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As a traditional CNC machined parts supplier, RapidDone has earned a reputation as one of the best billet compressor wheel manufacturers in China. At RapidDone, we use our powerful CNC machines to create customized parts with high efficiency.

As a result, if you choose RapidDone to build your billet compressor wheel projects, we will give you an impressive and cooperative manufacturing experience. We’ll also ensure you get every ounce of performance from the wheel’s design as envisioned by the design engineer.

So, send in your plans and specifications, and let RapidDone manufacture quality parts for you!

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Why Choose RapidDone for Billet Compressor Wheels

First, thanks to our advanced 5-axis machinery, it allows us to make complex shapes, as well as high Ra surface quality.

Also, we can work on all post-processing operations according to your requirement. This includes polishing, anodizing, and painting to complete your compressor wheel parts.

Based on our manufacturing experience in machining different wheel cases, we can choose the best solution for your project to keep less machining time, this makes sure we can beat our competitors on the price.

At last, we can run quality assurance processes, this help ensures that our finished products meet specification before shipment.

Billet Compressor Wheels Materials

We provide various metal and non-metal materials for creating compressor wheels. These materials include aluminum, cast iron, bronze, stainless steel, manganese, bronze, Monel, and Inconel. Among them, aluminum is the most popular one.

Some of the non-metallic materials we offer include PPS plastic, phenolic resin, etc.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, we can also source and machine various other materials to create the parts.

Manufacturing Progress

Manufacturing Progress
Typically, a billet compressor wheel normally has both CNC turning features and CNC milling features, therefore, there are both turning and milling processes involved in manufacturing.

√ CNC Turning

CNC Turning is the first process the metal billet goes through. This process removes as much material as possible to whittle the billet down to the optimal diameter for the compressor wheel.

The lathe machine also bores the hole for the wheel’s mount through the middle.

√ CNC 3-axis Milling

The 3-axis milling machine is the next stop after removing material with the CNC lathe. We use this machine to accurately machine the contours of the blade onto the cylindrical billet. In this process, we need to remove the material as much as we can for milling features.

√ CNC 5-axis Milling

The 5-axis milling machine is the last machining stop for the billet. This machine carefully and accurately cuts the compressor’s blade out of the billet, achieving a high-quality surface with good Ra.

The compressor’s blade is the most complicated feature of the wheel. So, we use the 5-axis machine to cut the blade from several angles to achieve the optimal cut.

Machining Tips on CNC Machined Compressor Wheels

Machining Tips
At RapidDone, we believe in both cost-effective manufacturing and quality for the customer, but not at the expense of quality.

Based on a lot of real projects at the factory, here are some manufacturing tips we use to balance both factors.

1. Increase Material Removal Efficiency by Choosing the Proper Machining Method

Using the proper machining method can save a lot of man-hours and reduce lead time and production costs. At RapidDone, we first use a CNC lathe for a cylindrical cut and to drill the bore.

Next, we rough machine the base and the blades using the 3-axis CNC machine. We use as few procedures and tool movements as possible in this process to remove the excess material.

Then, we have the finishing cut, which makes use of the 5-axis milling machine. Here, we cut out the features of the impellers cleanly and with impeccable precision to form the final part.

After this, the part’s surface finish is so good that it doesn’t need to undergo any other finishing process.

2. Choose the Milling Tool Properly

Using the right milling tool makes a big difference in the machining process. We use large-diameter ball nose cutters to remove as much material as possible during the roughing cuts.

We also use tapered and non-tapered circular milling cutters during the final cuts. These tools help produce a high-quality final surface using their sharp edges and long flutes for chip removal.

3. Control the Tool’s Cutting Depth

Proper control of the cutting depth is necessary to avoid cutting tool failure. The narrowest blade depth of the channel is much larger than the tool diameter.

Also, the distance between adjacent blades is very small. So, the small-diameter cutting tool is prone to breakage while cutting the impeller at an angle.

To avoid this, our engineers control the cutting depth precisely, thereby saving equipment costs.


1. What is a Billet Compressor Wheel?

A billet compressor wheel is simply a solid compressor wheel machined from a single metal block. This differs from other compressor wheels manufactured from metal alloys via casting.

Machining the wheel is a much more precise and accurate manufacturing method than casting. It gives the compressor wheel several advantages over its cast counterparts.

2. What Size of Compressor Wheels do we offer?

Thanks to our world-class shopfloor, RapidDone can create compressor wheels for a wide variety of turbomachinery.

We can machine compressor wheels with diameters as small as 20mm. We can also create wheels with diameters measuring up to 300mm for larger machinery.

3. Do you Have a Minimum Quantity Required for an Order?

No, RapidDone does not have a Minimum Order Quantity. We can cater to any order size from our customers, whether large or small, including one single prototyping.

In fact, we are more competitive on prototyping orders.

4. What are the Advantages of a Billet Compressor Wheel?

Compared with other manufacturing processes, say, die casting way. The CNC machining process is a more expensive way, but there are three advantages: higher efficiency and airflow, longer durability, and more production flexibility for order quantity requirements.

5. What are the Applications of Billet Compressor Wheels?

The superior performance and durability of billet compressor wheels make them a top choice for many applications. You can find them in high-performance racing vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles like buses.

Their strong structure enables them to resist fatigue failure better and operate at higher pressure and RPMs.

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RapidDone is a world-class on-demand part supplier in China. With our significant experience in CNC machining and state-of-the-art machinery with top-notch machinists and engineers, we can ensure our customers get the best quality possible.

So, when you look for a manufacturer from China for a Billet Compressor Wheel project, then contact us today.

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