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Your Best CNC Aluminum machining Services

RapidDone, as a professional CNC machining manufacturer, offers high standard aluminum CNC machining services, covering a lot of industries such as aerospace, medical, automotive, and more.

Our latest manufacturing processes include cutting, milling, engraving, routing. It enables us to customize your aluminum machined parts efficiently and economically, providing you with high-quality prototype parts and products that will meet your exact specifications and perform well in your application.

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Our Outstanding CNC Aluminum Machining Capability

RapidDone has wide-expertise in manufacturing custom aluminum machined parts. As a top on-demand parts supplier in China, we are your ideal provider of outstanding CNC manufacturing services to delight your customers.

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We have a strong ability for aluminum cutting including plasma cutting, laser cutting , and turning cutting. The machined aluminum sheet can be up to 50mm.

RapidDone offers high-end aluminum engraving capability. We can accurately and efficiently engrave all kinds of aluminum material per your drawing.

We have full capabilities for aluminum milling. Our in-house 5-axis CNC machines can support a high-precision machined part for you.

Why aluminum CNC machining services at RapidDone?

As one of the leading machining suppliers in China, we build a well-train team including an experienced engineer team, a sales team over ten years. With their rich skills and professional services, we expand our business all the way and meet the increasing demand of the CNC machining industry.

With more than 30+ inhouse aluminum CNC machines including some 5-axis precision CNC machines, we are capable of making all kinds of manufacturing processes to meet the needs of our clients per their requirements.

With the support of our design team, we have a very strong custom capability to meet our customer’s preferences. In the last ten years, we have manufactured thousands of aluminum machined components and parts, including aluminum handle, housing, medical bracket, and more. Some of them are with very complex shapes, which can be manufactured with our 5-axis precision machining services easily.

As an on-demand factory, we can support aluminum prototype machining and support single part order business. The prototype machined part can be finished as fast as three days with all kinds of quality surface requirements including polish, painting, anodizing, and more.

We offer a full range of raw materials from standard grade alloys like 5052 to high-quality grades like 7075, we can deal with every machining project from clients.

In short, we are the aluminum milling expert for your rapid prototyping or volume products. If you need manufacturing help with your own custom aluminum manufacturing project, feel free to contact us today.

Of course, you can also talk to us if you have a metal CNC machining project or stainless steel CNC machining project, and more.

Why aluminum for CNC machining?

CNC machining is the most popular manufacturing process. It is compatible with a wide range of materials including almost all the metal materials and plastic materials. Among them, aluminum is the most wildly used material due to several advantages below.

Firstly, it has very good machinability properties, which means the material is more easily removed by the cutting tool. Because of this, it can be machined at a much higher cutting efficiency which also means a lower machining time.

Secondly, aluminum is a big family that has many alloys. Those different alloys have distinct and unique properties, so they are suited to a number of machining applications across all industries, covering automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, and more.

Thirdly, this material can be anodized easily. This oxidized outer layer is resistant to corrosion, which is ideal for a lot of applications.

Lastly, the price is relatively affordable compared to other metal materials like stainless steel, copper, titanium.

Why Aluminum For CNC Machining

What are the common machines for aluminum machining?

Depends on different applications, there are different types of CNC machines that are used for aluminum machining.

It mainly includes aluminum CNC milling machine, CNC cutting machine, and CNC turning machine.

Besides, the desktop aluminum CNC machine is also popular which includes 3018 CNC aluminum, CNC 3020 aluminum, and 3040 CNC aluminum machines.

What are the main CNC machining processes for aluminum material?

CNC tool cutting and plasma cutting

Plasma Cutting is wildly used to cut the aluminum material into size, especially for the big size aluminum sheet and aluminum tube.

Aluminum CNC milling

Milling is the most important process for aluminum machining, it is ideal to be used to create a complex aluminum part with all kinds of materials including aluminum sheet, aluminum plate.

CNC turning machining

Turning machining is best suited to cut circular aluminum workpiece such as an aluminum pipe. This is one of the highest efficient ways to manufacture round shape parts.

What Are The Main CNC Machining Processes For Aluminum Material

What are the common Aluminum Alloys for CNC machining?

It refers to a pure aluminum mixed with other elements such as iron, magnesium, copper, and more. Due to different mixture and composition, it turns into a lot of different grades. However, there are mainly five types that are widely used for CNC machining.

Aluminum 2024

It is a copper-alloyed material and the major alloying element is copper.

It had an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, high strength, good fatigue resistance. The disadvantages, on the other hand, are with terrible corrosion resistance and poor weldability capability.

This material is suitable to be used in aerospace, automotive, transportation applications which need a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Aluminum 3003

It is a manganese-alloyed material and the major alloying element is manganese.

This type of material is ideal to be used in household goods like cooking equipment, chemical equipment, tanks, and more.

Aluminum 5052

Aluminum 5052 alloy contains several alloying elements including magnesium, chromium, and others.

It has good resistance to corrosion and stands well for saltwater. Also, it is a perfect material for sheet metal fabrication including cutting, bending, stamping.

Thus, it is well suited for Marine, aircraft, oil, and gas industries.

Aluminum 6061

This alloy mainly contains two alloying elements including magnesium and silicon.

The material has the best mechanical properties and good weldability. It also has cool anodization which makes it be the best material option for extrusion application.

