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As one of the top cigar tubes manufacturers in China, our mission is to foster a great way to carry your cigar with you using excellent and impressive tube manufacturing options. With many years of manufacturing experience for the tubes, we offer you an one-stop solution of different styles of cigar tubes. Our parts include plastic tube, metal cigar tube, cigar tube holders, cigar tubes with caps, long cigar tubes, and more that offer you super protection for your cigars.

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Our Related Cigar Tube Products to Expand your Business

RapidDone features highly skilled professionals with many years of experience to manifest your desires into reality. Our products cover different materials, different sizes, and different finishings.

Plastic Cigar Tube

Plastic Cigar Tube

If you look for a low-cost option, our plastic Cigar Tube is the best choice. Our plastic products are normally from injected molding or CNC machining processes, depending on different quantities. The most typical material is ABS, PC, Acrylic. We can offer quantities from prototyping to mass production options.

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Stainless Steel Cigar Tube

Stainless Steel Cigar Tube

RapidDone offers you an excellently crafted Stainless Steel Cigar Tube with the finest stainless steel material in high cosmetic. Depending on your requests, we can manufacture small and large quantities and Stainless Steel Cigar tubes that can take single or more cigars up to a ring gauge 54 and up to 6.8″ long.

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Aluminum Cigar Tubes

Aluminum Cigar Tubes

We offer you a one-stop solution for all your small and large Aluminum Cigar Tubes manufacturing. With our products, you are assured of high grades and luxury cigar tubes with high-quality materials. We boast of manufacturing Aluminum Tubes with precision machining processes with unique outcomes and appearances that beat your competitors out there.

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Cigar Tubes With Caps

Cigar Tubes with Caps

At RapidDone, our Cigar Tube With Caps offers you everything you need in one tool on the go. We have the capabilities to produce them in various materials with airtight caps to keep your cigars fresh and ready to smoke. Additionally, we offer you durable, compact, and high-quality Cigar Tube With Caps that can stand the test of time irrespective of the environment of usage. The cap on this tube is designed to ensure an airtight seal to absolutely avoid no escape of smell from the cigar tube.

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Long Cigar Tube

Long Cigar Tube

This type of Cigar Tube is a quality Cigar Tubes that are great for larger ring gauge cigars and smaller ring gauge cigars. Based on our experience, we can manufacture quality Long one to feature different designs as per your request to suit your needs. Our Long product protects your cigars with premium high-grade finished materials for maximum crushproof durability.

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Our Manufacturing Capability

At RapidDone, we can offer you different manufacturing solutions for different cigar tubes irrespective of your size, shape, and quantities. With our excellent expertise in on-demand manufacturing, we can offer small-scale and large-scale manufacturing, including prototyping.

√ Customized Manufacturing

At RapidDone, we have strong customized manufacturing capability, we offer excellently crafted CNC machined custom cigar tubes of various sizes and designs according to your requests. Our customized parts are well made and easily customized using state-of-the-art precision equipment and a professional engineering team.

√ CNC Turning

By considering the shape, CNC turning is the perfect process for this type of tube product. As an expert CNC Turning manufacturer, we can take advantage of this process well. Therefore, our cigar tube comes in varieties of durable and excellently crafted materials with the ability to manufacture any quantity at a competitive price.

√ CNC Milling

At RapidDone, we can take our advanced CNC milling machines to create complicated features.  Our CNC milling cigar tube features an immense level of convenience with varieties of durable materials using our CNC milling equipment. Yes, the price can beat most of the competitors in the market without sacrificing quality.

√ Punching

With great expertise and state-of-the-art punching equipment, we offer you a cheap punched cigar tube. This punched part features unique and durable materials that can stand the test of time. With this, you’ll get cigar tubes designed to ensure an airtight seal, absolutely provide protection for your cigars, and avoid no escape of smell.

√ Printing

In addition to our stock of great offers, we also engage in the printing process using our state-of-the-art equipment to help you ensure that your product stands out over your competitors. The printing is done based on your designs or ours after acceptance on varieties of material, including plastic and metals.

√ Laser Cutting for Logo

We offer excellently crafted personalized Cigar Tubes using special laser cut equipment and techniques. We’ll help you ensure that your business logo and Instructables are beautifully engraved on your choice. We offer different options depending on your manufacturing desires.

Why Choose RapidDone

We are a world market manufacturing leader for premium Cigar Tube production using excellent durable materials to achieve a safe product.

At RapidDone, we offer you the largest portfolios in terms of diameters, lengths, shapes, and decoration options for your Cigar Tube manufacturing projects.

We also offer you in-house cap productions for optimal fit and a wide variety of materials for tightening cap inlay.

Meanwhile, you can get excellent services, quick reaction times from our service team, the highest quality standards, in-house pre-press and graphics, and in-house tool manufacturing.

When it comes to quality, we have excellent quality control equipment for tube manufacturing, processes such as raw material inspection, ongoing in-process quality checks, an inspection of finished parts, and outgoing quality control.

Finally, we are reliable partners with our clients’ affirmations that our flexibility is one of our biggest strengths, so what are you waiting for. Send in your quote today to partner with us.

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