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RapidDone is one of the best AN fitting manufacturers with over 10 years of manufacturing experience. We offer you a lot of kinds of fittings for your custom needs, including different materials, colors, sizes, and applications.

RapidDone has a very strong custom manufacturing capability, we offer a wide range of selections here for fantastic and competitive costs. Send us your custom drawing and requirement, we will get awesome custom machined parts back to you to help with your business.

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Our Outstanding AN Fitting Manufacturing Capability For Your Business

RapidDone is a professional CNC machining company, offers full machining services for metal material and plastic material. Over the years, we have built thousands of related projects for our customers all over the world. We are sure that we are one of your trusted manufacturers when you come to AN hose fittings business.

CNC machining process for AN fitting
Cold forging process for AN hose fitting
Assembly services for AN fitting

CNC Machining Process For AN Fitting

CNC machining is a typical manufacturing process for AN hose end fitting, including CNC milling and CNC turning process. RapidDone has a strong CNC machining capability, that’s why we can offer you high-quality custom parts at a very competitive price.

Cold Forging Process For Hose Fittings

Cold forging is an ideal way to make a volume order of AN hose fittings, especially for the aluminum AN hose end parts. This is a high-efficiency production way, it asks for a mold, RapidDone holds a lot of typical molds for the standard hose end parts.

Assembly Services For AN Fitting

Your AN hose end part normally is an assembled product with several other components. RapidDone can offer one-stop services with an assembly production line, we can get your parts done in-house and ensure the best quality with value-added services.

Custom Hose Ends Machined Parts To Skyrocket Your Brand

RapidDone can offer both OEM and ODM services for your AN fitting requirement. We can use different kinds of technologies to create different types of fitting that cover the whole fitting industry. Therefore, no matter you ask for a standard part, or a customized part, you can always get all your needs from us here.

Aluminum AN fitting

Aluminum AN Fittings

Aluminum is the most popular material for making the hose end parts. It carries good cosmetics that can be used in a lot of applications. At RapidDone, most of the fitting parts are made with aluminum 6061 T-6 with beautiful anodizing finishing. We are sure our AN aluminum fittings can beat most competitors in the market for both quality and cost.

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Stainless steel AN fittings

Stainless Steel AN Fittings

RapidDone can also offer stainless steel AN fittings for your need. This type of part is ideal to be used in applications where there is a high requirement for corrosion-resistant and high-pressure. At RapidDone, we use both 304 stainless steel, 306 stainless steel, and 316 stainless steel material to build the parts.

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Brass AN fittings

Brass AN Fittings

Brass AN fitting parts are another type of competitive products from RapidDone. Our brass hose end fittings have several benefits including high tolerance, wide versatility, good durability, excellent corrosion resistance, and good malleable property. The price might be a little higher than aluminum parts, but it will perfectly fulfill your special project requirement.

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PTFE AN fittings

PTFE AN Fittings

RapidDone can make custom AN PTFE fittings for you at a quite reasonable rate. With our experienced CNC machining technology, we can offer your quality PTFE hose end with different shape, size, length, dimensions, and thickness.

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AN aircraft fittings

AN Aircraft Fittings

RapidDone is one of the best aircraft fittings suppliers offering a wide variety of high-quality parts. We have full capacity on CNC turning and CNC milling, this supports us to OEM different kinds of custom aircraft hose ends. We have many sizes available for you. You can get it at a competitive price.

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AN fittings for aeromotive industry

AN Fittings For Aeromotive Industry

As a traditional manufacturer of Aeromotive AN fittings, RapidDone can support high-quality and durable hose ends to your Aeromotive projects and related business. If you need to deal with us for your urgent Aeromotive requirement, RapidDone will be great to count on.

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Automotive AN fittings

Automotive AN Fittings

RapidDone holds strong manufacturing capability to build a lot of CNC parts for the automotive industry and racing industry. Our parts cover different sizes from AN-03 to AN-16. We are sure that our fittings are the best product you can truly rely upon for your automotive projects.

