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We are a professional CNC machining services manufacturer who holds precision 5-axis CNC machining capability. We can handle complex machining for your required CNC parts accurately and efficiently.

We have advanced 5-axis milling machines and lathe machines inhouse, this allows us to choose the proper processes to make your parts with a quick turnaround. Looking for high quality CNC milling parts? Trust our shop and talk to us to get your manufacturing solutions today.

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Our Outstanding 5-axis CNC Milling Capability

From prototyping to volume runs, RapidDone has high precision milling capability and be able to produce highly accurate and quality parts to meet your special requirements. By working with RapidDone shop, you are promised to get safe products, you don’t need to worry about tolerances, cosmetics, or any other defects.

Aluminum 5-axis Machining Services
Custom 5-axis Machining CNC Services
5-axis CNC Parts Inspection

Aluminum 5-axis Machining Services

Aluminum is the most popular metal material for five-axis CNC machining, including aluminum 5052, aluminum 6061, and aluminum 7075 material. At RapidDone shop, we can create complicated aluminum parts with our 5-axis machines with all kinds of dimensions at a reasonable price.

Custom 5-axis Machining CNC Services

The 5-axis machines are ideal to be used in the custom machining for low volume manufacturing requirements. Over the years, RapidDone has worked out thousand of special parts for our customers such as motorcycle special parts and auto custom parts, we are sure that our customized part can hit your expectations.

5-axis CNC Parts Inspection

5-Axis machined parts have complex features, it has a higher requirement for Inspection than other machined parts. RapidDone has an experienced QA team with advanced test machines including three dimensions measuring instrument, offer Inspection report for every order to give you the best quality insurance.

Why RapidDone 5-axis CNC Milling Machining Shop

Firstly, we have several in-house 5-axis milling machines from Japan, this brings us into a wild capability to build complex and precision CNC machined parts.

Secondly, RapidDone can offer professional CNC services from China. We can custom 5-axis machining parts for you with global delivery, from a small size part to a large size part. The Parts are wildly used in a lot of applications such as aerospace, medical, automotive, military, and more.

Meanwhile, we can build from one single part per your machining prototyping requirement, we can also be able to build mass production for you in a cost-saving way.

Thirdly, RapidDone has a strict quality control team from IQC, IPQC, and after-sales services who follow the ISO quality standard strickly. All these are the basic quality guarantee and keep our CNC parts at a high-quality level all the time.

Finally, we know the cost is critical for custom. We are professional in saving costs for our customers from CNC part design, raw material selection, production efficiency, logistics, after-sales service, etc.

In a word, we are the right 5-axis machining part manufacturer for you in China, just send inquiries to us.

Why RapidDone 5-Axis CNC Milling Machining

What is 5-axis CNC machining?

Like any other machining process, 5-axis CNC machining refers to manufacturing progress that removing material from a workpiece by using the high-speed CNC machine, which is called 5-axis CNC machine or 5-axis milling machine.

There are many CNC machines in the manufacturing industry and the most common type is a 3-axis machine. This type of basic machine normally moves a tool on three primary axes as below.

X-axis: Driving direction from left to Right
Y-axis: Driving direction from forwards and backward
Z-axis: Driving direction from up and down 

5-axis milling machine, on the other hand, can driver two more additional axes which we normally call A and B. By having these two additional axes, the 5-axis machine can drive the cutting tool to be much more multidirectional approach and machining very complex parts.

In a word, 5-axis machining is one of the most high-level machining ways and take a very important role in the manufacturing industry.
In RapidDone, we hold some precision machines to support custom milling services for prototyping and mass production.

What are the types of 5 axis CNC machine?

There is a lot of classification for the 5-axis CNC machine and we mainly have them as below.

Firstly, if we sort it by configurations, there are three categories: Head/Head 5-axis Machines, Table/Head 5-axis Machines, and Table/Table 5-axis Machines.

Secondly, if we sort it by size, there are small 5 axis CNC machines, large 5 axis CNC machines, desktop 5 axis CNC machines, compact 5 axis CNC machines, and more.

Thirdly, if we sort it by function, there are 5 axis CNC grinder, 5 axis CNC router, 5 axis laser cutting machine, 5 axis laser engraver, high speed 5 axis CNC machining, and more.  

Lastly, we can also sort them to be a cheap machine and expensive machine. The expensive machines normal comes with high precision such as Haas 5 axis CNC machining from the USA and Mazak 5 axis CNC machining from Japan.

At RapidDone, we have some high precision 5 axis CNC machines, which support us to make high-precision CNC parts with complex features easily.

What is 5 axis CNC machine price?

It is hard to say a specific figure for this, the 5 axis machining cost varies a lot depending on a lot of factors such as capabilities, machining range, machining tolerance. However, a big machine with higher machining tolerance normally cost more. A small milling machine with a lower tolerance, on the other hand, is normally cheaper.

What is 5 Axis CNC Machining vs. 3+2 Axis CNC Machining?

When selecting a CNC machining service for a project, you’ll hear a lot of 5 axes milling. The axes refer to two types: 3+2 axis and simultaneous 5-Axis, there are some fundamental differences between them.

3+2-axis machine, refers to a traditional three axes machine, adding rotary tables to its two fixed axes (normally from A and B). With 3+2 axes operation, the angle of the cutting tool does not change as the table rotates, the part is in a fixed orientation. Therefore, 3+2-axis is also known as positional five-axis machining.

Simultaneous 5-axis machining, on the other hand, the three linear axes and the two additional rotational axes can be controlled to move at the same time. Therefore, the cutting tool can keep continuous contact with the workpiece at any angle.

