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Prototyping and Low-Volume Manufacturing

RapidDone dedicates to offering one-stop solutions on rapid prototyping and volume manufacturing from China. We can proceed with different manufacturing processes, including cnc machining, rapid plastic injection molding, metal sheet fabrication, 3d printing, forging, extrusion. Also, we can do polish, anodizing, painting, super abrasion resistant, silkscreen, and other special surface treatments on all kinds of metal and plastic products.

With our expert team’s manufacturing knowledge, we can help you with every step of product development, from optimizing your design to finding the most efficient path for your project needs.  If you’re ready to start your next project, please talk to us for a quick quote by today.

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Outstanding Prototyping Manufacturing Services

CNC Machining service

• Offers both CNC milling and turning
• Deliver with 3-7 days lead time
• From prototype to high volume
• Owns 50+ cnc machines

Custom metal fabrication

• Offers CNC punching, cutting, bending
• Quick turnaround at 5-15 days
• Owns 30+ machines
• Variety of materials available

Injection Molding Manufacturing

• Lowest cost for low volumes
• Fast turnaround in two weeks
• Support with 30+ machines
• Produce high quality parts

Custom Manufactured Parts

• Variety of materials and finishes
• Variety of manufacturing methods
• Created for special requirements

• Plastic-like and rubber-like Materials
• Rapid quotation within 24 Hours
• Support with 20+ machines

Low-volume Manufacturing

• Different types of machining processes
• Make 10K+ parts fast
• Fast production lead time

You Design It, We Manufacture It!

As one of the best prototyping manufacturing companies in China, RapidDone can custom your required products based on your design drawing for any given project. Since we have full capabilities in creating on-demand parts, we can tell you how to combine suitable features into your products according to your final applications, all come with consistent cost-effective prices, good quality, and short lead-time. 

CNC Keyboard Case

CNC Mechanical Keybaord

AN brake line fittings

AN Fitting Parts

Aluminum CNC Machined Part

Aluminum CNC Machined Part

Polycarbonate Machining Part

Plastic CNC Machined Part

What Set Our Factory Apart

Quoting Support

Instant Quoting Support

We have a well-trained quotation team with professional experience, we can work 24/7 and get an accurate offer with cost reminders within 12hours for your project.

Engineering Support

Strong Engineering Support

With our quotation team support, we can get professional suggestions from material selection to final feature design tips, help your cost-saving.

Guaranteed Quality

Top Guaranteed Quality

We are a manufacturing company with a high-quality control system, our experienced QA team can keep your product safe with excellent quality here.

The Real Custom Feedbacks

We are a designing company in the USA and we need to make a lot of CNC prototyping parts to verify our design. We started to work with RapidDone two years ago. She is one of my good on-demand manufacturing suppliers, the price is competitive, yet the quality is very good, they take pride in their work and the customer service is outstanding. They make me feel safe for my business and I am happy to have them be my partner.

testimonial-SteveBill, Industrial Designer

I am a mechanical designer in a German company, I need to purchase a lot of prototyping parts. I tried several prototypes manufacturing partners in China but was not happy. Then I found RapdiDone, she is very professional and patient. They have a strong engineering team that provides expert insight from material selection to feature design, they really help me a lot with my design work and save our money. Thank you!

testimonial-AnnaCandace, Mechanical Designer

Outstanding prototype manufacturing company! We run a metal part business and my company is in Davao, the Philippines. Most of our CNC machining parts are handled by RapidDone, they provided the professional solution for our project, for example, CNC plastic prototyping sample, acrylic machining parts, ABS prototypes, and more. We are very happy and will keep long cooperation with them in the future.

Ben-testimonialBen , CEO

We Provide Customized, Value-Added Service For Parts Manufacturing!

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