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Radiator AN fittings

Radiator AN Fittings

In RapidDone, there are wide range of selections here for our AN radiator fittings with fantastic and competitive costs. We highly suggest our radiator fittings for your radiator business, this is likely to promote your quality and brand.

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AN fuel line fittings

AN Fuel Line Fittings

RapidDone is the best fittings provider in China, we can offer the most suitable fuel line fittings for your needs with different types of shapes at a good price. Our fuel line parts are of high quality, they are wildly used into the racing industry.

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AN brake line fittings

AN Brake Line Fittings

Besides the fuel line, we are also one of your best suppliers to offer AN brake line fittings when you want to buy high volume parts from China. If you need to manufacture AN brake like fittings, RapidDone can quickly provide them.

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AN hydraulic fittings

AN Hydraulic Fittings

If you want to find hydraulic fittings, come to RapIdDone. In our shop, different selections await you. We are sure that our quality part can work well with your hydraulic system, you will be happy to work with us.

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Push-lock AN fittings

Push-lock AN Fittings

If you need a rush order of push lock AN fittings, we got you all covered perfectly. RapidDone is the best manufacturer by offering all kinds of AN push-lock ends, including different sizes, materials, and colors. We can provide high-quality and durable push-lock parts.

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AN swivel fitting

AN Swivel Fitting

RapidDone has an experienced manufacturing team that offers you the consistent quality of AN swivel fittings. We are the source manufacturer and are glad to accept wholesale orders for the swivel hose end. Moreover, we also support a prototyping service for you before mass production. We can sure that we can satisfy your needs through our swivel fitting parts.

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adjustable aluminum hose wrench

Hose End Assemble Tools

RapidDone can provide an adjustable aluminum hose wrench at high quality. This type of wrench is adjustable, it fits any nuts on all brands and sizes between -3AN and -16AN sizes. In another word, our wrench is the ultimate hose-end tool for your fitting projects. Moreover, it can be created into different excellent colors including black, red, blue by using an anodizing process.

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Why RapidDone AN Fitting

It is not easy to find a reliable AN fittings supplier. However, RapidDone is a traditional manufacturing shop in China, we are the right one for you when comes to AN fitting services.

RapidDone is an in-house manufacturing factory with advanced machines, including fabrication machines, punch machines, CNC lathe machines, 3-axis CNC machines, 5-axis CNC machines with high precision. This supports us to offer a strong capability for any hose end fittings projects. No match how complicated they are, RapidDone can handle them out easily.

We offer fairly extensive AN fitting options for different kinds of applications, including the automotive, automotive, aircraft industry, radiator industry, and more.

RapidDone can provide fitting parts from different materials like aluminum, stainless steel, brass, PTFE. Among them, aluminum is the most popular material, we can offer aluminum fittings at a very competitive price.

Cold forging is an important process for AN fitting manufacturing. At RapidDone, there are more than 50 cold forging tools owned by us, this can be used in a lot of typical AN hose fitting projects. Therefore, we can offer a lot of manufacturing options for a fitting project.

We can work on both OEM and ODM projects. Meanwhile, we can work on any quantity, covering prototyping, low-volumn, and mass production orders.

RapidDone pursues the best quality product and passed ISO9001. We can guarantee our quality and services for any single project for our customers.

With our knowledgeable engineering and manufacturing team, we are sure that we can help you with the right solution for your needs. Please contact us if want to talk about a hose fitting project.

Why RapidDone AN Fitting

An Fittings: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you want to choose the proper AN fitting, you need to have the right information as it is not an overwhelming task.

When you want to work on this task correctly, you may need to evaluate the design, manufacturing, quality, fitting assembly, and other factors.

Here are the most important topics that can help you.

What Is AN Fitting?

AN means Army-Navy and stands for a joint standard regarding the thread. This thread is a particular type one using a 37-degree flare as the sealing surface.

AN fittings are used to connect different types of hoses and tubes that carry fluid.

Which Types Of AN Fittings Are There?

Depends on the different classification methods, there are the below four types.

First, clarified by the structure and the connection way with the hose, we have crimp type, reusable hose ends, push lock.

