Meanwhile, we offer flexible support to our customers. We support a full solution whether you need a single rapid prototype part or low-volume production order. We treat every single order to be the same important and fulfill all your special manufacturing requirements.

    RapidDone can supply an extensive range of milling parts with the highest quality. By following our ISO9001 quality system, our expert team and advanced facility production enable us to produce a large variety of per your quality requirement.

    If you are interested in the RapidDone CNC mill parts, please feel free to contact us. We will be in touch with you shortly for any questions from you.

    The CNC Milling Process Definition

    CNC milling refers to a manufacturing process that is guided by the CAD design file and G-code, it drives the CNC milling machine to remove away unwanted material from a solid piece of block material.

    The CNC milling machines come in a variety of sizes and different axis configurations including 3-, 4-, 5-Axis machines.

    The Milling Materials That You Can Choose Here

    The CNC milling process allows to machine a wide range of materials, covering from soft types to high hardness types.

    At RapidDone, the most common types include aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, copper, ABS, polycarbonate, acrylic, PEEK, wood, form.

    What milling materials should you choose for your application

    The Most Common CNC Milling Operations

    CNC milling can be used to create tons of customized parts due to the versatility of milling operations.

    At RapidDone, the most common CNC milling operations include the below five types.

    1. Surface Milling

    In this operation, the workpiece surface is mounted to the milling machine table, while the milling cutter is mounted on the milling machine arbor that parallels to the milled surface. Generally, it is proper to be used to mill flat surfaces.

    2. Face Milling

    In this milling operation, the cutting tool’s axis of rotation is parallel to the cutting surface of the workpiece. This is ideal to be used to machine flat surfaces, it is easier to create a higher surface quality.

    3. Side Milling

    This way refers to a cutting operation that uses a side-milling cutter to remove material at the side surface of a workpiece.

    4. Angle Milling

    Angle milling, as the name suggests, refers to an operation that the cutting tool cuts at an angle relative to the surface of the milled surface. Therefore, it can produce complicated milled parts that have a lot of angle features.

    5. Form Milling

    This operation is ideal to mill irregular surfaces and features that have special contours composed of curves and straight lines. It is wildly used in intricate parts with complex convex or concave surface features.

    What are the most common CNC milling operations

    The Milling Cutters Used In The CNC Milling Project

    To finish a milled part, it will need several different milling operations. As for each operation, it asks for a different cutter. Therefore, a lot of different milling cutter is required for a milling project.

    At RapidDone, the most typical types include below:

    • Plain Milling Cutter
    • Side Milling Cutter
    • End Mill Cutters including plain end mill, chamfer end mill, ball end mill, rounding end mill
    • Dovetail Cutter
    • Metal Slitting Saw Cutters
    • Side-and-face Cutter
    • T-Slot Cutters
    • Form Milling Cutters
    • Fly Cutters
    • Hollow Mill cutters
    • Inserted Tooth Milling Cutters

    What are the milling cutters used in the CNC Milling project

    The Tips For Customized CNC Milling

    There are several simple rules for CNC milling.  If we follow these unique tips, it can help for a higher machining efficiency as well as a cost-saving.

    1. Make The Design To Be As Simple As Possible

    First, we should keep the internal fillets as large as possible. By doing this, it allows us to use a bigger diameter tool to remove material at a higher speed, this can decreases machining time accordingly.

    Secondly, keep the height of machined features less than 4X their width. With the help of this tip, it can kill the vibrating problem during machining and get a tighter tolerance for the part.

    Thirdly, take care of the tapped hole. A thru-hole is always preferred to a blind hole because the thru-hole allows the chips from cutting the threads to be evacuated. At the same time, remember not to tap a hole deeper than 3x the diameter.

    Next, try to avoid complex 3D surfaces and undercut features unless necessary. These are generally difficult and slow for CNC milling. In another word, it increases machining time and cost badly.

    Lastly, we should try to avoid raised text and letters. The reason is that raised text requires machining out all the surrounding material, this takes more machining time than engraved text.

    2. Minimize The Setups

    Try to minimize the number of machine orientations during milling machining, it is best if we can keep only one setup. That being said, the less setup, the better for part accuracy and cost-saving.

    3. Consider The Material Cost

    The material takes a big part of the whole part cost. For cost down, it is ideal to choose a cheaper material such as aluminum or plastic if possible.

    4. Consider The Cost Of Milling Tolerance

    You need to know that a lower tolerance comes at a lower cost. Thus, we should try to use a bigger tolerance once it meets the functionality.

    5. Make The Best Selection For Milling Machine

    Normally, a 5-axis milling machine will cost more than a 3-axis machine, we always suggest to use a less expensive CNC machine to finish the work.

    6. Choose Correct Finishing

    The finishing is the last step for the milling part. Some finish processes are expensive, some are cheap.

    For example,  silkscreen finishing asks for a silkscreen tool which means more cost, so try to avoid that if possible.

    What are tips for Customized CNC Milling

    Get Your Customized Milling Projects Started Today

    As a reliable prototype manufacturing company, RapidDone has such a strong customized manufacturing capability. Our team always be ready to work on your milling project, no matter how complicated it is. RapidDone is trained well with a broad range of manufacturing experience that knows how to make customized parts for you. We can also send you a manufacturing design report along with the quotation sheet if need. Talk to us today for your free quotation.

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