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CNC Machining Carbon Fiber

With over a decade of manufacturing expertise in CNC machining carbon fiber, RapidDone stands out as the leading expert in China for this specialized field. Leveraging our robust manufacturing capabilities, we deliver premium carbon fiber parts that meet high-quality standards at competitive prices.

At RapidDone, we efficiently handle prototyping, low-volume, and large-volume production, working closely with you to fulfill precisely customized requirements.

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Our Exceptional Manufacturing Capability

RapidDone boasts a range of CNC machines, featuring 3-axes, 4-axes, and 5-axes capabilities. Our expertise in working with carbon fiber material allows us to implement adaptive machining strategies effectively. This proficiency empowers our team to adeptly manage a variety of shapes when crafting carbon fiber parts, offering best services to our customers.

Carbon Fiber Tube Manufacturing

Carbon Fiber Tube Manufacturing

Utilizing different CNC turning machines, we excel in machining various shapes and sizes of carbon fiber tubes, including round and rectangular shapes with diameters up to 300mm.

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Carbon Fiber Sheet Manufacturing

Carbon Fiber Sheet Manufacturing

Equipped with milling machines, we handle the machining of a wide variety of carbon fiber sheet materials, capable of processing sheet lengths up to 1.5 meters.

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Carbon Fiber CNC Cutting

CNC Cutting

Our abrasive CNC cutting process employs various cutter types and shapes with diamond coatings, ensuring cost-effective precision. Waterjet cutting is also available for specific requirements.

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Carbon Fiber CNC Turning

CNC Turning

RapidDone utilizes typical CNC turn machines to create round-shaped carbon fiber parts with diameters up to 300mm. Our in-house turn mill machines enable the production of complex turned parts with milling features.

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Carbon Fiber CNC Milling

CNC Milling

With 3-axes, 4-axes, and 5-axes CNC machines, our engineering team selects the optimal processes to create milled parts. Our 5-axis CNC machining capability ensures the creation of intricate features with higher tolerances.

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Carbon Fiber CNC Drilling

CNC Drilling

We handled a lot of drilling projects. Our production team excels in CNC drilling on carbon fiber material, ensuring smooth drilling surfaces while avoiding the risk of delamination during high-speed operations.

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Carbon Fiber CNC Grinding

CNC Grinding

We have strong CNC grinding capability, we can offer CNC grinding for features such as flat or round surfaces, achieving a higher Ra surface efficiently.

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Carbon Fiber Hand Polish

Hand Polish

Complementing CNC grinding, our experienced team provides hand polishing services to enhance surface quality, leaving carbon fiber surfaces with a mirror-like gloss.

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Gallery Of Our Carbon Fiber CNC Machined Parts

Up to now, we have built up to 100+ machined projects with carbon fiber material of different shapes, customers are happy with them. They are widely used in medical devices, machinery, aerospace, automotive,  robotics, and many more.

Car carbon fiber milled part
Carbon Fiber Bracket
Helicotor carbon fiber Milled parts
Carbon Fiber Panel

Materials Options

At RapidDone, we work with a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses for both sheet and tube carbon fiber materials, offering options like plain weave and twill weave surface finishes, matte and gloss surface finishes, and colored choices.

Finishing Capabilities

Enhance your final product with our finishing services, including silk screening, painting, clear coating, inserts, and polishing.

The Advantages and Applications

Carbon fiber parts have a high strength-to-weight Ratio, as well as stiffness and rigidity, this makes carbon fiber an attractive choice for different applications, including aerospace, automotive, marine, sports, and industrial components.

CNC Machining Carbon Fiber FAQs

1. What Is The Typical Tolerance For Our CNC Machined Carbon Fiber Part?

The tolerance can vary, but we can achieve tight tolerances, up to 0.05mm for a small-size feature such as holes, following the ISO2768-M standard.

2. Is CNC Machining Suitable For Carbon Fiber?

Yes, CNC machining is suitable for this material; besides, it works best for complicated shapes as well as rapid prototyping and low-volume quantity requirements.

3. What Are The Challenges Of Machining Complex Shapes In Carbon Fiber?

Challenges include the material’s anisotropic nature, requiring careful toolpath planning and adaptive machining strategies. Manufacturing experience is also important, it is better to talk to an expert like the RapidDone team.

Work with us for your Next Carbon Fiber Projects

Work with an experienced CNC machining supplier for your upcoming carbon fiber projects. With RapidDone’s services in CNC machining carbon fiber, we bring precision and quality to every project. Our advanced 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC machines ensure the successful realization of your carbon fiber designs. Partner with us for excellence in craftsmanship and reliable delivery for your next project.

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