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CNC Drilling Service

CNC Drilling Services

At RapidDone, we provide a reliable CNC drilling service for customized machined parts. Thanks to our years of manufacturing experience, we can work on any CNC Drilling projects, no matter how complex it is.

If you have any requirment on that, contact us with your projects today, we can promise you the best possible product quality at an affordable rate.

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Our CNC Drilling Capability

With the cutting-edge machines on our shop floor, we can deliver outstanding drilling services based on defferent customization for your machined parts.

Small hole drilling

Small Hole CNC Drilling Services

At RapidDone, we have enough manufacturing expericence and proper tools that can Micro-drill holes as small as 0.5mm.

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Big hole drilling

Big Hole CNC Drilling Services

We have big machine as well as big tools for the big hole drilling. At RapidDone, we can create big hole as large as 70mm.

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Precision hole drilling

Precision hole CNC Drilling Services

We can handle well for high precise hole features. At our factory, we can create accurate holes with tolerances at +/-0.01 mm depending on the customer’s requirements.

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What is CNC Drilling

Drilling is a machining process that involves creating a round hole in a solid material using a rotating cutting tool called a drill bit. CNC Drilling takes this to another level by integrating computer control with the drilling machine.

So, CNC drilling involves creating precise round holes in a solid material with the aid of a computer-controlled cutting tool.

Drilling Materials

At RapidDone, we can handle drilling process for most of the engineering materials, some examples of materials include:

  • Metals – Stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper, Cast Iron.
  • Plastics – PMMA, ABS, Polycarbonate, Nylon
  • Ceramics
  • Glass, etc.

CNC Drilling Manufacturing Process

At RapidDone, there are several steps involved in creating a product using the CNC drilling process. These steps include.

√ Converting the Model into G-Code

G-Code is a special type of programming language that the machine understands. It provides instructions to the machine, telling it where to cut and drill the necessary holes.

Special software called a slicer converts the 3D model into these instructions. The G-Code is then loaded directly into the machine to control the drilling process.

√ Preparing the Machine

Before CNC machining operation can start, the machine has to be set up correctly. First, the machinist has to load the G-code on the machine.

Next, the workpiece must be clamped firmly on the machine to ensure it doesn’t move during drilling. Finally, the machinist must select the appropriate drill bit for the job.

√ Hole Drilling

Once the machine is set up, the Drilling operation commences. The CNC machine controls the drill bit as it cuts the holes to the appropriate depths and diameters.

√ Quality Control

After the machine is done drilling the workpiece and has been finished and deburred properly, our engineers check the product for defects like holes out of tolerance, poor surfaces, etc.

The Manufacturing Tips

Driiling Tips
To get high-quality CNC drilling, we usually follow some tips based on our manufacturing experience.

  • Use suitable coolants to extend the tool life and produce a good finish.
  • Use the shortest possible drill bit for the hole to prevent vibration, deflection, and chatter.
  • Use drill bits chip-breaking edges for better chip removal and coolant flow to the drill’s head.
  • Start with a smaller hole and step up the size for the best tolerance. For example, start a 20mm hole with a 10mm bit and enlarge it with a 20mm bit.
  • Finish the hole with a low feed rate for the best hole quality.

Common Applications

CNC Drilling has applications in almost any field in the industry. It is used in various operations, including creating holes for fasteners, chamfering, reaming, threading, countersinking, etc.
All these are important processes in the fabrication of parts in the industry.

  • Drilling holes for fasteners like screws in metal and wood fabrication.
  • Creating parts like engine blocks and gear hubs for the automobile industry.
  • Creating patterns with circular profiles on plastic parts.

Advantages of CNC Drilling 

CNC drilling is an upgrade over conventional methods of creating holes in parts.

√ Speed

This is perfect for mass-producing high-quality products at a reduced cost. Since the entire process is automated, it doesn’t need a human machinist at the controls directing the drilling operation.

√ Precision and Accuracy

The precision and accuracy offered by computer-controlled machines are unrivaled. For example, using CNC Drilling, you can create holes in parts precisely as specified in the manufacturing plans without any error or deviation.

√ Reproducibility

Product variation is a quality defect that can inflate manufacturing costs and waste resources. With CNC Drilling, product defects are no longer a problem on the production line.

Thanks to the precise computer control, variations between different product batches are eliminated. So, you can be sure you are getting the best quality possible, no matter the batch.

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