Comparing both ways, we can see that Simultaneous 5-axis machining is a higher precision cutting process than the 3+2 machining method. It is allowed to reach hard-to-reach areas and creates perfect cuts to offer a better surface finish quality.

What is the difference between 3 axes and 5 axis CNC machining?

The biggest difference between the two is the axis number of freedom that the spindle can move in.

3 axis machining can only operate the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis. At the same time, the workpiece is fixed in position with moving during machining progress, this limits the cutting tool approaches. 

5 axis machining, on the other hand, there are two more axes. The 5 axis machine can rotate around both X-axis and Y-axis, so the workpiece can be turned to any angle. This allows a wilder cutting range and can produce more complicated geometry features.

For example, it is difficult to mill the undercut feature with 3 axis machining. However, the 5 axis machining can easily finish this job with a single-step machining mold.

In a word, 5 axis machining can do all complex cutting which is difficult for the 3 axis machining.

What Is The Difference Between 3 Axes And 5 Axis CNC Machining

What is the advantage of 5-axis CNC machining?

5-axis machining includes a lot of advantages in saving time and money, below are the main benefits.

Be able to manufacture a more complicated shape

By using the two additional axes, the machine cutter can reach any different angles of the workpiece closely, this makes it possible to manufacture very complicated arcs and small angles during the single setup. 

This benefit is very obvious for the undercut process and small drilling process.

Higher machining efficiency by reducing machining time

During the 5-axis machining, we can turn the cutter close to the workpiece surface, so it is possible to use a shorter cutting tool. With a shorter cutting tool, the feeding and speed can be higher, all this leads to faster material removal at last.

As we know, there are many types of cutters during CNC machining including flat end mill, bull nose end mill, ball end mill, and more. Among them, the flat end mill produces a flat-bottom cut that is the most efficient for material removal.

In 5 axis machining, it has more chance to use this type of cutter, this leads to higher cutting efficiency accordingly.

Saving cost on complex fixtures

During the three-axis machining, the complex fixture is often required to make to create the right kind of fixture for workpiece fixing. Besides, a lot of parts machining will need more than one setup, this will increase more fixtures accordingly. Both situations lead to high costs at last.

Five-axis machining, on the other hand, it has a strong ability to make complex shapes in a single set up with simple fixing fixture. Thus, this brings a big cost-saving for the workpiece fixture.

Minimize and use fewer setup

Unlike traditional machining ways, 5 axis machine can drive the cutter to any face of the workpiece during machining including the bottom surface. This makes sure all cutting work can be done during a single setup.

Tighter tolerance 

As mentioned above, the 5-axis machine can use a shorter cutter, this creates less vibration during machining. 

At the same time, it only needs one setup, which means the workpiece does not need to be removed during the whole machining progress.

Both help to get a more accurate machining and a tighter tolerance part at last.

Manufacture higher quality surface finish

5 axis machining can achieve smaller cuts due to its multiple movements, this helps to get contoured geometry on the surface and leads to a higher quality finish. 

Be more competitive in the market  

As a 5-Axis CNC machine is not a cheap machine, not every shop can afford one. Having the 5-Axis machining capability, it can help you to get more trust from your customer and run faster than your competitor. Thus, you can be more competitive in the market.

What Is The Advantage Of 5-Axis CNC Machining

What is the limitation of 5-axis CNC machining?

Except for the advantages mentioned above, there are also some limitations for the 5-Axis machining which is shown below.

High machine cost

Compared with the ordinary 3-axis machine, the cost for a five-axis CNC milling machine is much higher. Besides, there is also a high maintenance fee along with the machine.

Complex machining programming

The 5-axis machining movement is more complex than other simple CNC machines. To run the machining efficiently and correctly, a lot of parameters have to be calculated carefully. This will need an experienced programming engineering for the job, which also leads to an additional high cost. 

High requirement for Operator

Since the 5-axis milling is complex, it will ask for a higher requirement for the operator who operates the machine. Again, a higher experienced operator leads to a higher cost for the manufacturer.

What are the applications for 5-axis machined part?

What are the applications for 5-axis machined part

This progress can machine complex 3D shapes with quality surface finishing. With this advantage, it can bring in a broad range of applications including the medical industry, aerospace industry, military industry, automotive industry, and related dies and molds. Besides, it covers rapid prototyping, low-volume production, and high volume production.

When you should choose a 5-axis machining process?

When we have both 3-axis and 5 axis machining options for a CNC project, 3-axis one is a better option due to lower cost in most cases. However, it is ideal to use five-axis machining for some cases as below:

First, when the CNC project is too complicated to cut for 3 axes or 4 axes, it has come to a five-axis solution.

Secondly, when the CNC parts ask for an as-milled finishing with a higher quality surface finish.

Thirdly, when the CNC machined part ask for high precision for the features. If we choose the 3 axis method, it asks for multiple set-ups that hurt the tolerance. In this case, 5 axis milling is a better way due to its single setup advantage.

Fourthly, when there is a high requirement for turn around, you want to reduce production time and increase efficiency. With a single set-up and fewer clamping fixtures, a 5-axis machine can be a better choice than others.

Lastly, when there are too many set-ups that longer time-consuming, the cost is lower if we use a five-axis machine for the job.

When you should choose 5-axis machining process

What is 5-axis CNC cost per hour?

Unlike normal 3 axis machining, 5 axis CNC machining is special progress, it has good cutting effect for special CNC parts. However, the machining cost is different and higher. As for the specific cost figure per hour, it is hard to tell as it depends on several parameters. Among them, there are two major parameters: the machine you are using and the management cost.

At RapidDone, we are using 50USD per house for our 5 axis CNC machined parts cost calculation.

But it will vary depending on different projects. You can talk with our expert team if you want to have a solid quotation.

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