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RapidDone is a well well-known factory in the plastic machining industry, we have been providing CNC ABS services for Years. We can use professional manufacturing capability to ensure you get the durable product you expect.

We know well for the CNC machining process, we offer the reliable plastic product at an affordable price. You can send us your design drawing, we will give you the best quality ABS products that you deserve.

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Our Related CNC Machining Capability For ABS Material

ABS CNC Milling services
ABS CNC Turing services
Customized ABS CNC services

In RapidDone, we hold strong ABS milling capability, we can offer a wide variety of ABS milled parts that surely meet your requirements. If you look for quality ABS milled parts for your business, RapidDone of course can be one of your best options for your needs.

RapidDone is one of the most excellent providers of quality ABS CNC turning services from China. We can manufacture precision plastic parts to suit your needs with friendly-budget prices. Besides, we guaranteed our ABS plastic parts are 100% of good quality.

We have an experienced engineer team for customized cutting manufacturing. If you have a special requirement for ABS customized cutting services, we can do it for you here. In RapidDone, we can advise the best cutting operation for cost-saving.

Why RapidDone CNC ABS?

RapidDone is a trusted CNC machining manufacturer from China. We tend to offer you a one-stop ABS machining solution to meet your exact demand.

We are professionals in both OEM and ODM ABS products. We can work well for OEM by following your drawings. At the same time, our experienced manufacturing engineer can check into your design details with customers, making sure a successful ODM project.

We can offer a complete surface finishing surface for the plastic material. We can manage well for painting, silkscreen, polishing for the machined part.

As a top on-demand part provider, we offer a rapid ABS prototyping service that accepts 1pcs orders. When it comes to a volume order, we can also handle it well, promising a high quality as well as a cost-competitive price.

In a word, RapidDone is the right plastic CNC machining company you should choose. If you have an ABS plastic project, talk to us. We are glad to check into the detail, then get back to you quickly with our professional services.

ABS Introduction

ABS, known as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene for its full name, is an amorphous polymer and a common thermoplastic.

ABS has excellent engineering properties, these properties are high impact resistance, good heat resistance, high tensile strength, good machinability, and excellent impact strength.
Besides, ABS is a very cheap engineering material.

Due to this, ABS is also called “the kind of plastic”, it is popularly used with the machining process in the manufacturing industry.

The Finishes For CNC ABS Machined Parts 

There are a lot of finishes for an ABS machined part, as milled, polish, painting are the three common types.

1. As milled 

“As milled” is an initial surface finishing coming out after the machining process.
Therefore, this is a low-cost finishing. But it is regularly matte, it is only good for non-cosmetic surfaces. 

2. Polish Finishing

Polish process can improve the “as machined” surfaces to be flatter and shinier.
This is a very necessary step to get a good cosmetic ABS part.

3. Painting Finishing

Painting is another important process that improves the cosmetic for ABS machined parts.
It can offer different colors and different textures for your cosmetic surfaces.

Typical CNC Machining Processes For ABS

The rigid plastic is good for the CNC machining process.
ABS is a typical rigid plastic material, it can be created with the below machining processes. 

√ CNC Milling
√ CNC Turning
√ CNC Sawing and Cutting
CNC Multiple Axis Machining such as 5-axis CNC machining


ABS is good for rapid prototyping or low-volume manufacturing by using the CNC machining process.
The machined parts are wildly used in different applications for the whole manufacturing industry.

• Car parts like Seatbacks, seat belt components, handles
• Wheel covers
• Enclosures
• Instrument panels
Electrical & Electronics field
• Household goods
• Consumer goods

Recommended Machining Tips For ABS 

√ Avoid Distortion 

CNC machining process can easily generate huge heat with a high cutting speed and feed depth. As ABS material has a lower melted point, the overheat may cause a distortion problem for ABS workpiece easily.
It is important to control well for the cutting speed and feed depth, avoiding overheat issues. Besides, the thin wall is hard to stand distortion issue, we suggest a minimum wall-thickness at 2mm.

√ Cost-saving Tips

The first tip, make sure the cutting tool is as sharp as possible, this can result in higher cutting efficiency.

The other cost-saving tips are limiting the number of part setups, using looser tolerances, and having fewer secondary operations, all these can lead to less machining time.

FAQ For ABS CNC Machining

What Are the Advantages Compared with 3D Printing ABS?

Compared with 3D printing, ABS CNC machining mainly has several benefits as below:

√ Cost  

CNC machining has good production repeatability. When it comes to low-volume production with a higher quantity, it is more cost-effective than the 3D printing process.

√ Quality And Precision

CNC machining is a high-precision process, it can produce ABS machined parts with a higher tolerance than 3D printing parts.

√ Production Lead Time

CNC machines can work at a very fast speed, you can get your ABS parts machined faster than the 3D printing method.

Is ABS Machinable?


ABS has excellent machinability, it can be created into different shapes with different machining processes, those processes can be cutting, milling, drilling, welding, and more. 

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