Aluminum 6061 is the most common material for CNC machining for both rapid prototype and volume production.

Aluminum 7075

It is a zinc-alloyed material and the major alloying element is zinc.

This alloy has a very high tensile strength at 83,000 psi, so it is wildly used for highly stressed structural applications.

But it is not so good in corrosion resistance and not weldable. Cost is also higher than other alloys.

At RapidDone, you can find that we can create parts with all the above aluminum alloys.

Moreover, if you have a manufacturing project that asks for different types of material beyond above, we believe that we can also help, just send the inquiry to our team.

What are the key advantages of CNC Aluminum Machining?

Good Machinability

Aluminum is a light material with low density, this makes it easy to be cut to shape by the CNC machine tools with CNC machining way.

This good machinability leads to several consequences and benefits below.

Firstly, fast-cut means higher machining efficiency. Therefore, it reduces machining time and costs greatly.

Secondly, good machinability helps to manufacture a better surface finish and get tighter tolerance for machined parts.

Lastly, it had a low requirement for machine capability. Therefore, it turns easier to get high-quality parts, this also leads to cost-saving eventually.

In a word, it is one of the most cost-saving materials for CNC machining designers and end-users.

High strength-to-weight ratio

Aluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio, this makes it to keep lightweight as well as high strength. With this property, it turns to be the perfect material for transportation applications including automobiles, airplanes, railways industries.

What are applications for aluminum CNC machining?

When we talk about the aluminum CNC machining process, most people may think the machined workpiece material only refers to a piece of aluminum sheet or an aluminum solid block.

However, CNC machining can also be used to modify other aluminum parts such as extrusion parts, die casting parts, forging parts, which come from other machining progress.

With the help of CNC machining, it can complement the defect of extrusion, casting, and forging processes and make better parts, saving the cost at the end.

CNC machining for aluminum extrusion part

Aluminum extrusion refers to a process that injects aluminum through a shaped opening in a die and gets an elongated component with a continuous profile.

CNC machining can be used to mill the aluminum extrusion part by creating a lot of post-machined features such as cutting, hole, thread, and other irregular geometries.

CNC machining for aluminum die casting part

The aluminum dies casting part comes from a manufacturing process in which molten aluminum is injected into a mold cavity with high pressure.

In this application, the dies casting part can be treated as a workpiece and be manufactured into a more complex shape with a tighter tolerance.

CNC machining for aluminum forging part

The aluminum forging part is similar to the die casting part.

The forging parts can be post-machined with a CNC machining center and create additional features that the forge progress can not make or hard to make.

What Are Applications For Aluminum CNC Machining

What are the common CNC machined aluminum components and parts?

As a popular material for the CNC machining process, aluminum is the first selection for many metal parts and components.

Below are a few of the main aluminum parts that come from the CNC machining method.

• Auto Parts
• Aircraft Parts
• Electronic Enclosures
• Structural components
• Transportation industry parts
• Medical Devices
• Engine Parts
• Moldings

How to avoid deformation problems in aluminum CNC machining?

Compare with other high-density metal, aluminum have a lower hardness and high thermal expansion character. This might lead to a deform problem for the workpiece during the machining progress. However, it can be easily fixed by taking the below steps.

Secondly, it is essential to avoid the extreme concentration of machining work in one location. By doing this, we can avoid overheating in one location of the machined part and reduce the rate of thermal deformation.

Lastly, try to use a stratified multiple machining method. In this way, it removes the material layer by layer from the part instead of removing material out at one time. By doing this, the force and heat will be more uniform for the workpiece and helps for deformation.

What aluminum milling tips do you recommend?

Aluminum is a soft and ductile metal material with high thermal conductivity.

This leads to two limitations. One is that it can be cut easily off with long chips. The other limitation, on the other hand, it is susceptible to heat build-up.

To make smooth milling, below milling tips are recommended for your machining project.

Tip1: Use the right cutting tool such as a carbide cutting tool with fewer flutes when handling the long unbroken aluminum chips.

Tip2: Set proper coolant flow, this helps to move the heat away quickly.

What Aluminum Milling Tips Do You Recommend

What are the Tips for machining aluminum using CNC router?

We all know that the CNC router is able to cut plastic and wood material well. Can the CNC router also cut aluminum that is harder than wood and plastic? The answer is yes.

In fact, if you use the correct machining tips, you can run very successful machining with a more productive result. Here are the important tips for a successful CNC Router Aluminum Cutting.

Tip1: Run a precise feed rate

For aluminum machining, you have tighter windows than other materials for the feeds and speeds, it easily hits the limits of your machine’s capabilities. Therefore, it is suggested to use speeds and feeds calculator online to figure out the right numbers for the feeds and speeds.

Tip2: Take a diameter cutter for aluminum cutting

By using a smaller diameter cutter, you can bump up the RPMs while cutting aluminum. As you are going for smaller diameters, you need rigid cutters that help you to avoid tool deflection issues.

Tip3: Get a fewer cutter for machining

A router machine creates large chips easily when machining aluminum, which can cause your machine to jam. To get better control of this, it is suggested to use a tool with fewer flutes less than three flutes.

Tip4: Use carbide endmills for cutting

Compared with HSS cutters and Cobalt cutters, Carbide cutters can go much faster, it can easier to bump up the recommended RPMs that you need for routing aluminum.

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