As you have known, CNC machining is a basic industry and arguably the most significant manufacturing process. With the functionality, it drivers technological advancement across the world.

As a big manufacturing country, China turns into the world’s leading provider for CNC machining service. Based on a recent report, there are more than 3000 shops in Shenzhen city in China which is an incredible number. Therefore, more and more companies in the world are looking for machining services from China, so it is a hot subject for CNC machining.

RapidDone is one of the professional CNC machining manufacturer suppliers in China with more than 10 years of experience, so we know about this whole industry well. Today in this post, we will go over some of the top tips and tricks covering mainly in four aspects:
A) Acceptable quality
B) Affordable price
C) Reasonable lead time
D) Customer service

1. Choose the one who has good quality control ability

First, choose an older CNC machining company

Generally speaking, an older CNC machining company means more professional and be of more experience in the field. As they have done so many of various kinds of projects,  they normally have more chances to handle complicated CNC machining projects from material to finish. Milewhile, they shall know better how to handle quality issues and make quality CNC parts. Therefore, it is always good to choose a factory who has been in the precision machining industry for more than 5 years.

Next, check if they have a good quality control system.

A good CNC machining factory should have an independent quality department with a QA team for raw material checks and finished parts check. Inside this department, they need to have basic measuring and testing equipment which normally include CMM, projector, calipers, microcaliper, pin gauge, caliper gauge, etc. In conclusion, a qualified CNC machining manufacturer will do quality control from raw material inspection to final parts checking.

Thirdly, look into their CNC machining equipment list.

A good shop should have good machines such as CNC lathe, CNC milling machines, grinding machines, EDM machines, drilling machines, tapping machines. In addition, one most important thing is to check if they have a high tolerance 5-Axis CNC milling machine. Because 5-Axis CNC milling machine is a very expensive machine which is can produce complex and high tolerance parts.

Lastly, see if they have a strong engineering support team.

CNC machining is a complex work, it covers from material selection, production progress selection, and finishing handling. A strong engineering team can understand your design, help you to make design improvements. This can make it easier for manufacturing and helps to make costs down, thus, make higher quality parts at last. The tip here is that we can send the drawing to the engineer to ask for a DFM report before we move into production.

2. Choose the one who has an affordable price

You need to know Chinese suppliers categories first, there is normally have two types of vendors which are manufacturer and trader. Basically, the manufacturer has in-house product development capability, they will have a stronger engineering team and price is lower but MOQ is higher.

On the other hand, trader supplier is the ones that just buys-in and sells-out, their price for their parts might be higher, but their advantage includes wilder ranger of products, lower MOQ and more adjustable sales support like payment term. The tip here is that it is always good to work with a manufacturer supplier first rather than a trader supplier.

As for the normal procedure for CNC machining price selection, we can talk to more than three suppliers at the same time. Then we move out the ones with “untrusted” price figure ones, do the background check carefully and source out the best one at last. It becomes so easy to get a quotation for a CNC part in the word now that you can even get a quotation within 1 minute. For instant, you can get from an online quotation system like 3d-hubs or Xometry by submitting your drawings from the website.

Search with keywords is the best option if you want to find a CNC machining supplier in China quickly. We suggest you ignore the one with more than 3 years Gold Supplier. Next, we check out several good ones and send the RFQ at the same time, you normally will be able to get quotation feedback in 24 hours. Then start the comparison work and background checks work,  soon you will be able to get the proper one with affordable price. Keep this in mind, do not go to the cheapest one.

3. Choose the one who has a reasonable lead time

Today, product life is becoming shorter and shorter, so turn around time become more and more important too. Normally, there are prototyping build and mass production build. Prototyping is normally used for sample build which is very urgent, we counted them with days. As for volume production, we can accept a longer lead time, two to three weeks is a reasonable timetable.

But this is just a simple benchmark figure, the final lead time depends on the part complexity and especially tolerance. For example, our CNC machining service lead time for prototyping is about 5days and it is less than 3week for mass production.

Anyway, keep this in mind, if a supplier comes out with more than 6 weeks for mass production lead time, don’t go to them.

4. Choose the one who has good customer service

After-sale service is very important to accept to judge a good factory, especially for custom machining services. What you need to check if they have a good follow up after your order release, meanwhile, you need to check if they have a close follow up after they ship out the goods.

More importantly, once there is lead time or quality problem happen, we need to check out they should have a good handing procedure. For example, are they professional enough and fulfill your reasonable requirements? Check all these out for the first one or two orders when you start to work with a new CNC machining supplier in China, switch to a new one if the one performs badly.

good CNC milling supplier in china


CNC machining service is an OEM service, it involves a lot of custom work, which means it does need to get the energy to source a good one. A good machining supplier like RapidDone will be able to keep your money safe and keep your product safe.

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