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Automotive prototyping is changing the way the automobile industry approaches both manufacturing and design. It offers both design and production engineers enhanced capabilities to deliver top-notch products.

At RapidDone, we are leading the way in delivering these capabilities to our clients. Our extensive experience in rapid prototyping and manufacturing has given us unique insight into the special requirements of the mechanical auto part. We can offer a full array of prototyping services well suited to the needs of the industry, covering both prototyping and low volume requirement.

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The Examples of Automotive Rapid Application

We have a strong manufacturing capability that we can use to create a wide variety of mechanical auto parts, both large and small, in many different materials. Our typical examples include Bumpers, Headlights, Body frames, Grilles, Dashboards, Consoles, Engine covers
, Wheel rims

Auto Plastic Housing
Auto Bracket

Why Choose us

A large percentage of carmakers are beginning to embrace Automotive prototyping due to the benefits it offers over other production methods. And when they do, they always choose a top-notch manufacturing service like RapidDone.

Why us, here are some of the reasons:

1. Faster Product Development Process

We like to emphasize the “rapid” in “rapid prototyping”. Our service helps carmakers design, test, and deploy their products to market at a faster pace. Even better, we do this without any loss in product quality whatsoever.

2. Lower Production Costs

Prototyping is far cheaper than most traditional methods of manufacturing. In automotive prototyping, the setup costs are minimal, making it cost-effective for sample build and low-volume production.

Using our years of experience, we can also help optimize the manufacturing process, making sure cost and quality are in perfect harmony.

3. Greater Design Freedom

RapidDone provides a full suite of inexpensive virtual and physical tools for our customers to test out and validate their designs. With these, Engineers can create, modify and customize their design without any constraints.

4. Better Product Innovations

Automotive prototyping serves as a breeding ground for new and innovative product ideas. RapidDone provides a wide range of materials, production processes, and top-notch engineering prowess to help bring ideas to life.

So, no matter how novel your concepts are, you can trust us to help you create them.

Our Outstanding Manufacturing Capabilities

RapidDone has a strong manufacturing capability. We can provide our customers with several prototyping options for bringing designs to life. These options range from materials to manufacturing processes to even finishes.

√ Materials

Materials play a large role in the look and feel of the prototype. Thus, selecting the material for the components has to be done carefully after considering all the important factors.

RapidDone offers a wide catalog of materials for creating various automotive prototypes. These materials include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Rubber
  • Fiberglass
  • Sheet metal, etc.

Even if what you need isn’t on this list, you can contact us and we’ll source it for you.

√ Prototyping Processes

One advantage of Automotive prototyping is that there are multiple ways of manufacturing a product or component effectively. At RapidDone, we have leveraged the potential offered by this advantage to the fullest.

No matter what type of product design you want to manufacture, the material you want to create with, or even the number of components you require, we’ve got the right prototyping process for you.

Our machine shop is filled with both top-quality workers and machines to handle all your production needs. The core prototyping processes we offer include:

  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • CNC machining, covering both CNC milling and CNC turning process
  • Vacuum casting
  • 3D Printing (SLA, SLS)
  • Rapid tooling for production, etc.

√ Finishing

After manufacturing, the products and components still need some touching up before they are ready for the market. These finishing touches might be purely aesthetic, or they can serve some purpose to increase the product’s functionality.

RapidDone works with solid partners and provides these finishing processes. We pride ourselves on taking care of every little detail to satisfy the customer and provide a market-ready product.

Here are some of the finishing services we offer.

  • Deburring
  • Painting
  • Etching
  • Anodizing
  • Polishing
  • Engraving, etc.

The Type of Prototypes We Provide

We can provide different prototyping services to carmakers. Here are three typical types of prototypes we provide.

√ Design Validation/ Improvement Prototypes

Every great product starts with a sound design. Product Engineers often find themselves here trying to both communicate and sell the key points of their design. We can offer help with this.

Our in-house team can help go over your plans and offer insights on how to optimize them. Also, to communicate the design plan more effectively, we can create an aesthetic prototype.

√ Safety Testing Prototypes

Safety is a very big deal in the auto industry. Before an Automotive prototype can be certified as safe for use in a vehicle, it has to be rigorously tested to ensure it does not fail during operation.

RapidDone can provide prototypes that can be tested to find out useful data like its expected service life and durability. Carmakers can then use the data gotten to modify and further improve the product.

√ Pre-Production Prototypes

Testing out a product design involves creating a functional prototype and placing it in real-life scenarios to see how it performs. In this case, testing the prototype involves placing it in a real automobile and observing its performance.

In Automotive prototyping, this process is called the ‘Mule Stage’.

RapidDone can create functional prototypes out of a wide variety of materials for the mule stage for mechanical parts. These prototypes will provide a good approximation of the final product for pre-production testing.

Contact us for Your Next Project

Automotive prototyping is steadily growing in popularity day by day. Its flexibility, speed, and other capabilities it offers make it perfect for today’s fast-paced market.

You too can take advantage of all its benefits. Contact us at RapidDone today with your Auto concepts and designs, and let us help you bring them to life.

For more information on the services we offer, you can reach us here. Our engineering teams are on hand to answer any questions you might have and guide you through the process.

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