Secondly, clarified by the shape, there is AN elbow fitting, AN tee fitting, Y AN fitting, straight AN fitting.

Thirdly, there are aluminum AN fittings, steel fittings, stainless steel fittings, and PTFE fittings if clarified by the material.

Lastly, if we clarify it with angle, we have 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees, 120 degrees, 150 degrees, and 180 degrees AN fitting.

How Many AN fitting Sizes There?

An fitting size covers from dash 2 to dash 32, the total is 13 types. Each size number has its own standard thread size, it has a specific relation with hose i.d., tube o.d., and SAE thread size.

The details are showed clearly as below list.

AN fitting sizes

What Is The Manufacturing Progress For AN Fitting?

Different fittings have different manufacturing progresses. Let us take the most popular aluminum elbows AN fitting product (see picture below) in our factory to show the whole progress briefly.

First, prepare all loose components including the middle tube, tube ends, socket, nut, and lock wires.

Middle tube: Cut the aluminum tube to be the size and bend it at the required angle shape, so we have the middle tube ready.

Tube end parts: Manufacture the two aluminum 6061 tube end parts by using the CNC tuning method.

Socket and Nut: Manufacture the 2024 alloy socket and nut by using the CNC turning method.

Lock wires: Prepare the stainless steel lock wires by use cutting metal.

Secondly, weld the two tube end parts with the middle tube, make them be one piece firmly without any leakage problem.

After that, assemble the socket, nut, and lock wire on the middle tube, so the complete hose end is ready.

AN Fitting manufacturing progress

How To Install Hose Into AN Fittings?

For the tube and tube end assembly way, there might be more one. Below, we take the most suitable way that works in our factory, see the guild step by step.

Step1: Load the hose in the bench vise tightly with a tap at the cutting point. Use a sharp cutting to cut the hose to length cleanly. You may need to clean up the end if need.

Step2: Hold the socket in the bench vise. Push the hose down into the socket with a twisting until the hose is positioned to the bottom.

Step3: Screw the socket onto the fitting. First, apply some lubricant to the threads to help with the screw work. After that, thread the socket down onto the fitting by hand as far as possible. At last, continue the thread work by using a standard AN wrench till the assembled fitting is firm enough.

Step4: Inspect the finished fitting and make sure there is no leakage under normal operating conditions.

Step5: Once the above fitting is done successfully, continue to complete the second side of the hose.

How Do You Verify The Quality Of AN Fitting?

There are specific tests that are used to determine the quality of AN fittings.

The first test is the leaks test. The progress is simple, you will need a pressure water test kit. All you need to do is to assemble your test part into the test kit, then check if there is any Bubbling water. If not, then the test result is good.

The other one is the saltwater test, this purpose is to make sure the part is good enough for rust resistance application. In RapidDone, we have an environment test machine for such a test, which can give you a result with full details quickly.

At last, follow the cosmetic and finish standards, make sure they are of high quality.

In a word, the essence of such tests and standards allows the manufacturer and end-user to verify the best quality of fitting.

What Is The Typical Surface Finishing For AN Fittings Product?

There are several typical surface finishes below.

• Polish
• Sandblast
• Anodize with different colors
• Painting with different colors
• Silkscreen with different colors

How To Choose The Most Suitable AN Fitting Manufacturer?

When searching for An fittings supplier, it is sometimes difficult to determine the best fit for your needs. We list a handy guide below to help you in selecting a suitable factory.

First, the factory should have a strong production capability including in-house equipment such as CNC turning machines, CNC milling machines, bending machines.

Secondly, the shop should have a good purchasing system and offers the right materials to ensure quality.

Thirdly, the factory needs to have a good engineering team that can build to drawings and tolerances for AN fitting, you can talk with an expert if you need a technical answer regarding the hose end parts.

Fourthly, the company can do secondary operations and finishes for An fitting nicely.

Next, the factory should have a good quality control system and an experienced QC team. This can make sure your parts and money are safe.

At last, the price may not be the cheapest, but it should be reasonable. Besides, the quotation turnaround is quick for price and delivery.

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